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Olivia's Speedboat, is one of the entry level Friends sets that comes with one figure and a few fun accessories for her to use.



Set Name: Olivia's Speedboat

Set Number: 3937

Number of Pieces: 65 + 4 extras

Minifigs: 1

Price: $9.99 USD

Theme: Friends

Year Released: 2012




3966535017_39b869c30d_o.jpg (high res pics available here, also by clicking the images in the review)


The Box



Here we have all the girls in their standard pose in the top right corner. I love how they have everything in the set situated on the box. It really ties together the set and puts it in the element of being on the beach.



Classic LEGO shows each element of the set in use. So there is no question what is what. Something I found interesting that I don't recall seeing on non-Friends LEGO sets is instructions on how to put the minifigure together on the back of the box.



Very simple and plain which is nice to see, it's the set number, the theme and the 1:1 scale of your minifigure.

Other Side:


This side of the box is where the safety information is housed, along with the bar code and item number, which is different from a set number.

The Instructions



Deja Vu, is almost always the case with LEGO instructions, that is they are usually the same as the front of the box. No exception here and I do still like how they laid out the set.



So you can still win LEGO but the little boy that we have all grown to love hate is gone and replaced with two girls playing with LEGO. Fitting sine this is geared towards girls.

Random Page:


I choose this page because it shows LEGO's idea of the layout of the Friends town, Heartlake City. I recommend clicking the image for the full res version.

The Parts

The Bags:


Now I haven't done a review in a while but I do recall LEGO moving to the numbered bag system. I'm not sure if it is because the set is so small or because this particular set originated from Denmark as opposed to being purchased in the USA. Either way with a set this small, they aren't really needed.

All Parts:


I'm really starting to like the friends sets due to the colors in the sets. I did find it interesting that Olivia's torso and legs came in separate bags. Like a lot of the Friends sets this one comes with that cute little red bucket. I suddenly want to start collecting buckets.

Spare Parts:


For spare parts we get an extra bucket handle, but no extra bucket. A red stud, a light blue clear stud and a pink flower stud.


Olivia Front:


Olivia is pictured here in her standard pink dress/yellow tank top with hearts outfit. Like all Friends minifigures her legs bend forward but not independently of each other.

Olivia Back:


There was no back printing, but you do get a great view of that wonderful hairpiece.

Olivia's Hair Piece:


Speaking of which, here it is off of her just so you can see it in all its glory. It has holes in the sides and the top so you can presumably add a tiara or similar hair accessories, which ironically I don't have any .

The Build

The Sand Castle:


With such a tiny build, build pictures usually aren't warranted but I wanted to show how the water feature is set up in this tiny sand castle.


You can see now that the two blue tile pieces we just laid down are now covered up. The castle is complete with this step but I have one more picture to show.


Here is a top view of the castle, and now you can see that the water is still visible and Olivia has created almost a moat inside her castle. Now who didn't do something like this at the beach as a kid?!

The Beach Towel:


Another almost micro build that doesn't really need a build picture but I figured it's easier to see how many studs long everything is, when you can see the studs.


I love the colors used for this beach towel and of course the 2x1 purple cheese slopes. Looks like a comfy plastic place to take a nap.

The Speedboat:


Every girl needs their own personal speedboat, so let's get to building one. It starts with a hull piece we've seen before but now we get it in this fun yellowish orange color.


The build continues with a top hull piece, some pink tiles for Olivia to sit on and some pink panels with the central divider, exclusive to the Friends line.


Capsizing the boat we find some clear 2x2 boat stud plates, which is always nice when your boat needs to glide along the carpet.


The final boat complete with pink flag and a printed life preserver on a 22 rounded tile.


The rear view showing the two divider tile pieces which would not allow for two friends to sit next to each other, which they couldn't even if they wanted to since their arms extend out too far.


This final side shot shows how the dividers holds Olivia's legs in place since there are no stud openings on the bottom of Friend's legs to hold them to their beloved LEGO creations.

Complete Set:


The completed set showing all the elements together, Olivia on her beach towel, he sand castle and speedboat in the background.


Design: 9/10 The friends line is fairly new to me, but I like where they are going. The sets make sense, they are easily altered like regular LEGO sets and it gives the user something to do once the set is built. As much as LEGO is about imagination, I appreciate a well designed set.

Parts: 10/10 For me the parts are great, simply because I don't have any of these fun new colors except for this set. The redesigned mini bucket is great. I think even LEGO fans who are not thrilled about the Friends sets, will still find the parts interesting.

Build: 6/10 Very easy and almost boring. For a first timer, it's great but I hoped for a more intricate build.

Minifigs: 8/10 I think you either like the new Friends figs, or you don't. I for one do like them. They are not as rash as the previous off minifigure venture Jack Stone which was just too big. The Friends figs are very comparable in size with our beloved minifigure and accessories work cross platform.

Playability: 8/10 I think this set as mentioned in the design area is well designed. I can see this set being played with by itself or in conjunction with other Friends or even regular LEGO sets.

Price: 8/10 I wish you got more Friends figures for your $9.99 but besides that it's about what we've come to expect parts per dollar, at least in the US.

Total: 49/60 Not my highest rating ever, but not bad either. I'm no hardcore Friends fan, but I appreciate the theme and may just may get more sets in the future. This is a great entry level set to the theme that comes with one figure who has a very pretty name (hint hint). The parts are good, the figure is good. I would have to say if you are into the Friends theme, or even just like the parts, this is a BUY set.

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Thanks for this lovely review Cam! :sweet:

The sandcastle is really cute, and much daintier than the one in Seaside house. The detail with the water inside the sandcastle 'fortress' is sweet, and as you say, who didn't do that as a kid! :laugh:

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Thanks for the review Big Cam!

There may be some MOCs I can think of creating by using that Speedboat for sure! :thumbup:

It's interesting you noticed the box back depicting the actual "assembly" of the MiniDoll. I think it's another example of just how much "building" is encouraged in the entire Friends theme. Friends aren't some static, one piece, non-customizable "doll" like other toys. Even with the torso designs that are currently available, there's still a way for girls to mix & match to create their own -- plus use traditional MiniFig hairpieces, tools, capes, and other accessories too :classic:

Thanks for showing the sandcastle's build steps -- even as a small structure within this set, I think it is well designed. I remember liking it from when the first set pics came out. I mean, who doesn't like a sandcastle, right? :blush:

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Thanks for this review! This is definitely a nice set. The speedboat isn't quite as stylish as last year's 4641 from the City theme which used many of the same pieces. The colors are nice, though, and the addition of a lovely beach towel and sand castle make this set very unique. In LEGO it's often the little details that count, and the Friends theme seems to focus a lot more heavily on making lots of little details than the City theme which tends towards more sparsely-furnished settings.

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Great review, 'Big Cam'! :sweet:

This is the Summer 2012 Friends set that I most want. I missed the City one from last year, so I promised I wont let myself miss this one.

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Excellent review 'Big Cam', you must have a soft spot for these mini-dolls too eh ? :laugh:

A cute little set, aw....a sand castle - so cute and do I spy a RED bucket piece ? :grin:

If so I'm buying it for the, no two it's cute like I said.

Brick On with your Friend's everyone ! :wink:

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Thanks for this review Big Cam. I really thought about getting this for the boat in particular, for a his/hers boating couple with last years red one. However, after seeing it's stern, I am now having second thoughts. I think I'll just BL some of the main pieces instead default_classic.gif

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Wow! Great pictures to show us what is in the box. Small sets are wonderful for small gifts and lighter budgets, so this should do well. We often hear parents saying to their young children in stores that the child has only so much money to spend on a toy, and usually it is around what these sets cost.

Love the colors...especially of her chaise lounge chair/beach towel with headrest. These are wonderful for patio/balcony/pool scenes in many other themes. Bodies of water are so much fun in Lego.

Let's hope that these girls get some new threads soon as girls love to dress their dolls in different outfits.

It is so cool that Olivia gets her own speedboat! That adds a huge amount of control over her life because she is not limited by having to ask guys with a boat for a ride somewhere. What a refreshing idea in real life, too!

Thanks for showing us what is in the box!

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WHAT?!? Where is the CRAB?!? All the early pictures of this set showed Olivia holding a yellow crab. It was practically the reason I was going to buy the set. I mean, it is a nice set and all, but I really did want that crab.

EDIT: actually, on looking at other pics of the summer wave to make sure I hadn't gone completely crazy, I see that there is a yellow crab in the 3063 Flight School set. It's possible that was what I was thinking of.

Edited by Gryphon Ink

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