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George G.

Barry Ropley - Ace Reporter!

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Back story ~

As a child, Barry grew up in Metropolis. On the television every day he would watch news reports on the evil plights lead by the Joker and his goons. He also watched how the mysterious Batman would always save the day, but there was never any good footage of the masked hero for everyone to see.

At 16, Barry finished school and moved to Gotham City to become the Batman's new assistant and help him stop crime! Unfortunately, Barry was very poor and couldn't afford to make an outfit or buy his own Barrymobile. So he decided to take up a job at Channel 5, being a runner.

When he was 19, Barry was offered a job as a reporter for the news station; of which he took up as he decided that the Superhero lifestyle wasn't really for him.

On his first report, Barry went out alone with all the camera crew he would need to film. Then, in the shadows, Barry saw the fast-paced flash of Batman zooming past him to save the day! Barry was fast, agile, and was an amazing climber so could keep up with the Dark Knight as he chased down hooligans!

Barry presented his footage to the Channel 5 producer, who promoted him to chief reporter! From then on, Barry would go out every night and show the World the next exciting adventure of the Batman! :laugh:


If it is unclear, the torso detail shows the "Channel 5: Gotham Tonight" logo, Barry's name badge and a sound recording device with wires going into his backpack. A small microphone is clipped onto his collar.

Costings ~

- Spiked hair - £0.64

- Superman head - £2.25

- White torso - £0.32

- City Pilot legs - £0.28

- Backpack - £0.08

- Camera - £0.10

- 2x 1x1 round stud - £0.02

- 1x1 round tile - £0.05

- Printable sticker - £0.04

- Total - £3.78

Thanks for stopping by! :thumbup:

Edited by George G.

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Ah man! I was just looking through all the entries for the contest to decide which to vote for, and realised that I had done exactly the same idea for this round as 'Ruslik' did, so sorry mate :blush:

Great minds think alike eh? :wink:

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