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[Review] 4438 - Robbers' Hideout

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Name : Robbers' Hideout

Set number : 4438

Theme : City (Forest Police)

Pieces : 317

Minifigures : 4 (+ 1 bear)

Ages : 5-12

Released : 2012

Price : 39,99€ ; 39,99$, 34,99£



I bough this set yesterday and I want to share my opinion with you : it will be only my second review in English for Eurobricks. I can't help being nostalgic while I see n°4438 Robbers' Hidout, it remembers me so much the 90's when I was a young LEGO® fan : indeed am I right in stating that it looks like n°6552 (the cabin with rocks on the right), n°6538 (the black and red race car) and n°6563 (the hostile animal - a gator - and the money)?


Part 1 : Box, Parts and Minifigures

The back of the box shows 10 vignettes which deal about a chase between 2 robbers, 2 policemen and also 1 bear. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism such as a trap or a hiding place for the gold. However the car could be placed in the cabin : a usefull (and playable) idea in order to be unseen by a chopper.


The edge of the box displays the bear and the 4 minifigures with accessories : the gold looks shiny, even if it is only a 1x2 plate (in comparison with real gold ingot designed for POTC) and the radio is old-fashioned (new sets need a special mold I guess). Last but not least, the new design of the robber's cap and the sheriff's hat is very fun.


The box contains 4 numbered bags, 2 building instructions, a 16x16 plate and stickers (could anyone tell me why T.L.G. doesn't put extra stickers for clumsy person? Indeed, stickers are cheaper than printed bircks, but does it mean that some extra in each box will be too expensive?)



The 4 minifigures are well-designed : colourful, detailed and expressive, I really want to praise the designers who made a great job (what a good idea to print their back too). The bear is realistic and articulated in order to be more playable.



Part 2. The Build

Subpart 2.1. The Motorbike

The motorbike (anyone knows the English word for that kind of vehicle with 3 weeles ?) is colourful and more playable than the quad bike in n°4437 Police Pursuit because of the handlebars which could be moved from left to right.


Subpart 2.2. The race Car

The race car (what a strange idea in a forest !) is resistant and built with unique pieces. The choice to mix Dark New Red and Black is in good taste. Lastly I really like the different weeles' size.




Subpart 2.3. The Pick-up Truck

The police vehicle is very resistant and colourful : the choice to mix Bright Blue and White is maybe too typical but still effective. Unfortunately, there is no door and weapon (even if handcuffs are fun) and the design is too heavy.





Subpart 2.4. The Cabin

The log cabin is good-sized but it lack of details inside (only 1 cup and 1 chair) : a little kitchen and a bed are welcome. But the main negative point is the lack of any mechanism (such as a hiding place or a trap) whereas there are so much possibilities with rocks.





Part 3. Useful Pieces for M.O.C.

I noticed very interesting (and rare) pieces which could be used in many M.O.C., especially the "wall bricks", the 16x16 plate and the car's parts.


Extra pieces are not interesting, except the handcuffs because of the 2 robbers.



Price : 5/10 [-] 39,99€ is really too expensive (there is 5€ too much) ; [?] could anyone tell me what 39,99$ represent for U.S. purchasing power?

Design : 7/10 [-] the pick-up truck is too big ; [-] the log cabin is empty ; [+] the vehicles are detailed ; [+] the kerosen lamp is fun

Build : 7/10 [-] no mechanism ; [+] easy build

Play : 9/10 [-] no weapon ; [+] 3 vehicles ; [+] 1 bear

Minifigures : 10/10 [+] colourful, detailed, expressive minifigures

TOTAL : 7,5/10

P.S. : please, forgive me for my English, I'm not a native

P.S.2 : soon, I will publish this review (in French) on my blog :

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In he US the bike is called an ATV for All Terrain Vehicle. Four wheeled versions are called Quads. Brickset lists the US prices for sets, I believe it's $39.99 over here. Good review BTW, I like the old set photos. Anyone notice their hideout has a mailbox? Those robbers better watch out, that's the kind of detail that took down Bin Ladden.

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Anyone notice their hideout has a mailbox? Those robbers better watch out, that's the kind of detail that took down Bin Ladden.

Ah-ah ! I really like your sens of humour ! And thanks for informations.

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Another great City review, 'lego_legis_legere'! :sweet:

I was originally going to pick this set up last December, but I didn't like how it barely had an interior. I think I'm going to get this set by next year, though. :classic:

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Thanks for the review! This is a very stylish set, although it does have some seriously detrimental flaws, like the lack of any interior to the cabin other than the spacious garage, as well as the lack of headlights and taillights on the hot rod. (although I guess it gives the cops something else to book the crooks for: driving infractions! :tongue: )

A three-wheeled vehicle like the one in this set is usually called a "trike" (short for "tricycle", just as "bike" is short for "bicycle").

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You don't need head lights or tail lights when you're running moonshine in West Virginia. Just add the still or maybe even a meth lab and you're good to go.

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This set also brought back some nostalgia from the 90's

Actually I noticed many sets designed during the 90's were less detailed than I tought, especially in comparision actual sets as Robbers Hideout. Nevertheless I'm still so nostalgic.

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I bought this set and I think I shouldn't have, because most of it is not interesting. The vehicles are cool, and the figs too, but the hideout is clearly a big fail in my opinion. It's made of big blocks approximately assembled for a curious result. There are many cool city sets actually, but this one, like the little hospital and the big garage, are not interesting, and cost too much.

Thanks for this review !

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