Black Seas Barracuda vs Skull's Eye Schooner

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    • Black Seas Barracuda
    • Skull's Eye Schooner

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There's a problem with this poll.

Voting between two pirate ships? This is like choosing between two devils...

I say let's vote between the Clipper and the Imperial Flagship, atleast those are crewed by civilized men and not some poxy, scurvy ridden, smelly scum! :-P

Here Here! I vote Clipper!

You know, its funny that these are the two ships everyone always talks about, and they are the ONLY two ships I DON'T have!

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I like the SES better because I think the black and white sails look much cooler than the red and white ones.

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Since the very first post suggests a battle between the two let’s make some comparisons.


The Black Seas Barracuda has 4 cannons set up in permanent positions with two pointing out to each broadside.

The Skull’s Eye Schooner has 4 large cannon that can be positioned on one broadside or the other all at once. Additionally the Skull’s Eye has 2 deck guns and 2 smaller cannons.


The BSB has 8 pirates.

The SES has 9 pirates.


I know very little about how ships work, but I’m trying to go with some kind of logic perspective.

The BSB has 5 sails and a “weight” of 906-909 pieces.

The SES has 6 sails, some of which are slightly larger than the ones on the BSB, and a “weight” of 912 pieces.

Since the “weight” is almost identical I assume that the larger number of sails would make the SES slightly faster.

The Skull’s Eye Schooner has the Black Seas Barracuda outgunned, outnumbered and maybe outmanoeuvred, so I guess that the Skull’s eye would win.

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My vote goes to the SES.

The reason is, in terms of combat, that the SES would be more able to sink the BSB with a well placed broadside. Though that still does not mean the SES doesn't have disadvantages. Even though the SES outguns and out-mans the BSB, the BSB is faster, maneuvers better, and has full broadsides. Still, my vote goes to the SES.

P.S - I used the ESPG and some common sense to help me derive at this conclusion

Edited by Lord Brick

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Skull's Eye Schooner.

I won't repeat the reasons, because other users have done it before. The only reason BSB is winnig the poll, is because of its popularity (was the first ship) however, is an awesome vessel too.

I only wanna add a reason in favour of SES:

If Captain Roger (Fortune in France :pir-classic:) would fight against the most powerful ship his enemies ever had (Imperial Flagship), the only Vessel that would give him any chance is the Skull's Eye Schooner.

The SES is the only ship capable to confront the IFS: It has crew and cannons enough to, at least, equalize the battle. In addition IFS is heavier than SES, so the Pirates could make more maneuvers, but it is also big enough to resist the enemy cannon fire and not sink after the first shots.

And an other important point: The SES has two triangular sails, wich allows it to sail against the wind, wich is not the case of BSB.

Despiste is an amazing vessel, BSB could not resist a cannon fire duel against the IFS, because of his lack of weapons, speed and maneuver.

Edited by Captain Fortune

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Exactly! The Skull's Eye Schooner is the only ship that would stand a chance against the New Imperial Flagship. Don't get me wrong, the Black Seas Barracuda is nice, but I think if there's any argument between which of two ships is better, it should be between the Black Seas Barracuda and the Red Beard Runner. The Skull's Eye Schooner is way better than either.

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SES much better than BSB


-black and white sails are betterthan red and white sails fr a pirate ship. I think pirate ships musn't be as visible as BSB because then people can see them easily.

-mobile cannons

Then SES is less visible than BSB and its cannons are more useful because they are mobiles. SES win

When I wrote this, I had SES but not BSB, so I didn't know the how great and wonderful is BSB. I was wrong when I said that.

Now I have both ships, BSB and SES, and I prefer BSB to SES because:

BSB poopdeck is much cooler and detailed than SES poopdeck. 1 point to BSB

BSB deck is much detailed and realistic than SES. SES deck looks empty compared with BSB. 1 point to BSB

BSB's anchor system is much better and realistic too. SES anchor system is an odd job. I really pity the pirate who must throw and raise the anchor, because he may fall into the water(anchor system is in the BOW!). 1 point to BSB

in 2005 I said SES sails are better because Black and white colours aren't as visible as red and white. I was wrong...SES sails are not discrete with that visible jolly roger emblem. BSB sails are more realistic. BSB can be camouflaged as a merchant ship if the pirates remove the flags...SES not. 1 point to BSB

BSB's cannons can shoot good. SES's cannons not. 1 point to BSB

If you enter a coffer in SES's stock, you can remove it easily. If you enter a coffer in BSB's really hard to remove it.

SES has working rudder. BSB not. 1 point to SES


BSB: 5

SES: 2

So I have changed my vote

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I think the Black Seas Barracuda is a nicer ship overall, but the real decision maker for me was the sails. The BSB doesn't fly skull and crossbones, so it's got the jump on avoiding ambushes from the Bluecoats. The SES has pirate sails, which look cool but won't do much when you're surrounded. Might as well go down in style, you say? I feel that if you aren't openly advertising your piracy, you might not be surrounded in the first place.

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I think the BSB is a much nicer ship but in terms of firepower its wanting for a ship its size. With twice the broadside I'm convinced the SES would be victorious in this battle.

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Personally, I think in a battle between the 2, SES would come out on top. However, any other ship would stay away from SES due to the massive skull and crossbones adorning it's sails, where as BSB appears to be a merchant ship ship and so would attract attention from the 'good guys' who's ship they would plunder when it was too late :pir-grin: And that's why I voted BSB :pir_yoda:

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