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REVIEW: 9555 Mezmo

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Prepare for battle against the Spinjitzu masters! Mezmo is armed and ready to take on the ninjas! Customize your spinners like never before with the Mezmo minifigure, shields, fang blades, LEGO lift brick, golden weapon and 2 regular weapons. Use the 4 battle cards included in the set to influence the outcome!

Theme: Ninjago

Set name: Mezmo

Set Number:9555


Number of Minfigs:1

Year Released:2012

Price: US $4.99

The boxBag:


Just your average polybag set, except maybe this one is not made out of poly. I think it's foil. Anyways, there's that LEGO logo on the corner like always and shows some of the things in the set and a delicious artwork of Mezmo.

The "Instruction book":


It's just that artwork of Mezmo again, With a humongous "Mezmo". It also has a number that says 6011013, what ever that is for.


Oh dear. This too? I prefer a pic of some kid holding a random set with a bubble saying "I got this for free, because I did a survey! You can too by going to (With your parent's permission.)"


That wasn't really the back of the "Book", but this is. Just some picture of Lloyd with a additional "GO TO NINJAGO.COM NOWWW, FOR UNLIMITED INTELLIGENCE! (you need your parent's permission for that too.)"


Inside there are some pictures showing how to make Mezmo's weapons and showing some of the other sets in case someone doesn't have the internet. And the back is filled with words that no one needs to see. Oh dear god, there's that kid again.

The minifigs:


Mezmo in his full glory. He is actually the only reason I bought this set, but now that I have it I think it's a nice set for making your own weapons or something. He looks really ancient and has that Hypnobrai symbol all over him. His huge teeth also stand out.


His back is kinda plain, but it's better than not having a back printing at all, right? But then again, what minifigure doesn't have back printing these days? I also wish that the back of his head is printed, But it's not like that's ever gonna change.


And also, if you look at the top of his glorious head you will see that it kinda looks futuristic bu- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT ON MY THUMB??!1!


Now that I got that thing off my thumb, Lets take a look at ALL the weapons! There's that big awesome double bladed axe that already appeared in a set, the Fangpyre Wrecking Ball. That doesn't change the fact that is is awesome, tough. And there's that basic, plain, boring pickaxe. And that chained thing with a orange spike on it.

Interesting pieces:


Oh wait, I forgot the interesting pieces! Not much but I guess it's alot for a small set like this. There's that awful looking snake that wouldn't look good anywhere but the spinners, that round piece and the red transparent 1x2. The last two ones aren't new, but still interesting.


Since I/m lacking pictures of the other stuff let's slap a spinner in there for the last picture in this page! All I can say about this for the spinner game is "H44444XXX!"


Design:9/10 There isn't really any designing here so I'm just gonna give a 9 for the epic axe.

Minifigs:9/10 Pure awesomeness. It's not better than the generals, tough.

Price:8/10 Good enough.

Playabillity:7/10 There isn't much, but it's for the game so... Yeah.

Parts: 8/10 Good enough. (Again.)

Overall:41/50 If you're a fan of minifigs, you MUST get this set.

Next up: Ultra sonic raider!

Edited by TheRedGuy

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Can you post individual pics of the cards? :classic:


Edit: I can't now, so I'll have them by tomorrow.

Edited by TheRedGuy

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Nice review, 'TheRedGuy'! :classic:

This set is pretty great since it's cheap and the figure looks awesome! I will pick this set up soon.

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Nice, somewhat silly review of the Mezmo booster pack!

One part I'd consider interesting which you didn't call attention to is the short chain, which only comes in black in a few spinner sets and booster packs this year. Not totally new, but as of yet this is the cheapest set it can be found in.

Personally, I think those snakes for the bottoms of the spinners would look excellent dangling from a jungle canopy. They're the first snakes in a pose suitable for dangling. Incidentally, I believe this is the only set so far to have them in a non-transparent color, so they might be ideal for people who intend to use them for this purpose.

Incidentally, the seven-digit number on the front of the instruction booklet is the booklet's "element ID", so to speak. Like so. Incidentally, these usually also correspond to the number the instruction booklet is listed under on the Customer Service PDF building instructions database. Again, like so.

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