Into Darkness

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"During the last couple of hours, a crude fight took place in the chambers where the gem of Earth was located, a force of explorers commanded by Lord Daranion encounter heavy resistance from the guardians of the gem, the explorers suffered many loses at the chamber, from a foe in which usual fatal injuries inflicted didn´t put them out of combat, after acts of courage and valor a way to kill the guardians was founded, a hope of victory began to spread over the last few survivors, sadly Lord Daranion decided to paid the ultimate price saving the life of Lady Eldris, taking a killing blow instead of her. " :sadnew:



Newren-Bring me some bandages and medicine from my horse. Quick¡

Explorer-At once.

Eldris-We made it.

Hold a little longer, I will save you¡

Daranion-You know I won´t make it, dear.


Daranion-Take the gem back to Albion, at least this will give some value to my life, I was a noble man, a rich man, but poor in friends, wisdom and love.

Eldris-That is not true, you have proved yourself as a worthy have proved it to me...

Newren-It has been an honor to serve beside you, Lord. Just resist.

Daranion-Thank you my dear and you too Newren.

But I am already fading.

Farewell my friends...


Eldris-Be at peace my Lord.

I will take the gem back to Albion and be sure all good you have done for this mission shall be recognized.


Newren-I offer you a promise and my sword, I shall ever stand by her side.


Eldris-Back to Albion men.

Lets finish this disastrous mission.



Shadow-So after many years my plan is evolving as my predecesors wished.

To be outcasted by the Matronmother was a fatal mistake by their part.

Now they will all pay, even those beyond death.


Shadow-Everything develops as expected.

Rise again from the sleep of death my children.

Our rule shall be Supreme. :devil:

This is the continuation of previous Prelude to Darkness

I decided to open a new thread for the quantity of photos and because I plan to do some more chapters of this story.

I hope you like it so far.

And thanking the previous comments and critics on my entry for challenge 3. :classic:


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Great story! RIP to Daranion!

Or maybe not RIP as the last picture shows... :laugh:

Am looking forward to the next chapter!

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Interesting twist, the sleepy head face works wonderfully here :thumbup:

Looking forward to the next chapter :classic:

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good story ;) can wait to see what will happen next ;)

I can bet that the Drow will win :)

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Very nice ending, and very timely indeed - and the other guilds question the Drow menace, Hah!

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