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17th Combat Engineering Squad: Strykr's Training Mission

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*Loading Files: CT-22-9771. . .*

CT Number: CT-22-9771

Training: Officer

Rank: Sergent

Unit: 17th Combat Engineering Squad

*Loading Holo-Log. . .*

*On an Acclamator-class ship en route to Belasco*

Strykr: "Name's Strykr. I was born on Kamino like all the rest of the boys. I trained in a Squad with four others: "Slicer", "Dax", "Starbuck", and "Razor". After Starbuck was killed in the first Sep assult on Kamino, we split up; Dax and Slicer were sent to the 212th, while Razor was assigned to Lightning Squad. I stayed behind to enter the Officer Program. Right now I'm on my way to Belasco to finish my training. Something about a probe droid; they'll brief us when we arrive."

Kaminoan: "CT-9771. CT-9771?"

Strykr: "Numbers, not living, sentient beings; that's all they think we are."

Kaminoan: "Come on CT-9771, do not make me wait for you."

Strykr]: "Strykr out."


*Loading Holo-Log: Day Two. . .*

Strykr: "Day two of my time here on Belasco: I'd tracked that droid for 15 Kilometers straight, but I couldn't seem to get visual on it. Then I found an abandoned bunker. I sliced into the security systems, and set the cams to stream directly to my holo-comm. I knew that the droid would come by here sometime; the question was only of when. It's in view now - Strykr out."



"Got it! Once it was in range, I climbed out of the bunker and started firing. That droid never knew what hit it! Slicer out."

This is a sample Mission that will be considered for my acceptance into the 457th Corps.

The Mission was to find and disable a Viper Probe Droid somewhere on Belasco. This is my interpretation of that description.

C&C (and in the case of 457th members: votes :tongue:) welcome!

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