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Dmitri Petrov

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Hello everyone. :classic:

Today I'm sharing my entry to Category C of the Batman Minifig Customisation Contest, hosted by the very generous LuxorV and The Penguin.

Here is my ordinary Gothamite...


Dmitri Petrov is a Kaznian-born man who moved to Gotham several years ago to study and teach at Gotham University. Dmitri was born in the Eastern European nation of Kaznia where he was raised well by a traditional and loving family. When he came of age, Dmitri joined the Kaznian Army where he became a well-known military officer. Following his service in the army, he began studying economics at the university of his home city, before transferring to Gotham University after earning his degree, renowned as the smartest in his year! Another year of impressive study for his Masters degree passed and he is now, at 25, the Curator and Vice Head of the Masters Degree Department, as well as a much-loved lecturer of economics subjects, primarily to international students like himself.

Dmitri speaks very good English and settled into Gotham quickly. He even developed friendship with the illustrious businessman Oswald Cobblepot, commonly known as The Penguin. It is even rumoured that The Penguin rewarded Petrov with a custom-made umbrella (pictured) after Dmitri helped him out of a small financial crisis not long ago.

A gentleman of such class as Dmitri is rarely seen wearing anything other than the smartest and most formal contents of his wardrobe when in public. Today he is sporting his brand new top hat, a luxurious fur coat made from only the most ferocious Kaznian bear, over a pristine black suit and dark green waistcoat. He is also carrying his bespoke umbrella and briefcase.


A view of the fig from the side


A view of the fig from the back

I was inspired to make this entry by a certain friend of mine who some of you may be familiar with. The two are fairly similar. :wink:

The figure showcased on an 8x8 vignette:


Here stands Dmitri in a corridor/courtyard of Gotham University during the winter time (note the icicles and footprints in the snow - nothing compared to Kaznian winter!)


And here he is in his office above complete with desk, chair, lamp and blackboard for making notes.

Further pictures can be found in this folder, when it becomes public.

Cost: Estimated at £1.00 exactly, based on the lowest current Bricklink prices per part, including umbrella variations and briefcase.

- Hat - £0.10

- Head - £0.26

- Torso assembly - £0.29

- Legs assembly - £0.03

- Hilt - £0.25

- Bar - £0.01

- Dish - £0.02

- Cylinder - £0.01

- Cone - £0.01

- Handle - £0.01

- Tile - £0.01

I'm not a very skilled or daring customiser, and so I prefer to keep to purist customisation. It may not be as impressive, but the most simple yet effective combinations can often be found within LEGO's own selection of parts.

Comments and criticisms (and votes :grin:) welcome. Thanks for looking. :classic:

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:grin: What can I say? I really loved that entry!

The guy reminds me of someone..... And his career. :blush: Hm, who might that be? :laugh:

That is a very unexpected and a very fine entry, ADHO15! It seems that everything is ok, everything corresponds to the requirements. and the prints on the snow is a great touch, I've never actually thought of such a technique before and i might as well use it in my MOCs.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! ) :classic:

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