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DC0052 Speeder

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The DC0052 speeder, nicknamed "Intergalactic," was an airspeeder utilized by the Jedi Order in the waning days of the Galactic Republic. Developed by Daystar Craft, the two-meter long vehicle featured a top speed of eight hundred kilometers per hour and could travel over two thousand kilometers uninterrupted. [source- Wookieepedia] This speeder I made is a small speeder used by Jedi and other people on various planets, normally Coruscant. The speeder will be in the 2012 summer set- Palpatine's arrest. Although I have a different color scheme, I like it like that. The speeder can fit only 1 person in the cockpit. It does feature lots of detail all around the speeder. Behind the chair of the cockpit there is a small area to fit a light saber or an occasional blaster. On the underside, there is 2 missiles separated from each other on each side of the wings. The cockpit is actually very large in size. Please Comment!

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