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Rilana Valerie de Bruxelles

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Rilana Valerie de Bruxelles


You got people who work every day, so one day they can buy everything they want. And you got people who party every day, and they still got everything they even never wanted...

One of those people is Rilana Valerie de Bruxelles... Daughter of Philipe Maxime de Bruxelles, a very wealthy nobleman in Gotham. Both her parents come from Europe, what explains her slightly different color of skin.

She is every day protected by the best bodyguards in the world, as the last thing her father wants is to see his "jewel" been kidnapped!

But she never goes to the common places, is always surrounded by other wealthy girls and men. So it is almost impossible to kidnap her...

Anyway, Rilana is now 18 years old and in September she is going to Switzerland to Oxford for further studies. She still has no boyfriend as her father always rejects the offers of the brave guys who are foolish enough to propose.

Altough lately, she seems to be flirting a lot with Harry D'Illeghems, a young wealthy boy (with European ancestors) who earns his money as Real estate-broker.





Ginny hair (Harry Potter)

Princess head (Castle)

Egyptian clothes (CMF)

Price: 6,26 EURO (wow, I the head only is already 3 EURO I just discovered :laugh:)

Rilana Valerie de Bruxelles in action:

Again a nice party tonight! Bruce Wayne's birthday party!! Rilana Valerie de Bruxelles is ofcourse invited! She choosed a dress with a lot of gold and diamonds in and a tiara with a big robin on it. It matched perfectly with her hair and her skin!

When she arrived, she was greeted by Harry D'Illeghems with an handkiss.

The room was decorated amazingly! Bruce Wayne didn't looked for a dollar more or less: the whole walls were made covered by golden curtains!!!

The party will be legen...wait for it...dary!


A few more pictures can be found here: My link


Like I already said by my entry for category A:

Thanks to LuxorV and The Penguin for this contest and the prizes!!

Also this one was a pleasure to make, especially the golden wall :laugh:

Rilana is not really based on someone specifical. I just love the Ginny hair and I looked what other parts matched the best with it :laugh:

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I really like that fig. :thumbup: It has something about it that attracts me greatly. Or perhaps it's justr the whole story that is so well-written. Very nice!

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! ) :classic:

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