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Wetwired's Minifigs for trade\sale

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I found a few extra minifigs lying around here's my lis. I've also added a list below of my wanted minifigs. For those interested in trading or buying I'm pretty much looking at Bricklink average sale prices (unless otherwise stated) Though I'm willing to haggle. All minifigs are opened but new, and have been in storage since opened (unless otherwise stated) I'm in Australia BTW but willing to trade internationally.

For Trade\Sale

Star Wars

Kithaba (with weapon) from set 9496 Desert Skiff

Lando Calrissian (with spear weapon) from set 9496 Desert Skiff

1x Series 1 Zombie (MISB) $20

3x 2x Series 2 Spartan Soldier

1x Series 2 Mexican

1x Series 3 Alien

1x Series 4 Musketeer

1x Series 4 Sailor

1x Series 5 Zookeeper

1x Series 5 Beefeater

1x Series 5 Dwarf

3x Series 6 Bandit Cowboy

1x Series 6 Leprechaun

1x Series 6 Intergalactic Girl

1x Series 6 Tango Dancer

1x Series 6 Mechanic

1x Hulk Exclusive Promo (MISB) $25

2x Indiana Jones


Batman I Theme

Killer Croc


Two Face

Batman II Superheroes Theme


Poison Ivy

Two Face

Indiana Jones Theme

Airplane Mechanic

Elsa Schneider

Grail Guardian


Indiana Jones Gray Suit

Indiana Jones Open Shirt Open Mouth Grin

Marion Ravenwood Tan Outfit (KOTC)

Mola Ram

Willie Scott Sacrificial Outfit

Russian Guard

Temple Guard

Pirates of the Caribbean


Bootstrap Bill


Mermaid Syrena



King George's Officer

Star Wars

Boba Fett (9496)

Chewbacca Reddish Brown

Darth Vader

The Emperor

Han Solo (7965)

Han Solo (8129)

Han Solo Caronite Piece

Han solo White shirt (from out of carbonite

Lando (general outfit)

Luke Skywalker (7865)

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight

Admiral Akbar

Obi Wan (Old)

Princess Leia Bun Hair (7965)

Princess Leia Hoth Outfit (braid hair)

Princess Leia Slave Outfit

Royal Guard

Scout Trooper

Snow Trooper

Yoda (new)


Tokkat (Ewok)

Toy Story





Hamm (with hat)

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