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Nyan is diabolical.

Nyan is a force of pure hatred and cuteness.

Nyan loves kittehs to the point of evil obsession.

You will be happy wether you like it, or not.

"I hate Gotham city... So dark, so sombre. Not enough kittehs.. Not nearly enough kittehs... Just bats, creepy bats, not cute at all...

The place needs more colour, more pink, more baby blue! Just grey and white here, so dull, disgusting... I need to clean this place.

Paint it with blood, and then decorate it! Rainbows on the walls! Happy people, with colourful hair, KITTENS!!!!!!!!"

~A letter written by Nyan to the local government.~

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Crimes: Multiple murders. Nyan targets "dull people", usually dressed in suits.

Methods: Victims are usually killed with a knife. A cat is always carved into the victims abdomen.

On occasions the corpse is painted bright colours (Pink, light blue, yellow)

Characteristics: A strange, homemade looking set of armour (Yellow helmet, grey body, pink arms, gold legs)

Easily recognisable and unique

Intent: Wants to make the world a "happier", "more colourful" place. Probably mentally ill.











Classic space helmet (yellow): US $0.88

Bellatrix Lestrange head: US $1.91

Stingray helmet: US $1.57

Pink 1x1 round plate: US $0.09 (x2)

Lime 1x1 round plate: US $0.03 (x3)

Lime slope: US $0.08 (x2)

Gold cone 1x1: US $0.07

Technic pin: US $0.03

Hope you find it cuuuuuute, and eeeeeeeeeeeeevil!!!! :wub_drool:

Edited by Alopex

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Err.. I like it! It's just that.. the creepiness of the fig makes it cool! Nice use of the Bellatrix face. Also that body! It looks like either minifig armor or a Bionicle head. Love it!


Edited by CM4S

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Your torso is my diving helmet! You'll be seeing that piece again soon. Nice use of it. She's really creepy.

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A very fine, very strong entry. The fig looks awesome and pics are clear and show the best of your creation. The fig indeed looks creepy and should she meet Joker he woul've liked her a lot, I guess. She would, however, get an enemy: Harley Quinn. She sure will be jealous! :thumbup:

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! ) :classic:

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