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Brick Grooves


Eurobricks: Batman Minifig Customization Contest Entry (3) by Lumbrax, on Flickr

Backstory: Brick Grooves is just your average everyday Gothamite. He loves to party, and party hard! He is well known for his hit singles "Party Block" and "I'm Bricky and I know it" Of course, you may be wondering, how does he even fit into Gotham, and what makes him so special? Well, remember the amazing music playing in the background at Bruce's birthday party right before his mansion burned down? And the beats that were dropped at the celebration party for Harvey Dent? And we can't forget all the other songs played at parties all across Gotham, those were all DJ'd by none other than Brick Grooves, the most famous DJ in Gotham. Bruce Wayne and many other famous millionaires have decided that he is by far one of the best people to go to when music is needed.

Grooves can often be seen walking down the street, or in parties with his infamous 24kt Gold-topped Microphone.

All angles/views of Grooves


DJ by Lumbrax, on Flickr

Minifig stand used to stabilize the figure for pictures, not actually a part of the entry.

I compacted all the side views into one picture, to save room, as my pictures tend to be a bit "big".

Minifigure Cost analysis

Black Afro: $.75

CM S 4 Skater Torso: $.40

Yellow head with sunglasses: $.35

Sand Blue "Jeans" legs: $.40

Lightsaber handle: $.12

Pearl Gold Stud: $.02

Tiny Tactical Watch: $2.00

Total: $4.04

I hope you enjoy this entry, I personally am quite pleased with how it came out, enjoy!And good luck to all the other entries, this has been a wonderful contest, and everyone has done a great job!

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such a cheerful character! I must invite him to my Iceber Lounge! :thumbup:

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! ) :classic:

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