Star Wars Phase 2 Clone Commander Cody

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Hello everyone,

I am here to show you my Custom Clone Commander Cody in Phase 2 Armor!

This mini-figure is water-slide decaled by me and the decals are made by me as well.

The helmet is a printed helmet from AreaLight Customs.

This is an old mini-figure, but I never got around to posting it on here.

Wanna see more?

Check out my Flickr -

Check out my YouTube -

Check out my Store -

The mini-figure:


Reference Image:


Hope to hear everyone's feedback! If you are interested in getting any mini-figures just send me a message!

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This is an incredibly high-quality custom. Your decals are just fantastic. Some of the best decal application I've ever seen, and you designed them so well! You've got me interested in buying some Arealight helmets too...

I can't wait to go look at some of your other customs now!

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