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See my LEGO MindStorms projects :)

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My name is Greg and I come from Poland.

See my LEGO MindStorms project -> LEGO MindStorms

Might want to change the spelling inside project one.

Specifically, it should read: "white sheet of paper". ;-)

Wow... this stuff is so far over my head. I tried programming with it a few years ago, and got frustrated to the point of trading it. >__<

Reading this, it was probably an action of haste.

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You have a note on Holonomic vs Non-Holonomic robots, but do not explain why the difference is important; Clearly the difference will affect your Pathfinding algorithm choices, perhaps you should elaborate on this before moving on to the Methods section of the presentation.

What you call 'wave propogation' might more accuratly be the 'A*' (A-Star) algorithm or 'Breadth First Search'

Be sure that you are using the correct terminology and Citations if they turn out to be the same concept.

Look those methods up if you are not familiar.

Also, is this paper an in-progress Draft? because you listed several methods of 'robot positioning' ('Pathfinding' is the usual term I see used btw) but only show one of them.

I would also argue that since the title of the presentation is "Methods and Algorithms for Robot Positioning"; that the specific details of the RCX are not necesarially relevant to the presentation, since this is a study of Algorithms in general which can be applied to any number of robotic platforms, not just RCX.

Well, good luck with your presentation. When is it due?

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It's only an introduction to my engineering work.

I don't have enough time to do it.

I'm a first student on my university which use Lego Mindstorms - I work alone.

Sorry for my English ;-)

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