Aquaraiders & Divers Index

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Town/City related Index

Here's an index of threads regarding Town/City subthemes and related themes.

Thanks to Grevious for starting with the Aquaraiders index!


General Discussion

First Aquaraiders pictures on Amazon!

Ideas for Aquaraiders sets.

Aquabase: Pictures!

Aquaraiders on S@H!

Aquaraiders and the single piece sealife of themes past discussion.


By hinckley39: 7775 Aquabase Invasion

By dillthepill: 7776 The Shipwreck

By bdd: 7770 Deep Sea Treasure Hunter, 7771 Angler Ambush

By Grevious: 7770 Deep Sea Treasure Hunter (on page 2)

By Hinckley39: 7772 Lobster Strike, 7774 Crab Crusher


By dillthepill: Should Aquaraiders have it's own forum? (Poll)

Do you wish the Aquaraiders creatures were more brickbuilt?

Which Aquaraiders creature is your favorite/has the most modding potential?


General Discussion

Let's talk about: Divers!


By alex54: 6559 Deep Sea Bounty

By Grevious: 6555 Sea Hunter

----Mocs & Mods----

By xwingyoda: My Shipwreck

By snefroe1: my own divers

Enjoy these wet goodies ;-)

Edited by Hobbes

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Ah, excellent Hobbes. Now the Town indexes are finally up to date! :-)

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Sorry for triple posting, but I just wanted to say that I've added a few more topics and polls to the index. ;-)

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i dont really see why aqua raiders is in this topic?

Because it's not Town or City but by many considered related. So we decided to have AR discussion in this subforum and Grevious suggested an index for Town related stuff. And this is it.

And it's actually not for discussion but for reference, so please keep it clean by not posting here. Thx.

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