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Weapons of the Galactic Army of the Republic

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Since the LUMS LAAT/i is running a little late, I decided to post this, just in case. These are little MOCs I've had kicking around for a while, some of which I've posted, most I haven't. So, here we go.


In breakout of the Clone Wars, many weapons came to play. The new Clone army came in with many new weapons, just a few of which shall be shown below.


The DC-15a

The main rifle of the clone army, the DCI-15a was very widly used. These are actually two new models of an older one. The one on the left is purely brick-built, new special work down. The one on the right was achieved by removed the scope on the rifle commonly found in SW LEGO. I'm really undecided on which I like better- the on the right seems more accurate, but on the risk of a rifle.


PLX-1 Rocket Launcher

The classic rocket launcher of the Clone Army. This was really fun to build. Not much more insight beyond that.


DC-17 and DC-15b

These are the two odler models I was talking about. As such, there's not much to say about them.


As a bonus, I threw in the battle droids rifle, the name of escapes me at the moment. This is a much smaller remake of the last, which was giant.

Well, that's it. If I manage to find the final few pieces of the Gunship in time, I'l post the full model- if not, I'll post the imcompelte version anyways.

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