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LDD MOC: Black & Red 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive

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I based this engine off of Daedalus304's 4-4-0. I remade it in Lego Digital Designer and made it into my own colors and changed it a lot.

Back story of the engine:

This 4-4-0 steam locomotive was made in 1897 by Buildwin Locomotive Works. It was delivered to Brick Railway and numbered 117. It worked the Fort Legoredo branch of that railway from it's delivery until 1920, when it was retired. it was stored at Legoredo station until 1934, when the engine & three cars were used in a publicity shot, as the past, alongside the Chicago, Brickington & Quincy Railroad's Pioneer Zephyr, shown as the future. After the photo shoot, the engine was brought back to Fort Legoredo to be used in several western movies. It was stored, lost and forgotten in a warehouse outside Denver Colorado until 1967, when it was restored to working order for the 100th Aniversary of Brick Railway Systems. Along with three choaches, (the same three from the photo shoot) and five other historic engines it toured the country for one year, showing the progress of the railorad. It was finally placed in the Museum of Transportation, in St. Louis MO, after the tour ended in 1968. it has remained there to this very day.



front view


side view


run-you-over view


Rear view


cab view

LXF for this steam engine

NOTE: The front of the engine is elevated 1/3 bricks off the ground. it's supposed to do this, and will work in real life without problems.

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Hello! I have to say I feel a bit excited that someone was inspired by my 4-4-0, I'm glad you liked it!

I like the colours and cab windows on your engine, and the tender is nice too! I'm curious what you're going to use to connect your coupling rods to the pistons, as it looks like you'll need at least 9 studs of length to reach.

I don't know if you're ever going to build the engine with actual bricks, but after a lot of testing and especially after running it at the Phoenix Comicon for 3 days I learned quite a bit about how engines of this design like to run; and if you're interested I'd be willing to provide pointers! Thank you for citing my name as an inspiration, though I realize that you've changed a lot of the techniques my first reaction is always to see the things that my brain thinks of as "mine" (Admittedly I'm a bit biased! :laugh: ), and seeing a throwback was nice. :thumbup:

I'd love to see what sort of cars you put together for it to pull!

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