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Bruce Pyre 2012

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Bruce Pyre is a 3.0 model Hero designed to have the appearance and abilities of a bat. His wings allow him to silently glide while his sonar detectors pick up enemy locations. His wing-mounted cannons emit sonic blasts. Despite his abilities, he is a very poor flying and often tears his wings, and his sonic cannons really hurt his ears too (who designed these things!?).


This moc was actually inspired by a dream. I had dreamed of an exclusive Hero Factory set featuring a bat-like hero. I was kinda bummed when I realized it was just a dream, so I was like hey, I'm gonna moc that.

And then this happened. It's nothing special, just a quick moc to get an idea out of my head.

Coca Cola and Cookies appreciated.

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First, the good: This is a FANTASTIC MoC. It uses System elements in a constraction MoC perfectly, especially that amazing head, and there's a lot of NPU on the arms and wings. The color scheme is also excellently balanced with the brown center and black extremities. However, it doesn't really fit in with the smooth Hero Factory aesthetic, especially not the Savage Planet series, which didn't use some of the newer, more greebly bits like the Breakout torso. To fix this, I'd recommend switching the lower legs out for either A.) a standard HF lower limb, or B.) a custom design using a smooth system piece, as the current construction shows lots of Technic bits used to affix the Skrall armor to the leg. Then, I'd swap the custom clawed hands for normal black HF fists, to both fit in better and increase the heroicness of the MoC, as claws are usually reserved for villains. (Switching feet is optional - those are used in HF sets, but they do make him look villainous. I understand what you're going for with the bat theme, though.) Finally, this is just a nitpicky matter of personal preference - I'd change the Breakout core to an orange 2/3.0 core. All in all, a fantastic MoC, just a little... (wait for it)... rough around the edges. (YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

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