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LOTR MOC: Frodo's Wooden race car!

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Here is my first LOTR creation: Frodo's wooden race car!

Consists only of parts from one 9469 set.

Back when they were even smaller hobbits, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin would construct wooden cars to pass the time. Then they would race each other down a steep hill, only to crash into some tree or big rock and eventually having to rebuild their cars over and over again.

A great way to deliver those fresh turnips across Hobbiton! :classic:

Sorry for the poor quality, I only have a crummy Quickcam at the moment.






I used most of the cart's pieces; only 8 remain. (.. plus Gandalf and the horse)

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Haha, this is great! The front wheel looks a bit weird, but that's understandable considering you built this out of one small set :thumbup:

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Nice, I think I saw a little area for food or something and I love how the cockpit opens up. :thumbup:

Yup, and that's a Turnip in there! Obviously, the carrot that came in the set was too tall, so I had to get creative...

Someone on the BrickLink forum came up with the perfect caption:

"Screw that walking to Mordor crap, we're riding in style... "


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