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30160 Batman Jetski Review

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:sweet: Hey there! Its the friedchikenfairy and today, I'm gonna be doing a review on the not-so-new-anymore :wink: Batman jet ski polybag! Excuse the yellowness and reflections on some of the pictures; its my first time taking pictures of Lego (and writing a review!):blush: . I never knew they reflect so much! :hmpf: Anyways, I know most people want to get this polybag for the new TDKR helmet. Is this "Bat-ski" worth it like fried chicken(YUMS) is? Or is the bat-helmet the only thing that saves it from being like burnt chicken? :grin: Read on to find out! *oh2* *CREEPY SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS*


Set title: Batman JetSki(How creative :hmpf: )

Set number:30160

Theme: Superheroes(duh)

Sub theme: DC

Subsubtheme: Batman

Parts: 36


Year of Release: 2012

Price: $4.99

Here's more pictures if you want themMy flickr

Box Polybag


(Stolen aimlessly from the internet :devil: Credit to whoever posted this image though :blush: )

Well, the darned thing refused to let me take a picture of it(stupid reflections :angry: ), but you can see a scanned picture above. Pretty dark blue! :wub: Its just your typical polybag though. It comes about half full, which is pretty decent for a polybag. This is mostly because of the "cape box" though :sad: . The art however is pretty nice. I find it kinda funny how he stares straight at you :laugh: His face just reads Like a boss!


Idon;t have a picture for this either :laugh: , but I found no mistakes and no difficulty telling the colors apart. Like telling grilled chicken from fried chicken! It has this nice white lining that makes color differentiation easy :thumbup:



Well when you open the bag, this is what you get. I even made the parts rectangle-thingy that everyone likes. I swear, just arranging that much parts in a rectangle was utterly grueling :sing: Not bad for a five-dollar set. Could be a good parts pack if you're building a super slope-ey vehicle or if you're collecting flick-fires missiles! Cause everyone does that, right? :tongue:



Well heereeee's JohnnyBATMAN! Sorry for the smallish image as I have to resize the picture to fit the guidelines :sweet: . As you can see the TDKR helmet fits a little bit too well on his head and the nose piece(?) nearly touches his mouth. In addition, the flesh parts underneath the white band on his forehead shows. Not cool, Lego. I can just picture some kid crying over the fact his Batman helmet doesn't fit :cry_sad: Luckily, we can use our ninja-tistic genetically fried chicken-powered brain to. . .


Push the helmet slightly up! :grin: With this tiny motion, you can fix this problem :tongue: ! Oh and there's also an awesome torso print. The yellow print isn't that good, however, you can clearly see the black under it. Sorry for the blurry photo, by the way. The camera refuses to focus on the mask :angry: There's also back printing and a double sided face.


I really love the shape of the new helmet from this angle. The angular structure is sooo much cooler :wub: .


None :angry: . Not even a batarang or something.

The Build


Here's step 5. :sweet:


At step 10, it really starts looking sleek :thumbup:


The finished jetski :wub: Its really sleek! Those fins are actually really hard to position so that they don't hit the missiles. By the way, ignore the grease on the hood. Lesson: don't play with Lego after eating fried chicken :grin:

Extra pieces


Really plentiful :grin: .

More Views


It looks really sleek in this photo but the missiles are really jutting from straight on :hmpf:


From the back. There's a nice printed control panel! I'm not sure how Batman is supposed to reach it while driving though *huh*


Yummy curves.

Play Features!

Its everyone's favorite...


Flick fires :oh: Look how far they go! :hmpf:


Parts: 8/10 Nice slopes but not really anything else.

Build: 10/10 - Quick and engaging :thumbup:

Design: 9/10 - Preety nice!

Minifigures: 10/10 - Well, its Batman. 'Nuf said.

Price: 8/10 - 13 cents per piece. Ehh. Batman though!

Playability: 8/10 - Aside from the flick fires, there isn't really any official play feature, but. . .Its BATMAN! He's playable enough :tongue:

Overall:about 85% I'm too tired too officially calculate (11 around here on a Thursday), but it should be around this. Overall, great set. Marvel is still better though :grin: You heard nothing :oh:

Bonus shots


Batman and Soundwave.

(Shameless self promotion of my hero for the Batman Minifig Customization Contest. VOTE FOR ME :grin: )


Batman: Too Cool for Avengers :grin:

Well that's it. Remember kids, eat your fried chicken! :grin:

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Nice review! The photography is actually pretty good for a first attempt. The images are clear, despite the yellow tinge. :thumbup:

Edited by Darth Hagrid

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Lesson: fried chicken is not good for you. Now you know why, kids...

Honestly though, good review. Contemplated buying this last night, actually... If I'd read this review first, it would be in my collection this morning.

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Not bad for a first review, 'friedchikenfairy'! :grin:Still love that username!

I got this set the day I saw the Avengers (how ironic), and it's really good for a polybag (mostly because of the figure)! :classic:

Oh, and if you really like doing reviews, you should join the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy!

Edited by just2good

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Nice review! I really like this set for TDK version of Batman. I really don't like the classic one given in the Catwoman set. And by the way, the picture of the bag is a scan of the instructions.

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Good, humorous review! :laugh: Good pictures as well. I'm just not a fan of this set really... I saw plenty at my TRU a few weeks ago, just couldn't bite. The DKR cowl doesn't do much for me, especially the ill fitting-ness of it. Nonetheless, good job on this review, all around.

Oh, and try putting the fins under the flick fires.

Edited by Legocrazy81

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Nice review.

I consider the set to be a bargain at $4.99. Heck I'd have paid that just for the minifig. Cost me $12.99 to get the classic blue Bat in the Catwoman set.

On my "to do" list is to add a bat logo to the hood of the jetski.


Edited by htbomb

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