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Dane Peterson

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Dane Peterson getting up in the morning, his mom already brought today's paper.

Meet Dane Peterson, just an ordinary citizen of Gotham. At the age of 35, he is still living with his mother. Now, there's nothing wrong with that if it wasn't for his mom acting like she's his maid. His father, a bank clerk, died when Dane was a young boy, presumably by a hostile attack. From that day on his mother protected Dane with her life, not wanting something bad to happen to her little big boy. She handles Dane like a god. The side effect of your mom still cooking you dinner is quite visible on Dane. Besides the situation at home, Dane is a pretty down to earth guy. He's a friendly manager at the do-it-yourself store 'Gotham-fix', where the employees are fond of him but they do laugh now and then with him still living at his mother's house.




Brickshelf gallery

Costs of the minifigure

Spiked Hair: $ 2,28

Anakin Clone Wars torso: $ 2,13

Hagrid head: $ 2,57

black headlight brick x 2: $ 0,10

black plate, rounded bottom: $ 0,04

Black Short Legs: $ 1,21

Total cost: $ 8,33

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Nice figure, particularly the sheepish Hagrid expression goes well for him. =)

Is the name a Red Dwarf reference (since in Red Dwarf there's repeated references to a Dane called Peterson)?

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