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Astromech Workplace Contest - R2-Detox

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R2-Detox by Jahab, on Flickr


R2-Detox1 by Jahab, on Flickr


R2-Detox2 by Jahab, on Flickr


R2-Detox3 by Jahab, on Flickr


R2-Detox Hose/Dry by Jahab, on Flickr


R2-Detox4 by Jahab, on Flickr

Have you had a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away fighting the Rebel scum? Before you take a dip in the Bacta tank, why not take care of your navigator? Send your astromech unit to R2-Detox and let your little buddy relax as our expert droids wash away all the junk and particles that may have accumulated during your pal's adventures in deep space. We all know how moody our astromechs get when they've spent days in deep space, not to mention hyperspace burn — yuck! Why not treat him to a power wash and dry from our state-of-the-art equipment. Plan ahead and order your friend one of our fabulous fragrant oils to keep all those parts moving smoothly and smelling fresh. R2-Detox, keeping your astromechs space worthy!

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Ah, the pictures are fixed. Much better! I really like this entry, it's a neat concept. My favourite parts are the conveyor belt, the hose, and the dryers. And the overall design is good too. :thumbup: Good luck!

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