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Shadows In the Deep.

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I'm not an expert writer by any means, but I have a story that I really would love to expand upon, and i figured, why not try my best at writing it. So I am going to. Now what I have in this post is the prologue. This was written a fair while ago, for the short story contest on BZP. The ending was a cliffhanger, meant to suggest an entire story of Bionicle to start, the next legacy. I was going to leave it at that, But I want to expand further upon my story, so very soon I shall have chapter 1, finally continuing the story. THis is more of a backstory of what is to come, more of setting things up. Please not that one quote, about the drums in the deep, is from Lord Of the Rings(The contest on bzp had a requirement to use a LotR quote in your story)

Anyways, enjoy. I know I am not an expert at writing, and some things may sound oddly worded, But I'll do better as the story progresses on.


Toa. What did that word mean? Was it to describe the bravest of heroes? Was it a

symbol of victory, of good, of light? Or was it a name given to those who put themselves

it danger's path and show no fear in stopping it? To some, it is a word that means a

guardian, who will protect them. To others, the word is an enemy. And to a rare few, the

word is nothing. It has no emotion associated with it. It is empty, shallow, and cannot

stop them.


Vakama entered the chamber, a dully light dome made of hardened sand. He moved slower

than he ever had. His days were running out. He looked up to see a small group of

matoran and Agori, sitting around a small fire, looking up at him with anxious eyes. Vakama smiled.

There was nothing more he enjoyed now than to pass on tales of past to the new

generations of matoran, and now the agori of Bara Magna.

He peered to the right as Toa Hewkii, macku, and Toa Tahu entered

the dome as well. Hewkii and Macku had agreed to be with eachother for the entirety of

their lives. When the Toa Nuva were to become turaga, Macku would become the next toa of

water, to fully complete her life with hewkii. Tahu attended all of Vakamas stories, as

when vakama was gone, tahu would take his place as the storyteller. Every Toa Nuva would

become the storytellers of their respective regions, it was tradition.

"Gathered friends..." Vakama began "Welcome again to another legend of the Bionicle. This

legend, is different than any you have been told before. it is always one of the last

that we turaga tell, for it is a legend of a great war. But this war is far worse than

any you have ever known. Worse than the brotherhood of makuta war, worse than the dark

hunter's struggle against the toa, worse than the great battle against teridax himself."

He stopped, a moment of thought overwhelmed him.

"You have been told about the war the toa had against the dark hunters. That, my friends,

was nothing. That, was 300 Toa Defending Metru Nui, fighting useless beings who could

barely stop a Kikanalo. This legend, is about the true army of the toa. One thousand

strong. it was formidable force, and as it was known, the army of the toa was called The

One Thousand. This, was the army that was made by the great beings to protect mata nui.

They were supposed to live on, each giving their power to new matoran every cycle, so

that we were always One Thousand Strong." Vakama said, as he sat him self down in front

of the matoran, the fire warming him as he prepared to tell the cold tale.

"What happened to them!?" A small blue matoran named Heeka gasped. A crimson matoran

sitting next to him smacked his kanohi.

"Wait for him to tell the story!" He whispered, then the both of them looked back at

vakama. Vakama laughed, and proceeded onward.

"What the great beings did not anticipate, was that another universe would become

involved with ours. A grand army was scouting universes, using dimensional abilities that

even the great beings did not know existed. They were looking for something, and to this

day no one knows what. They were known as The Plague...


A figure clad in navy and golden armor, weilding a powerful sword and mask that resembled

a kings crown, stood before his army. His name was Flaudis, and he, like the other 999

beings who stood in front of him, was a Toa. He inspected the massive army of toa, everyone

of them extremely powerful in some regard. Some toa Were smaller, meant for stealth

operations, whilst some were massive brute toa, meant to use pure strength. Some had

powers over fire, Some had powers of invisibility, electricity, magnetism, every power a

toa could have. Some hovered over the others with flight capabilities, while some dug small holes in the ground to hide in. some were male, some were female.

"We are The One Thousand!" Flaudis yelled, his voice booming over the army. Flags were

raised, bearing the symbol of The One Thousand. Today was a day for the army to march

around the island of Jixia Nui, what would later become metru nui. At least, that is what

the citizens of Jixia, also known as Jixians, believe. In truth, The One Thousand was

going to investigate a strange occurrence. A scouting toa said he had seen a strange

opening in the sky, like a small black hole, forming, but didn't dare go near it. Since

then, cities have been demolished everyday. The Jixians have been told it is the will of

mata nui that those cities be rebuilt. The Jixians who lived in those cities stay there

to rebuild them, and barriers have been place so no outside can see the cities being

rebuilt. Yet, the cities are not being rebuilt. They are a wasteland, set aflame, the

inhabitants shattered, stabbed, broken. It was not Mata Nui's will; it was an

extermination. The toa had to lie to avoid mass panic.


"Toa never lie!" Heeka exclaimed, interrupting Vakama.

"In times of war, a toa will do anything they must to ensure saftey and order, Matoran." Vakama replied, and continued forth.


Flaudis motioned for the army to move forward. The cities were going down one by one, in

a straight line. Whatever was taking them down, was moving in a single direction. The One

Thousand were going to stop it right in it's tracks. One thousand beings, the most

powerful force in the entire mata Nui universe, all moved at one.


4 Hours later

A purple toa named Argen approached the green Toa Kela.

"I can't do it anymore," Kela began, her soft voice sounding saddened, "Too many Jixians

are dying. They are my friends, Argen- It is our job to protect them, and what do we

have to show for it? Cities burned to the ground, the Jixians torn into pieces..How can

we call ourselves protectors!"

"Sometimes, things have to happen in order for a proper outcome to persue, my dear

sister. There is no way one can save the work of an army. An army that must be built,

gathered, and moved. We will stop the threat, we are The One Thousand. They died, for a

noble cause. Now it is up to us to make sure what they did does not go to vein." Argen

replied. he placed his hand on her shoulder, and she collapsed into his arms, the grief overwhelming her.

Off to a corner of the crowd were 6 toa clad in chrome black armor. they were the Toa

Neera, a team of assasins who mastered technology, and had abilities beyond just elements. The leader of

the toa himself was named Neera. Each team of toa under The One Thousand was named after

the leader of the group. Neera himself had the power of sonic flight.

"I'm tired of walking" He grumbled. his short temper usually got the best of him during

battle. He jumped, doing a back flip; and as he did so, wings flipped out of his sides,

guns appeared over his shoulders and his body morphed into a sleek jet-looking shape. He

shot off, a loud sonic boom erupting over the barren field. Two nearby toa fell down,

knocked off their feet from the small wave of dust that had been kicked up when he left.

"Where is he going?" A light blue toa asked as he walked.

"To scout ahead." An orange Toa neera replied, as he looked at the light blue toa with

his one good eye. His other had been shot out in battle.

At that moment, Toa Neera came back towards the army, spiralling out of control. He

slammed into the ground, and transformed back into his humanoid form. he stood, brushing

the dust off of himself, as a fellow toa of stone held him up.

"What happened?" Flaudis asked, as he approached Toa Neera. Neera looked up at him, not

saying a single word. Yet Flaudis had to do nothing more than look at Neera's eyes to see

the fear that encompassed them


"Silence!" Flaudis yelled, and the entire army fell silent. That is when they heard it.

Drums. Long, heavy drums. A translucent yellow toa leapped over the other toa and shot

forward, using his power of speed to get over to the edge of the cliff in the distance

where Neera had gone.

"Dear...mata Nui..." he said, edging back. Flaudis made his way over to the Toa of Speed

and looked onward. he slammed his sword into the ground, and leaned on it.

"And so this is what we face" he said quietly.

Down the cliff, in the massive valley of sand, stood ten thousand beings. No, not beings,

monsters. Every one of them was different. Some were tiny, smaller than even a fikou

spider. other were massive, as big as the colesium that was being built in the center of

Jixia Nui(Later to be the metru nui coliseium) They were vicious, and looked as if they

had come straight out of a nightmare. They had jagged spikes erupting from their bodys,

chains dangling from all over. Capes, broken masks on sticks, everything about them was

gruesome and horrific to look at. Above them flew massive beasts being ridden by even more

gruesome monsters. Some had humanoid figures, others had massive claws or crawled on a

multitude of legs. Silm drpped from them, and the blood of previous killings stained their blades and teeth.

Flaudis turned towards The One Thousand. "Today, we face something that we know nothing

about. We will fight strong, and show no regret. victory!" He yelled, and raised

his sword. He need not say anything more. The toa yelled, flags raised, and they charged down the cliff.


Ooranus stood, at his full 15 foot height. He was broad, with massive spikes coming out

of every part of his armor. His mask was long and sharp, with cold, white eyes blaring

through it. He was a warrior of the grand army known as The Plague. he was also the first

to notice the oncoming army of figures rushing down the cliff towards him. He growled,

and let off a roar that alerted the entire Plague. Spit errupted from his mouth as he screeched, and his eyes blazed with fury. The Plague focused on The One

Thousand. Then, they began to move.


It only took a moment before the two armies barreled into eachother. Swords clashed at

first. Larger toa ran through, knocking down many of the plague as they did so. Elemental

powers were thrown across the army, yet The Plague did not seem to fall. They moved in,

large spiked maces, clubs, and swords so treacherous they could make a makuta look like a

fikou. Ooranus jumped, and landed in front of Argen and Kela. Argen threw a blast of

plasma at Ooranus, but it simply fell off of him like water. Kela attempted to cause a

whirlwind to knock Ooranus off of his feet, but still he stood. At that moment, Argen and

kela leaped back. Ooranus' chest had opened, with sickly tentacles emerging from it. They

shot outward, grabbing onto Argen. They tore through his armor, and drained his elemental

energy. His lifeless body fell to the ground, and Ooranus took form once again, but now

he had the power of plasma running throughout him. Before Kela could react, a sniper

blasted her foot with shadow. She struggled to stand, falling to one knee. Ooranus walked

over to her, and lifted her up by the throat. "Nothing stops The Plague. We will find our

objective. You will fall." He dropped her, and fired a small beam of plasma at her chest.

She lay there, the plasma slowly killing her. She cried.

In what had quickly started, quickly ended. The toa were demolished. Only a few still

stood. Neera flew over to flaudis and transformed. His arm flipped into a laser rife, and

fired at a small Plague runnign at them. The plagues arm fell off, but still it continued

running. Flaudis swung his sword, tearing the plague into two. It still attempted to

crawl at them, until Neera fired again, finally eliminating it.

"What will it take with these things?" Neera asked, not even noticed that almost the

entire One Thousand had fallen. At that moment, a large brutish figure with black and

gold armor walked over to them. This one, was different from the rest of the plague. He

wore a tattered cape, and stood with a sense of nobility to him. Yet, one of his hands

was a massive pincer, and he looked as if half of him had been mutated into something of

a different form.

"I wish to speak to the king of this army!" Flaudis yelled, readying himself for combat.

"The King?" The creature said, and began to laugh. He threw his fist forward, bashing

Neera to the ground. He then turned to Flaudis and grabbed him with his pincer. "I AM

KING" he growled.

"What do you want with our planet?" Flaudis asked, struggling.

"We are searching for something. We will search every universe, and we will find it." The

king said.

"Why must you kill cities to find it if you don't even know where it is!" Flaudis yelled,

getting frustrated at his position.

"Ah, it is much more complicated than that. Our mission is to seek, but our purpose is to

inflict fear. To Find the happiness in worthless beings like you, and cast it into a

mocking light. We then take that happiness, and use it against you. We smash it like

glass, and crush the remains into dust. Like everyone else, you die."

Flaudis dropped to the ground


The Jixian stood in the grand castle of Jixia, watching the Plague move in. He quickly

scribbled on a tablet, chronicleing a tale for the legends. They began to break into the


The final words the jixian ever scribbled, were defiant, and struck fear into all who read them.

"They have taken the bridge and the

second hall. We have barred the gates but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes,

drums... drums in the deep. We cannot get out. A shadow lurks in the dark. We can not get

out... they are coming."


Vakama stopped talking. He looked up. The matoran were scared. the tale had frightened

them, to know that those who they looked up to for protection had fallen so easily.

Hewkii held macku in his arms as she cried. Even tahu stiffled a shocked expression.

"How did they stop The Plague?" Heeka asked.

"Legend says The Plague found what they were looking for and retreated to their universe,

never to be seen again." Vakama said as he stood.

The matoran exited the chamber, but Vakama asked Tahu to stay.

"What is it, Turaga?" Tahu Asked, kneeling down to vakama.

"They didn't find what they were looking for, Tahu. Nokama and Nuju read the stars

and..." he stopped to look tahu in the eyes.

"And what?" Tahu asked, already knowing what the answer would be.

"They are coming here."

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Scary. Got to make some Plague MOCs now. Kinda made a HF one already.

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The temple of the guard. This building was a massive dome, with a central tower that extended far into the sky, taller than any building on Spherus magna. This building was home to the greatest powers on Spherus magna. The glatorian and toa Had their meetings here. There were labs, living quarters, everything. Matoran and Agori who were outfitted for battle resided here. Even creatures that were once treacherous beings sometimes came here. The temple was created, however, because peace didn’t last on Spherus magna. Creatures and villains of the matoran universe began to have an urge for power. In addition, Spherus Magna was no longer alone. There were other planets in the universe, and some of those planet’s inhabitants were hostile to the inhabitants of Spherus.

However today was a different day at the temple. The tower at the top was ablaze, a signal to all of Spherus guards to come to the temple, for an important announcement had to be made. The doors to the temple’s council opened. The council room was a large circular area of seats, with a large area on the back wall for the speakers known as the overlook. The 7 turaga entered the temple, and stood in the overlook. Around them, were the Toa nuva, Toa Mahri, A fraction of Glatorian, a small group of matoran and agori guards, and Axonn, wielding his massive axe. Another figure then enterd the room, one that close to no one ever saw. He was massive, with a single eye and golden yellow armor that gleamed in the light. He sat down, crossing his legs, yet as he did so he appeared to lift off the ground.

“Keetongu, it is good to see you.” Vakama stated then looked around the council. “By now, some of you know of the Plague. An ancient army, from who knows where. They were looking for something long ago. The matoran and agori were told they had found it. We lied.” He turned to look at nokama. She approached the front, and placed her hands on the podium before her.

“We read the stars. They are shifting, an uneven balance of power is trying to enter this universe. It’s hard to explain but..well, we weren’t the only ones who noticed this.” Nokama said, and stepped aside as a figure walked up next to her. He was unlike anything in the matoran universe. He was tall, covered in white and chrome armor. He had a mask, but it was simply a shaped plate covering his entire face. There was no emotion to him. This was a Nurae, a being from a neighboring planet known as Nuree. These beings were at peace with Spherus magna.

“Turaga correct. Unknown occurrence confirmed. Nurae mobilizing. Reason: Possible enemy contacts. The Nurae will investigate this.” It said. Its voice was robotic, yet intelligent.

Tahu leaped up. “Are they looking for the Ignika? Will the war for it ever stop?” he questioned, as Axonn placed his hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

“They will not get their hands on that Mask. If something tries to take that again, they will be stopped. This time, we will be prepared.” Axonn noted

“Oh, but will you be prepared for the Plague?” a crazed voice said. It was deep and raspy, yet had a sense of insanity to it. The room looked towards a single figure standing in the shadows. A tattered cape covered part of him. Jaller leaped from his place and drew his sword.

“Vezon!” He yelled, remember the old foe who had once been fused to the mask of life. He aimed his cordak blaster at the silver and black being. Jaller had been under the control of the Skakdi fusion, however the creature had ceased them from duty when it found a new group of beings to protect it. Now Jaller was cautious of everything, and even the slightest sense of danger caused him to be on full alertness.

“Relax you hotheaded freak of a Toa. I’m not going to kill you. Not today, at least.” Vezon said, the familiar grin appearing on his face.

“How did you get here?” Axonn said, looking toward Vezon. “You were fused with the power of an Olmak, you could be sent to another dimension at any point!” He said, alreading sensing the Piraka’s response.

“That is the beauty of it Axonn. I am more powerful than you realize. I learned to control the power.” Vezon said, slipping out of the shadow slightly. “Of course, I had some mishaps along the way. The occasional random dimension hopping became quite a pain to deal with. I met some interesting creatures along the way, creatures that make even us Piraka a beauty to behold.”

Tahu leapt down from his place and approached the Piraka. “Then let me ask a more important question, and hopefully your answer is wise, Skakdi. Why are you here?” He asked, his eyes glowing red.

Vezon stepped out of the shadow, and moved close to tahu. Vezon had gotten stronger. He now stood taller than the Toa Nuva of Fire, and power surged through him. “I was getting to that point you sad sorrY excuse for a hero.” Vezon spat. “As I was saying before this little flame interrupted me, I traveled multiple universes and dimensions. The beings known as the Plague have been to some of those universe I stumbled into accidentally. The planets were decimated, almost no survivors left. Every force put against the plague was wiped out. But there was a small group of survivors I talked to. The plague had stolen some relic from them. Which means whatever the plague want, it is more than just one item.” He said looking to the turaga.

“They may very well be coming for the mask of life then.” Vakama said, a rush of déjà vu ran through him.

“That’s not even the worst part, Turaga.” He replied, and laughed. “I may have been hiding in the shadow when one of you old scrap heaps told the story of the plague. Those plague that the toa faced were nothing. That was a small scouting group. The plague have massive creatures, ships, even their own mobile planet. At least, that is what the survivors told me.”

“What happened to the survivors?” Gali asked. She actually trusted what vezon said; It all made sense. But why would he tell them this?

“I decided to put them out of their misery.” Vezon replied, the devilish smirk appeared on his face once more. The toa gasped, the room was reminded of the treachery that the Piraka brought to the matoran universe. Even the Glatorian felt nothing but evil behind this creature. ”Don’t slag yourselves, you pathetic fools. I’m here to…offer my assistance.” Vezon replied. “They are coming for that mask, I’ll bet you anything on that. That mask is mine. It was a part of me. It IS a part of me. You don’t know how to handle it. When the Plague comes here- and they will come- I will use the masks power to kill them. Problem solved.” He said. His tone was serious, something that no one would ever have expected to come from his voice. Axonn slammed his axe into the floor.

“We cannot trust you, Piraka. YouR kind can never be trusted.” Axonn stated, pointing at Vezon.

“Oh, can you not? When those things come here, you will all die, there is no stopping them. And they would kill me too, Axonn. This affects us all. We all must be prepared; Even If I’d love to see you all die before my very eyes, i’d like to keep you around. Far more fun to torture live beings than to see you all a pile of ashes

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Another great story! Awesome. The Plague seem like HJmedia's Ugokin concept.

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Hooray multiuniversal war :tongue:

This story gets better and better who else will return in this story? I get a blast of nostalgia readig this.

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You'll see;)

Next update. I'll be doing about one update every 1-2 days. Basically when i write them i'll post them.

Chapter 1(con't)

Lesovikk walked along the edge of the swamp created when Bota Magna rejoined Bara magna and Aqua Magna. He paused for a moment, to see two fish fighting in the murky water. One of them grabbed the other in its jaws and smashed it into the side of the bank. He felt sick as he thought back to the pit, where he had once been, mutated, into what he was now. He now had an apparatus to breathe air, due to Mata Nui.

He peered into the sky to see a blue figure moving towards him. He readied his cordak blaster, then lowered it. The figure landed. “Hahli.” Lesovikk said, happiness filled his voice. Lesovikk had killed karzahni, he had violated Toa Code and would undergo consequences for it. Only Hahli knew where he was, and she didn’t turn him in.

“How are you, brother.” She said, watching his timid self. It was a shame to see such a brave toa be reduced to this.

“I’ve been better. What news do you bring?” He asked kneeling to the water. He moved his hand through it, scattering the fish that had been fighting.

“War is coming, lesovikk. We need all of the help we can get. And that includes you.” She said, her voice calming.

“I can’t go back, Hahli. I get too angry. I broke our code because I couldn’t control my rage. They will punish me, I will no longer be a toa.” He replied and smashed his fist into the water.

“If we lose, there will be no toa left, brother.” Hahli replied. She moved over to lesovikk and knelt next to him. “We need you. We need every Toa we have.”

“I can’t be called a Toa, not anymore.” He said angrily, and rose.

Hahli stood and moved closer to him. She pointed to his chest. “You are one of the greatest Toa I have ever seen, Lesovikk.” he looked down, then clenched his fist.



Tahu, Jaller, Ackar, Axonn, and Vakama stood in the private sector of the Temple.

“Can we trust the Skakdi?” Tahu asked, still angry that the creature had entered the temple to start with.

“Doubtful. But he does have a point. Even I cannot control the power of the mask. But it still lives within him, He understands it’s power. As insane as he is, he may very well be the only one who can use it, now that Mata Nui cannot.” Axonn replied.

“Mata Nui is alive now, He lives within that mask. If he wishes to use that mask, he will have to control Mata Nui.” Vakama stated

“Couldn’t mata Nui just use the power of the mask if our universe is in danger?” Jaller asked.

“No. His power is restricted now. His power was to bring our universe to peace, but these creatures are from a different universe, they are nothing like us. I didn’t want to say it in the council because I didn’t want to argue with the Skakdi, but I don’t even think the mask will work against The Plague.” Axonn replied and strode across the room.

“Then let’s figure out a plan.” Ackar began, “The mask currently is at the top of tower of this temple. When they attack, vezon uses the mask. If he fails, we move him to a secure location under the temple with the mask and protect it. We then fight the creatures, and attempt to win. If we fail… Mata Nui protect us.

“Do you really want Vezon to have control of that mask again?” Tahu said, angered.

“Mata Nui can reject him from using the masks powers. As vakama said, he would have to control Mata Nui, he can’t. But Mata Nui will do what he can. Our universe is in his hands, and these creatures are about to smash those hands.” Axonn responded.

Another figure entered the room. It was another Toa.

“Norik.” Vakama said as he watched him enter. He knew he would be arriving.

“Good evening, turaga.” Norik replied, and looked around the room. “My fellow friends of fire. This is as good of a time as any to announce this. We Toa Hagah are reaching the end of our Toa Cycle. We are going to pass our powers down, become turaga. Now is as good of a time as any to find a new Toa of fire for me to pass on the legacy. He will need to learn the power of fire before this war.”

Jaller moved forward. “I know just who you’re looking for.”


The sun was descending into the horizon. The clouds blazed shades of red and yellow and purple. Here, was the grasslands, and area created by the merging of Bota magna and Bara magna. Hewkii sat in the grass, watching the sun descend. “The sunsets here are so much nicer than on mata nui.” Said a female voice. Hewkii turned to his left to see Macku. She walked over and sat next to him.

“Another war. Unbelievable. Will we ever be at peace?” Hewkii asked, looking into the sun.

“We will win, like we always do. A team of toa has stopped our greatest threats. This battle will include every force we can get together. Imagine how powerful we can be!” Macku exclaimed.

“You heard how powerful these things are, Macku. This won’t be a simple struggle like we’ve gone through, this is war. And it’ll take more than just every force we can get to win it.” Hewkii said, a sad tone to his voice.

“I…I know. I try to make myself feel better by thinking this will be easy..because I’m scared Hewkii.” She said, and fell into his arms. She rested her head on his chest. “I already know you toa will be separated from the rest of us, you’ll have a front matoran will not be in the same chaos you will be in.” She looked straight into his eyes. “I don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t have to.” They looked to the right to see Toa Gaaki looking over them. She was holding a Toa Stone, similar to what Toa Lihkan had given the metrutoran before they became Toa.


The night sky ripped in half. It morphed into a pitch black circle, that rotated violently. A black tornado erupted from the ground and met the spinning vortex in the sky. Purple lighting blasted through the clouds and crashed into the dirt. Something crawled from the vortex and buried into the ground. The vortex dissipated, and the tornado sunk back into the earth. The sky was peaceful once more. The ground rustled as a creature emerged from the dirt. It’s blazing white eyes pierced the night sky. It began to crawl forward.

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Creepy! Beats Creeps from the Deeps like the Krakhan beats Kraata. Anyway, I assume Kopeke will be the next toa of Ice :tongue:? And doesn't one toa have enough Toa power to form six Toa Stones?

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^Patience, I already had that answered in this segment;p

Chapter 1(con't)

Bomonga and Whenua walked in the Cavern of The Aar, an underground system. Here, an ancient race known as the Aar used to live. It is unknown what happened to them, however everyone knew what they looked like. Statues had been built of them, and still stood tall in the cavern, though they were falling apart. The cavern itself was a dark place to be, and not many journeyed into it. Legend had said that a creature lurked amongst the cavern, who haunted all that entered it.

Bomonga didn’t believe the tale, and went to the cavern to find the stones into which he would fuse his power into. When a toa ended their cycle, they spread their power into six stones. Each stone could release energy in a matoran. Each matoran had toa powers, yet without a toa stone, there was no way for this power to be released. The Toa hagah would create 36 stones. Each Hagah would chose a matoran of their specific element. The hagah decided this group of six would be known as the elite. They would guide the other toa created by the stone, in the war that was soon to come. He walked over to an Aar.“I wonder what these things were like. I’ll bet they were great warriors” Bomonga said, observing one of the statues.

“No one knows what happened to them. Who knows if they even existed” Whenua replied, and picked up a stone chunk that had fallen off one of the statues. "These are sacred. Perfect to become Toa Stones, Bomonga."

Bomonga knelt down to observe six stone pieces that Whenua had arranged in a line. He blasted them with energy, perfectly shaping them. He then moved his hands over them, and focused his power into the stones. When he opened his eyes, he stood at Whenua’s height.

“I am the first of the hagah to focus all of my power into all six stones at once.” He started, “I am… the first turaga hagah. How ridiculous that even sounds…” he looked back down to the stones.

“Who will become the elite toa of earth?” Whenua asked as he approached his new Turaga comrade.

“Garan. The rest will be given to Axonn, he will choose the rightful beings to become toa.” Bomonga replied. When all was silent, they heard it. Footsteps.


The Nurae leapt from his placement upon a chair. It was the same Nurae that had traveled to Spherus Magna to discuss The Plague. It’s name was storm. It turned to another Nurae, one who was purple and gold in color.

“Atmospheric change. Imbalance of power. Alert, preparations not met. Attack to early, evasive action!” Storm yelled, and held up his hand. A weapon materialized, a rifle, right into it’s hand. This technology was Nurae technology, unknown to the inhabitants of Spherus magna. Storm and the purple nurae, known as Baron, looked out the window the Nuree observation array. The sky split before them, and a black funnel cloud formed from the ground. A black shape could be seen falling from the twister and plummeting into the dirt. The storm disappeared quickly. 15 beings ran out of the tower. They had similar rifles materialized in their hand that Storm wielded.

Storm looked to Baron. “Atmospheric disturbance gone. That, did not.” It said, as it pointed to the creature emerging from the ground. It had white eyes, and amongst the night sky they could see the outline of massive spikes along its back. However the creature appeared small. Something fired from it’s back, then the creature charged into the ground, and all was silent. Storm and baron descended down the tower, and ran outside. 14 of the Nurae guards stood. One of them lay on the ground, a massive black spike, jagged and misshapen, had pierced through its chest. Storm knelt down to observe the object.

“Origin Unknown.” Storm said, looking up to the others.

“Plague.” Baron replied. “Must be a scout. Alert all nurae. Storm, transport to Spherus magna and Xeenos. Notify of encounter.”

“Acknowledged.” Storm replied, and set off. No one noticed the black streaks spreading across the dead Nurae.


Hydraxon moved swiftly along the swamps. The pit still existed here on Spherus magna, but no longer was it a place of mutation and war, it was a newly rebuilt jail system, in a deep cove. Hydraxon was the enforcer; He locked up anything that broke the rules. He dashed forward, picking up the trail of a rogue being that had disobeyed code. Usually he had Spinax do this, however the hound had been assigned to another task.

It was at that moment in which he stopped. A small agori village lay in the distance. “Maybe they have seen the runner.” He said outloud to himself, and moved forth. As he approached, the agori ran into their homes. Hydraxon was a menacing looking figure. Tall, with pitch black and silver armor, and blades all along him. He had weapons, cuffs, everything he needed to take down a runner.

One Agori stood guard, with a red sword and shield. “Who are you?” The agori asked.

“Hydraxon, jailer of the pit. I am looking for a runner. A rogue Toa.” Hydraxon stated looking down at the tiny figure that stood in his way.

“You’re worried about a toa right now? You should be preparing for the Plague!” The agori yelled


“What plague are you talking of, agori? I have a task to complete, I have no time to deal with some medical issue.” Hydraxon spat.

“Firstly, mister Hydraxon, my name is Raanu. Secondly, The plague isn’t a disease, it’s an army! Another universe that’s planning to attack this universe! How could you not have heard of this?” Raanu exclaimed. He didn’t notice the sand beneath him shift.

“I do not bother myself with troubles that can be dealt with by the toa who follow orders, Agori. I have my own purpose, and right now it is finding that rogue to-“

“SSSCCCCRREETTTCCCCCHHHH” The noise was ear deafening and came from all across the town. A black figure burst from the ground smashing into a building, turning it into a pile of sand. The creature shot forward, almost seeming to glide along the sand. It crashed into another building, it’s massive black spikes tearing through everything in its way. It was a sight to behold. It was about 20 feet long, but had jagged spikes all along it. 6 small daggerish legs dragged underneath it, however the creature simply glided along, as if it could levitate. It arched its back, and multiple of the spikes fired off. They crashed into building and the ground, ripping everything to shreads. Two agori were hit by the spikes, and instantly fell to the ground.

“Man the turrets! Grab all weapons!” Raanu yelled. But it was too late. The creature dove back into the ground, and was gone from sight.

“is that the Plague you’re talking about?” Hydraxon asked, now interested in the issue at hand.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen that thing before.” Raanu replied. He swiftly looked to the area into which one of the agori had been killed. It was getting back up. A massive black spike emitted from its back, for it had gone straight through the agori. But the agori was small, and whatever that spike was doing to him, it was moving fast. Black streaks spread across it, and its armor cracked, smaller spikes piecing through the cracks. It lashed out, hitting another agori with its sword.

“That thing infected him.” Hydraxon stated, watching the agori attack his fellow inhabitants. At that moment, Hydraxon realized the severity of the situation. “Deal with your agori comrades. They are dangerous. Kill them, do not hesitate. I will catch the rogue toa, then run to the council and alert them of this.” He said, and began to walk off.

“That rogue toa is more important than this?” Raanu asked. He was shocked, and also scared.

“I never fail my task, agori.” Hydraxon replied, and turned away from Raanu

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, now I'm creeped out. Barraki are insects compared to this, like comparing a puppy to Kardas. Although Vezon doesn't notice the difference. BTW, planning to have Kardas "rebond" to Vezon? After all, that would be awesome. To quote Vezon himself: "Who's my favorite engine of destruction, then?"

Edited by DraikNova

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Draik I'm considering it, yes


Lesovikk felt the ground slam into his face like a fist. Something was pinning him down. His hearing was muffled, though he could hear Hahli yelling something. Whatever was on top of him suddenly shifted away. Lesovikk attempted to stand, but the ground flipped and turned, and he collapsed. Sounds suddenly became more clear. He could make out Hahli talking to the other figure sternly.

“We need all of the forces we can get! It is not up to you to decide his fate!” She screamed

“He chose his fate. He ran, and now he is caught. He will suffer the penalties, toa.” The figure replied.

“No! This is to be decided by the council, Hydraxon. That is law. If you are after Lesovikk because he broke the code, then follow your own advice, and follow your code.” She asserted

Lesovikk’s vision cleared, and he could make out the shape of a figure that looked like a weaponized Toa. It was Hydraxon, the jailer. He respected few, but no one dared disrespect him, for he could lock them behind bars for the rest of their cycle. Hydraxon looked down at Lesovikk, who was clearly struggling to even keep his optics open.

“Fine,” Hydraxon began, “We will take him to the council. I have a message to bring there anyway.” He turned and began striding forward. He paused for a moment and looked back at Hahli, who was now helping Lesovikk to his feet. “Don’t fall behind.” He said, and proceeded.


Lewa, Gali, Onua, and Kopaka walked along the Forbidden grounds. This, was an area that had been improperly reformed when Aqua Magna, Bota magna, and bara magna came back to together. Here, many of the outcasts and villains of the Matoran universe lurked, and it was extremely dangerous to travel here, for creatures were always hiding, waiting to strike. Visorak webs strung all along the massive rock formations that violently stuck out from the ground.

A large figure, clad in green and gunmetal armor approached them. It was a Maxilos robot. Many of these had been assigned to the pit, the rest were sent to the Forbidden grounds to keep a small scale of order there. “What do you require, Toa.” It asked in its robotic voice.

“We need to speak with the Bahrag twins, do you know if they are here?” Gali replied.

The maxilos robot shook it’s head. “Follow me” it responded. As the toa walked, another maxilos robot followed behind them. The Toa needed protection in the forbidden grounds, most of the creatures that lived here still held grudges against them. Lewa watched a visorak crawl on a web that hung above them. Its red eyes pierced the hazy sky.

The toa arrive to a hole in the ground, that led downward. Kopaka gazed at the Maxilos robots. “We will guard the entrance. You go down, they live down there.” it said. Onua moved first down the cave, he could see best in the dark conditions. It led into a massive cavern, with two large figures standing. One was Red, one was blue. They were the Bahrag twins.

“tell us…What are toa doing in our lair…” They said. They spoke at the same time, yet seemed to be one entity.

Gali moved forward. She was still afraid to be near these creatures. But this time, the Toa let the twins have their freedom. The Bohrok were no longer a menace, and the twins kept to themselves. Gali looked at the creatures, and stood tall. “We request your assistance.” Gali said calmly.

The sisters looked confused. “Assistance…what assistance can we provide?” They asked, their voices a long drawn hiss.

“The Bohrok swarms must be awakened once more. This time, for war.”


The planet of Xeenos. It was a massive planet, the largest in the system. Next to it, was Nuree. And next to that, was Spherus magna. The inhabitants were known as Xeeno. They were biomechanical creatures, with savage claws and teeth. There were two types of Xeeno. The Veko, which were smaller, and more agile, and the Veka, which were brutish figures that could smash diamond. Every Xeeno’s name began with an X, however only high ranking Xeeno had names. A Veka dashed across the landscape. Something had attacked once of their prison facilities, though no one reported what had attacked. This veka’s name was Xeck, he was the General of the Northern Xeeno army. He saw a white shape fire towards the Central city of Teruckt. He yelled out to another veka named Xeran to figure out what it was. Xeck pulled out a Xeeno Shotgun. If the creature was still visible, he was going to kill it.


Jaller walked with Kongu, Nuparu, Tahu, and Pohatu. They were going to their home village of Tabolt. All toa lived in this village, and it was heavily guarded by towers and turrets. They entered the gate, and turned to look at eachother. “Tomorrow I will check on the progress of the matoran war manufacturing system.” Kongu stated, and split off from the group. He entered his home and went into a peaceful state. It was not to last. A few hours later, he heard screaming. He jumped upward, and shot out his door. He was horrified by the site. A black monstrosity had erupted from the ground. He saw a flash of fire as Tahu and Jaller ran from their homes. The creature let out a screech, and crashed into a house. It looked at the Toa moving towards it with it's blazing white eyes. Kongu ran back into his home and grabbed his cordak blasters. He walked outside, and aimed his weapons.

“Bring it.”

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I can see the Bahrag saying: "If anyone is to cleanse, it should be us, not those moronic Plague creatures you mentioned." EPIC STORY.

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Chapter 2(con't)

Kongu fired. The blaster shots flew straight and true, and smashed into the being. They exploded upon contact, tearing through the spikes on his back. It screeched, and shot forward toward Kongu. Pohatu ran to one of the destroyed buildings. Most of the debris had been turned to dust, but some large chunks still remained. He drop kicked a massive pillar, knocking the creature off course. It turned around, now distracted by Pohatu. He began to run in circles around the creature. It didn’t know how to follow his quick movements. Tahu threw a wall of lava at the beast, but the lava simply dripped off of it. Nuparu threw his shield at the creature’s neck, and it pierced through the spikes and armor. The creature screeched even louder, and dove up into the air. Before it could crash into the ground and disappear, Nuparu fired his aqua blaster blade, creating a shockwave that knocked the creature off course. It smashed into the ground, more pikes being crushed as it did so. Jaller leapt up onto the struggling being, and struck down with his sword. The creature let out one last screech before it was silenced.

By this time, the morning sky was rising. Kongu glanced to the right to see Hydraxon moving toward the city. Behind him was Hahli, who was holding up Lesovikk as they walked. Hydraxon approached the Toa.

“What happened here?” Hydraxon asked, observing the wreckage.

“This thing came out of the ground, tried to attack the city. Didn’t stand a chance against us toa!” Nuparu exclaimed. A hysterical laughter came from behind them. Nuparu looked to see Vezon approaching.

“You think this is a victory to be proud of, Toa? This was nothing! It’s was a simple pawn of the plague. You just killed a creature equivalent to one of our matoran. That is no reason to cheer. You will become clouded with a sense that the war will be easy. It won’t be.” Vezon snarled. Hydraxon lashed out, backhanding vezon with his three bladed underclaw.

“I suggest you alter your tone, before I do it for you, Skakdi.” Hydraxon snapped


Whenua and Bomonga watched the tunnel before them as something walked out of it. The figure was old, with a jagged sword and shield.

“I don’t believe it…” Whenua said. The being that stood in front of them, was an Aar.

“Do not be afraid, new cyclers.” The being said. It’s voice was old, yet it spoke with dignity. “I am an Aar, the ancestors to this universe. We did not have names, the concept did not exist in our time.” It walked over to the statue and observed the being standing true and tall. “We were the most powerful military force in our time. And to think that these…Plague creatures are going to try to destroy this universe…times have changed.”

“You know of the Plague?” Bomonga asked, surprised.

“Of course we do. The Aar live underneath every tunnel in Spherus magna. We hear everything that everyone says above ground. We are far from being dead, Turaga.” The Aar placed his hand on the statue. It moved, and looked down at the Aar.

“What in Mata Nui’s name?” Whenua said, almost falling back from the shock.

“Why do you think we have stayed hidden this long? Our legacy is over. But we live amongst you. This is not a living statue, this is an Aar, just like me. He has stood in this same place for thousands of years.” The Aar walked close to the Turaga.

“The Aar will rise, and we will fight. This, is our universe. Not The Plague’s.”


Onepu’s feet clanged on the metal bridge. He was in a massive factory, created in secret by the Matoran Resistance. The last few days had been the busiest days of their lives. Machines, Matoran, and Agori worked and built. Onepu had become the new matoran inventor when Nuparu became a Toa. Now, a grand force stood in the factory. Exo Toa had been outfitted with advanced armor and weaponry. Boxers, the vehicle that Nuparu had invented to fight threats had been built and were ready to fight. And largest of all, was the Vahki. They were being built once more, this time more powerful. And this time, they would obey orders. If they didn’t, the Nurae would override their circuits and destroy them.


The room was black and jagged. Fire burst from every pour. Chains hung from the ceiling, dead corpses lined the floors. The walls were littered by scratches and removed debris. To the front of the room was a balcony. A figure stood, His face nothing but blackness covered by a jagged helmet. Half of him resembled a black knight, his tattered cape lay over his shoulder. Small bits of gold armor lined the pitch black. His other side, was dressed by vicious spikes and chains. His hand was a massive claw, and his foot was a treacherous talon. He was also large, roughly 5 times the size of a Toa, and breathed heavily. He looked down the balcony. 300 stories below him was a mobilizing army. The being walked away from the balcony to meet another figure in the center of the room.

This being was completely infested with spikes and chains. The most peculiar about it was it’s right arm. It was completely robotic, and had a massive cannon at the end. It was not covered in spikes and mutated like the rest of itself.

“They have made their move, ieogla.” The first being began, “They killed one of ours. Before it was killed, the Raul reported that they were beginning to mobilize.”

“Then they know of our presence.” ieogla replied. “Do they have the object of power that we require?”

“One of many. But this universe is intriguing. They are more advanced than what we have previously fought. We will not be so quick to destroy them.” The first being replied. “We will slowly attack them, weaken them. Then we will let them rebuild, become stronger. After that, we exterminate.”

“Understood, Lord Spawn.”

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Got my daily dose of bio-nostalgia :sweet: . Is Kongu, Nuparu, etc. Toa Mahri also is Pohatu, tahu, etc. Toa Phantoka, Mata or Nuva?

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Mahri and Nuva

CHAPTER 2(con't)

Onepu held out has hand in a fist formation. Nuparu did the same, and together did a fist pound. Nuparu and Onepu had become good friends before Nuparu set out on his journey. Now Onepu was creating a legacy of his own. He was the co-administrator of the Matoran Resistance, which was now joining with the Agori to create an even larger force. Kongu stood next to Nuparu, and put his hands on his hips.

“Now that…is impressive.” Kongu said. His gaze followed through to a massive hangar full of exo toa, being outfitted with a more powerful missile launcher and a chaingun. Matoran worked furiously to prepare them as quickly as they could.

‘That’s just the start.” Onepu said, and moved forward. He came to a large door that was locked by means of a code system. “Nurae technology.” He spoke outloud, knowing that Kongu and Nuparu would wonder what it was. He entered in a code, and the door opened.

Through the door was another hangar. This one, was filled with the Boxer vehicle that Nuparu had created to protect the island of Mata Nui. Yet there were more vehicles to the back of the hangar, ones that the Toa did not recognize.

“What are those?” Nuparu asked, admiring the powerful look of them


“Agori vehicles. We found plans for them and constructed them. Slightly differently of course, we are dealing with a war here afterall. Theres the Thornatus, Kaxium, and Skopio. The only ones really useful in battle, at least.”Onepu replied, and moved on once more. He came to another coded door, and proceed to open it. What the toa saw, was unimaginable.

“…Vahki” Kongu stated. Seeing them being created was beyond belief.

“The last time these things were built, they took over Metru Nui and imprisoned matoran. Why exactly are you rebuilding them? And stronger by the looks of it!” Nuparu snapped. A red being walked over, his blue eye shining bright.

“We control. Vahki not a threat. If they disobey, Nurae will initiate shutdown sequence. All vahki will be deactivated.” The red Nurae stated


“We don’t have a choice. We need everything we can get to fight.” Axonn said, and looked down to Vezon. “You have absorbed the power of the Olmak and the ignika, you can do it.” He said sternly.

“if he unleashed these creatures, they will go on a rampage and destroy everything!” Hydraxon yelled, and advanced towards Axonn.

“Halt, Jailer. We will be able to control them. We will be freeing them from the places into which there would otherwise be no escape.” Axonn began, “And I have a feeling vezon here will be able to control them, won’t you?”

“It will be my pleasure. What are we waiting for? Time to open up the Zone of Darkness.” Vezon replied, hysteria in his voice. “But if you don’t mind, Axonn, while I am using the powers, I would very much like to get an old friend back.” The familiar grin spread across his teeth.


Xeran approached the crater in Teruckt. Teruck was a small city, most of the buildings creatred out of stone and concrete. They had impressive architecture, created by the ancestors of the planet. A figure stood, dressed in white and silver armor. “Storm! What news do you bring?” Xeran asked.

“Unknown atmospheric change occurred on Nurae. Creature emerged from ground and attacked Nurae forces. Presumed as the Plague.” Storm replied, his gaze shifting to an explosion far off in the distance.

“The same thing just happened near a prison facility here.” Xeran replied, “Our military was headed their now to observe the situation.” Storm didn’t say anything. His gaze was fixed on the horizon. Xeran turned to look at what was distracting Storm. When he saw the sight, his biomechanical heart sank. The Xeeno were more organic than mechanical. In the distance, a creature, the same as the ones that had attacked Nuree and Sphreus magna, leaped into the sky, and went nose-diving into the ground. Explosions went off, and a terrible screech could be heard from afar.


A Water agori known as Senix strode along the deserts of Bara Magna. She was approaching her home village, a small, fortified area known as Huhut. Yet when she saw the smoke in the distance, she picked up her pace. The village was destroyed. What was worse, was the creatures crawling around all throughout the village. They were Agori sized, but where black, with cracked armor, black spikes, and were acting strangely. “I have to tell someone..” She began, and turned around to run to the Temple. A being stood in her way.

“Where do you think you’re going?” It asked. Senix recognized him immediately.

“Raanu!” She exclaimed. Then she noticed the black streaks spreading across his mask. His eyes lost color, becoming a bright white.

“Rr…!” He screamed, and fell to his knees. That’s when Senix saw the jagged spike forced into his back.

“What’s wrong!” She screamed, kneeling down next to him. He grabbed her arm, and held it forcefully.

“I…” He muttered, struggling to talk. She didn’t want to leave him, but she had to. She tried to move away to get help. She stopped, and looked down. Raanu was still holding onto her arm. He looked up at her. This time, He was different. He was dead now. He was a pawn of the Plague. And he did not let go.

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I don't think so, he probably wants his pet back. "Oh Kardas-pootchie chums, come heeeere. And please don't eat the machinegun." I have absolutely no idea why I made up that line, but I just had to. Epic chapter once again.

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This segment is pretty much nothing but bomonga and whenua talking to the aar, I wanted this one to be more of a story-telling segment, to give a little bit of a feel for what is going on, make it more understandable, and fill in some plotholes as of now. And as you read, you may see a familiar name(HINT: My banner. Yes, he is part of this story)

Chapter 3

“So do you know anything about The Plague?” Bomonga asked, as he and Whenua walked through the Cavern of Aar with the Aar that had approached them.

“Oh yes,” The Aar responded, ‘They are an ancient race, some of the ancient Aar even fought the plague back in the elder times. But the Plague wasn’t a massive army like it is now. They are nasty creatures, that take over everything they attack. If they don’t kill it, it becomes a part of their army. And even many of those that they kill are brought into their army.”

“The Plague are dead soldiers?” Whenua replied, realizing that the Mask of Life tactic was now going to be an issue. How would they take life away from something that was dead?

“In essence, yes. However they are powered by their very own infection. The Plague technology is what keeps them alive, what infects them. They can be killed just as any of us can be. However it is very easy to revive them, and everytime they are revived, their infection evolves. They become stronger, adapt to the situation.” The Aar stated

“If The Plague are simply infections, where did the infection start?” Bomonga began, “There must be some sort of ruler, or something that created them!”

“There are legends that tell of the origins of The Plague. According to those, two beings were created by great beings of their universe. Those beings were known as Tyrant and Abaddon. They had the power to infect, and created an army. And then they infected the King of Azeria, an ancient castle on the planet of Anarae. The king is now known as spawn, and all obey him. Tyrant and Abaddon remain in hiding in their universe, they will only ever be seen away from there if the king is killed.” The Aar replied.

“The chronicles of the Jixians report that a noble king-like being had killed Flaudis, that must have been Spawn. And where is Anarae?” Whenua questioned

“Flaudis dead? The leader of One thousand toa? The king of the Toa? No, not dead, Turaga. The Plague uphold ancient ideals of nobility, especially Spawn. They are cruel and treacherous, but they never kill the King. They capture him, and hold him in the City of Everlasting Fire. Flaudis must still be alive, along with the rest of the kings that the Plague have found. The king is the only being who is not killed and made part of The Plague when they attack.” He moved to a smaller cavern and lowered his voice. “And Anarae is near Nuree. The Anarae created the Nurae, in hopes of creating a new race of synthetic beings, but they advanced too quickly. They didn't want to follow the guidelines of the anarae, realized they were more powerful, and retaliated. Now they are on separate planets, and not in good relations with eachother. The Nurae are now their own race, the Anarae are still ancent warriors, just as us Aar are.”

Bomonga and Whenua sat down. They had trouble taking all of this in.

“We need to communicate this information to those above ground!” Bomonga exclaimed, and jumped back up.

“I will come with you. I have already communicated with the Aar and ordered them to prepare for war.” The Aar replied.

“You commanded them?” Whenua asked

“Of course, Turaga. We must win this war.” He began walking to the exit of the Cavern. “If they attack and we loose, I do not get the luxury of death.” He turned around, his eyes sharp. “I suffer.”

Bomonga and Whenua suddenly realized what he meant.

“I am the King of the Aar. I am the King of Spherus Magna.”


The bars of the cell were jagged, spiked, and broken. Yet no one dared cross them, for creatures of no mercy stood waiting, always watching.

Flaudis sat in his cell. Helpless for thousands of years. There was no escape.

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Tyrant is in this story! Are the Anarae going to join the plague since they hate the nurae? Anoother great addition keep them coming.

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Hoping that we will find out soon if Vezon really is getting Kardas back. And possibly upgrading Kardas. Things like giving him the kinetic absorption ability again.

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Draik I think you'll like part of this chapter

Chapter 3(con't)


^A little Bonus Picture^

Vastus and Gresh wandered into the forbidden lands. A few Toa nuva had ventured into here a short while ago and had not yet returned. They noticed two Maxilos robots standing, almost seeming to guard something. They approached the robots, and looked up.

“We cannot provide you cover if you wish to wander the lands, Glatorian. We are on duty.” The robot said, looking down at Gresh. Gresh turned to Vastus and the two of them moved away.

“Must be the Nuva.” Vastus said, slightly annoyed that they were alone in the forbidden lands.

“Whatever it is, I just hope we aren’t attacked.” Gresh replied, watching the Visorak crawl all around the place, suspended from the sky above them. Webs were everywhere, and many familiar beings were trapped in the webs, waiting to be mutated by the visorak. They noticed a massive visorak crawl up onto a building, many smaller ones crawling all around it. It had six legs, and had a golden shell.

They then noticed a small little village, free of the visorak webs, and one that looked far nicer than any other place in the forbidden lands.

“This must be it” Vastus stated, and moved toward the village. Many small creatures lived here. Matoran and Agori rejects, however a larger figure advanced toward Gresh and Vastus. They recognized this being as Tuma.


The village of the infected agori was now a city of rubble. Fires blazed, and the Agori ran about, screeching and growling. They all began to rush away from the city, moving to the next to attack. The sand swept across the ground, moving by itself. It shot upwards, crashing into the infected. It formed into a massive figure, with black and silver armor. Using telekinesis, he lifted pieces of the destroyed village, and summoned them down upon the infected. They were buried, crushed. The figure then turned around to see a blue agori fighting a final standing infected. He charged, and lashed out, demolishing the infected agori. The figure looked at the blue agori, who was clearly scared.

‘Who…who are you?” She asked, looking at the massive being that stood in front of her.

The figure looked down at her, his cold eyes still looked merciless. He was once a dark hunter. Now, that name no longer existed. Now he was just another inhabitant on Spherus Magna. “I am Devastator.” The being replied. “I live amongst the sands, I saw this village fall. Come now, Agori. We must go to the council immediately.” Devastator stated, and lifted up the Agori. Senix felt safe with this being.


Bomonga entered the room in which the Suva of the temple was held. Kopeke, Garan, Macku, Hafu, Defilak, and Balta stood. Each of the Hagah stood near them, now all transformed into Turaga. Each of the matoran held a stone, except for Garan. Bomonga approached him, and handed him the stone. Axonn entered the chamber, followed by Tahu and Jaller.

“You will be the elite group of Toa. You must guide a new generation of toa to battle, my friends.” Turaga Norik stated, smiling as he saw the matoran that stood. Axonn set down his axe, and moved to look directly at the Matoran.

“You are different than most matoran that have become toa in the time. Usually, When a toa picks a matoran, he picks one that he or she believes have potential. They are naïve, confused, and immature. You matoran, have proven your skills, at some point or another. You are strong, confident, and have potential because you have already shown it. And at this time of war, we must have the best toa we can have. Becoming a Toa will change your personality, you will be stronger than you could ever imagine, and will have even less fear.” Axonn began, observing the matoran. They stood straight, and gave him their total attention.

“There are codes that a Toa must follow. For example, you never kill, you only capture.” Axonn stated, looking to Tahu and Jaller. They nodded, and he turned back to look at the matoran once more. “But this is war. This, is different. No codes apply to you right now. You will fight, and you will win. That is the only objective. If we try to contain a situation, we will lose. This isn’t a game of shadows put on by Teridax, this is the endgame of universes. We cannot lose because of moral code.”

He moved over to the Suva. “Each of you take place around the Suva. Place the stones in their respective spots, and Toa, you will become.”


Vezon ripped a hole open in the sky, using the powers of the Olmak and the Ignika combined. Hydraxon watched him, wary of the skakdi’s intentions. The sky shuddered, and a Massive figure crashed into the ground, followed by another, and another, and yet another. Vezon had summoned two creatures from the zone of darkness, and removed two figures from a stasis, and sent them here through the zone of darkness, though they had not inhabited it.

Vezon and Hydraxon moved back as vezon closed the portal. In front of them, stood A Kahgarak, the Zivon, the Kardas Dragon, and the Voporak.

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