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Sacha Echen

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Today is Sacha's 12th birthday. Her parents are both working hard in the heart of Gotham, so she celebrates with a party. All her stuffed animal friends, her dog Wolfie, and her cat Stripes are there to celebrate with her. Nobody brought presents, but she found some fun cupcakes in the kitchen.





I didn't buy any of these parts for this, I already have them. However, I will include what it would cost to build via Bricklink purchases.

Hair: $0.75

Head: $2

Torso: $20

Legs: $0.80

Total: $23.55

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Aw! Isn't she cute?! :wub:

Just don't tell Mad Hatter! A 12 y.o. girl with such a body sure is in peril when he's around! :look:

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! ) :classic:

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