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A request for sails!

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Thanks for all the help, now finished the sails thanks to Evil Willys tutorial! To see the final result click below.

Thanks for all the help!

Hello all,

I have made a Chinese Junk Boat (Here) and I am missing some sails. Since this is the Pirate Forum this is the place to ask so,

Are there any tutorials/templates/scans available?



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Might I suggest using fabric rather than paper for the sails. This is just purely from a spectators point of view however, as I have never attempted to make my own sails or create a MOC pirate ship either (I intend to someday :pir_laugh2: )

Nevertheless I read an blog one day about creating custom LEGO capes (if your really want/need it let me know I'll dig it up) and the author suggested using BROADCLOTH, a type of fabric found at fabric stores. Judging by the pictures it looks really similar to the real thing, and I'm sure the LEGO capes are made of the same material that the sails are.

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