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question about Lego Derby

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Hey everyone I am working on some MOCs and other things getting ready for brickworld and I built a derby car for the event but had a question about the rules, I think I am reading them right but just wanted to make sure. Here are the rules for the restrictor section:

""Restrictor plate"

This category is for cars to be built in the style of official LEGO designed vehicles. All cars will be required to use "pin" axles, wheels and tires. These will be run a shorter track due to friction from the tires. The front of the car may not stick out past the starting mechanism, which will be in the middle of the lane. NO LUBRICANTS OF ANY KIND

Size maximums:

8 studs wide

24 studs long (16 stud min.)

8 bricks tall

Wheels must be a minimum of 4 studs apart

7 ounces

ONLY LEGO elements may be used"

When it says pin type wheels I am assuming they are wheels like in the standard city line like this part. If it isnt I can do it in the other division but I was just wanting to make sure. I would assume if I am correct in that type part, that the Open division would be using bricks like with a technic hole and bar to attach the wheel.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and brickworld and hopefully racing a few others from eurobricks in the derby!

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