My Dream second wave LOTR sets

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Firstly, I would like to make sure this project does not get confused with Nuju Metru's inspiring set series (Go look for them, if you haven't seen them already! pirate_thumbup.gif)

I felt I knew exactly what sets I'd want to be released in the second wave of LOTR (Which I am now sure will come out), So I made an Excel table of the contents of all of the sets. I'm slowly building my way through all 18 of them, from the most easiest to hardest. So here they are!

Note- some of the creatures in these sets must look a a bit weird, because obviously LDD doesn't have a Warg, Oliphaunt head, Ent, Mountain Troll or Great Beast mould, so I'm replacing them with either other parts or brickbuilt alternatives. Pictures link to my Flickr.

Fellowship Of The Ring

Rivendell (Exclusive)~ Coming soon

Amon Hen


In the ancient ruins of Amon Hen, at the throne, Boromir is under atack by Saruman’s Uruk-Hai. Lurtz, the captain sent to hunt down the Fellowship, shoots his bow at Boromir. Will he fight back or will the Fellowship be broken?

Includes 3 minifgures- Boromir, Lurtz in armour and an Uruk-Hai.

I was worried this set'd resemble too closely Nuju Metru's, but I tried not to look at their cool design. The horse in this set should be the HP griffin peice, to be more movie-accurate.

Gates of Moria


Gandalf and Frodo are outside the Mines of Moria. Gandalf must say the password to open the doors. But the Watcher is hiding in the water... And it grabs Frodo! Now Gandalf must save Frodo and escape through the door!

Includes 2 minifigures- Gandalf the Grey, Frodo, plus a skeleton.

I wanted The Watcher to be smaller than Shelob, so that I could fit a larger cave entrance into the set as well. I need feedback- should Bill (The horse) be in the set as well? Tell me, please!

Balrog Fight


Gandalf has met his match in Moria! The fiery Balrog is a demon who has a flaming whip and giant sword, and wants to stop the Fellowship from escaping the Mines. After fighting off the Moria Orc, you must use all your magic to stop this dark foe! Shall you pass?

Includes Gandalf the White (Though I might replace him with ... the Grey) and a Moria Orc.

Sorry if I've dissapointed you with this set, I'm rubbish at Hero Factory stuff, especially digitally. I will never surpass the awesomeness of N|uju Metru's Balrog, but I thought the set'd be perhaps a little more realistic design-wise if it was Ultrabuild. I guess it'll be the same with Ents.

The Two Towers

Hall of Edoras~ Coming soon

Capture in Isengard (Exclusive)~ Halfway done

Warg Ambush


While riding to Helm’s Deep, Gimli and the Rohirrim are ambushed by Orcs riding vicious Wargs! Can the brave Rohan Soldier and a Dwarf defend the kingdom?

Contains 4 minifigures- Gimli, Rohan Soldier, Sharku, Warg Rider

The bears represent a new Warg mould. The set also includes bricks to 'fill in' the horses without a saddle, and one to allow Gimli to ride the other horse.

Fangorn Forest


Merry and Pippin accidentally stumble into the ancient Fangorn Forest while trying to escape Grishnakh, an Orc. But they didn’t guess the trees would come alive! Now the two Hobbits must stop Treebeard the Ent from thinking they’re Orcs too!

Includes 3 minifigures- Pippin, Merry and Grishnakh.

I thought this would be harder thanit turned out, with Nuju Metru's beard technique. I wanted to include annother Ent, but I replaced it with a tree for more scenery. This set also comes with a rock for throwing at Orthanc.

OOPS! This boxart still says 'Warg Ambush!' Imagine that it instead reads 'Treebeard the Ent'... :blush:

Return Of The King

The Witch-King


The evil Witch-King is attacking Theoden on his huge Fell Beast! He cannot be defeated by any man- but can Eowyn and Merry manage it?

Includes 4 minifigures- Eowyn in armour, Merry in Rohan armour, King Theoden and the Witch-King of Angmar.

There would hopefully be a new, less bulky head mould on the Fell Beast and new helmet for him. I couldn't decide whether Eowyn should have hair or armour or a cape, so I tries to include all of them.

The Beacon


At the top of Minas Tirith, Pippin is on a mission! Can he sneak past the guards to light the Beacon, to alert Rohan that they’re under attack? Or will the Gondorains catch him and send him back to the Steward? Use the Power Functions light-up brick to alight the beacon!

Contains 3 minifigs- Pippin (In Gondor outfit) and 2 guards.

I knew this set needed a light brick, so I put one into the rockface. It has a simple mechanism to light the fire when a hidden trigger is pressed.

Seige of Minas Tirith~ This'll take a while, but working on it.

Ruins of Osgiliath~ Coming soon

Paths of The Dead


When the evil Corsair bring their ships to attack Gondor, Aragorn must use the magic sword, Narsil, to bring the Army of the Dead to help! Can the skeletons stop the boat from arriving at Osgiliath?

Contains 4 minifigures- Aragorn and 3 Corsiar sailors, one of which is Peter Jackson. :tongue: It also has 3 skeletons and the King of The Dead, because they don't quite count as minifigures. The set also includes a reforged Narsil and a small cave antrace with green flames.

Wolfhead Attack


The walls of Minas Tirith are under seige! The Orcs are rolling in the Wolf Head battering ram to try to break open the gate. Will the walls stay strong or can the massive lumbering Great Beast and Mountain Troll smash their way through? Protect the walls by firing the Gondor soldier’s catapult! Connect to 1234 Battle of Minas Tirith for an even bigger castle!

Includes 3 minifigures- 2 orcs, a Gondor soldier, plus one mountain troll and Great Beast

I hope that the Great Beast will be recognized by other people who meticulously scan every 5 seconds of the LOTR films, and this one I would like to be built similarly to the Dino triceratops. There might be a little too small an amount of minifigures and too large an unimportant creature in this set to satisfy some people.

Orc Battlepack


The army of Sauron is coming! Build your forces of Mordor Orcs carrying the battering ram, flag of Sauron and flick-firehook launcher! Roll in the ballista and fire the hook to scale the walls of Osgiliath! Combine with 1234 Rohan Battle Pack for a conflict!

Contains 4 Mordor Orcs with armour.

This set was basically designed to improve on the current Uruk-Hai Army, by making it cheaper (By three times!), only including one faction and coming with Orcs instead. The hook launcher in this set is more functional as well, as string can actually be attached and used. I would imagine those would be new shield and helmet pieces as well.

Rohan Battlepack


The mighty Rohirrim army is ready to help fight the Orcs attacking Gondor. The Rohirrim soldiers are putting up camp for the night before battle. You can help prepare their weapons in the tent and be ready to battle the Orcs (Set 1234)!

Contains 4 Rohan soldiers and a horse.

Originally I wanted to include Lorien Elves in this set, but after re-watching ROTK I've decided there shouldn't be any. Imagine the tent-shaped thing is the same as the Adventurers one (Or more recently the Indiana Jones one) with different printing. Also the two flags atop it would have Rohan printing. The horse has a helmet in hope of a new part for the new horses (Of which I have none yet :cry_sad:)

Oliphaunt Ambush~ Coming soon, if I can decied how much will be one peice

Cracks of Doom~ Halfway done

I will be updating this hopefully regularily, so keep tuned! :classic:

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I think the most realistic set of three pictured ones is Witch King one; it's well-balanced for LEGO and certainly great for figure collectors. The scene is famous and epic, too.

Overall, the whole project is great, I'm looking forward to your new pictures and ideas!

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These are some cool ideas - I can see we have many similar set concepts, so I look forward to seeing how our executions differ. I also look forward to seeing the more ambitious ideas realized, especially Minas Tirith.

The way you work around the lack of official parts available is nice; I particularly like the bear-wargs... if only they really did come in tan. Your box art looks good, too; you integrate the movie-accurate backgrounds very well, though I think that the backdrop of the Witch King set is perhaps a little busy.

Overall, keep it up the good work! I will definitely be checking this topic for updates.

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Wow, I'm really loving these! I think your vision of a Fell Beast is my favorite so far... :sweet:

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Great sets! I really hope we'll get a medium Warg Set for Army Building. I would buy all the sets, except for the gate of Moria, cause both Frodo and Gandalf (the Grey) are included in the first wave and the Watcher itself isn't that interesting.

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I think the Warg Ambush and the Witch King sets are very likely to be produced like your interpretations of them. I only think with the Warg Ambush set, that there is one horse too many for such a little set. Maybe no horses at all (since we get two wargs), realistically thinking and knowing TLG.

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This thread is now updated with Balrog Fight and Gates of Moria!

I think I've gone perhaps into horse overkill, I just want to get more of the lovely new poseable one! :devil:

The Gates of Moria set I thought would have to include those minifgures, but I would much rather have replaced Frodo with Legolas, as you get many too many Frodo's across the current sets, and it would be good to get more Elf hairpeices.

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Nicely done - it's so much better than just a generic wishlist thread.

I like most of the sets. The only ones I'd really pass on would be the Watcher and Balrog sets. Never did care for the Watcher and the Balrog is such an epic creature that lego would really have to get it exactly right - the expectations are almost too high for me. The game winner is the Witch King on Fell Beast with Theoden and Eowyn (disguised as Dernhelm).

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I really like where you're going with the Warg & Witch King sets, the Balrog one could work with better execution (no offence intended - I don't think I could design one that good anyway). Not sure about the Gate one yet, interesting idea.

The Corsair set is a bit unlikely, we only see them briefly and from memory only in the extended edition. But something else using the green skeletons perhaps inside the mountain? With an avalanche of minifig skulls? Maybe the skeletons could be GITD like the horse in Monster Fighters. I believe the King of the Dead should be made at some stage!

I think for the Warg set, maybe 1 warg, 1 horse, Sharku + a different (generic) orc, Grimbold/Gamling whoevs + a generic Rohan soldier. A bit more setting would be required too I think, there's not enough "build". Make this set the same price point as Uruk Hai Army.

Have you considered a Forbidden Pool or Osgiliath Skirmish set?

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I made a topic on another forum (and will be posting it here shortly) with a bunch of my ideas for sequential LotR waves. Funny how a lot of my ideas were really similar to yours.

For the Gates of Moria I agree with Jacob. I think you could include a better mix of figures and make the Watcher slightly bigger and better. I know you said you wanted to keep it small, but it looks about the same size as a minifig in your picture, where as in the movie it's about 5-10x that size! Also I would much rather see some other figures included in this set that arn't really in a lot of other sets. We already have Frodo in 3 sets and Gandalf in one set (both in the cheapest set too). I would much rather see the other Hobbits in this set and maybe Legolas or Aragorn or someone. Definitely ditch the horse though, it plays no role in the scene and is actually sent away before the Watcher even appears if my memory serves correct.

As for the Balrog Fight set I think you did pretty good, but you just need to include some structures, similar to Nuju's. Maybe not as much as him, but as least some stairs and a long thing bridge? Your Warg Ambush set was pretty much exactly what I had in mind for the set, except I didn't include any named orcs or characters other than possibly Elowyn and Aragorn (probably not him).

I really liked your Path of the Dead and Witch King sets. My ideas to include these figures were much different, but had a lot of the same figures. It's funny how that worked out.

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Replying to set # 1 (gates of Moria)

Bill is a pony, not a horse :tongue: great work, keep it up!


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The Beacon set now added!

That set went through a long design phase, as I didn't know for sure how big I wanted it to be. :sceptic: Enjoy!

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They look really good! I love it when people make boxes for possible sets. :thumbup:

All you need to do is list a possible price on those sets and I'm sold. :laugh:

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These sets are awesome! I really like the Beacon set, well done!

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I think I know why Lego decided to skip making a Balrog for now.

Think of the ultra-conservative parent groups making a fuss over how their favorite children's toys have become "demonic"... *oh2*

For an example of ultra conservative people... :laugh:


Oh, wow.

Those people...

That was probably the most annoying forum I have EVER read! :laugh: Not to mention the most ridiculous.

Back on topic: I think all your images are great and well-designed, but if this became a reality I probably wouldn't buy Gates of Moria. It doesn't have enough useful pieces or unique figs. I would most certainly get the rest, though! :pirate:

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For the Balrog, it should be:

The Bridge Of Khazad-dum $80

Moria Orc x4 (3 Bows, 1 sword and shield), Gandalf the Grey (with his staff and sword, Glamdring), Legolas (w/ knives), Balrog w/ flame sword and whip (new molds please), and the bridge with two platforms with pillars on both sides, platform for Moria Orc archers.

The Witch King set needs to be Witch King's Wrath.

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