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The idea came up to make an LDraw version of the ldd info topic, so I was asked to make one. This is an general LDraw info topic with links to useful topics and websites. Hopefully, more will be added in the future. If you think there’s something wrong or there’s something missing, just PM me. :classic:

It’s a bit empty in here now, so do you have good ideas to fill it up a bit? I maybe going to add some basic information about the editors.

====MAIN INFO====

What is LDraw

LDraw is a collection of many digital Lego parts. It is used in many different programs such as MLcad and SR3D Builder.

Should I use LDraw or LDD?

Well, it depends on what your goal is and what your skills are (and also which LDraw builder you use). If you for example want to make good instructions, LDraw is way better, because you can make your own steps and you can use Lpub for the instructions and because you have almost all parts to build with.

If you are not very good with a computer, or just want to build around a bit if you’re bored, LDD may be better for you, because it works very easy.

If you really don’t know, you can always ask someone here in the forum.


Useful LDraw topics on EuroBricks:

LDraw editors:

Other useful LDraw software:

Other useful links:

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====LDraw Editors====


MLCad was one of the first graphical LDraw editors. Nowadays, it's a bit outdated, but ti's still one of the most used LDraw editors available, because it has LSynth support, it can handle MPDs and just because many people are used to it.


You can read more about MLCad here.

Sr3D Builder

Sr3D Builder is also a much used program these days. It has the benefits of LDraw and LDD together. Some nice funtions are:

-Auto Allign

-Animation Console


You can read more about Sr3D Builder here.


Can you write a good pice of information about LeoCad? PM me :classic:


You can read more about LeoCad here.


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It's good to see a topic like this has been started,i was tempted to create such a topic myself.:sweet:

Here is a usefull page i know off binarybricks.

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The topic is well structured.

Perhaps you could add some informations about installation of softwares and LDraw library, for example speaking about the "all in one" package and the difference between the standard LDraw library and more complete solutions.

Could be in the future you can add something about contributing to add models and decorations to the library and how to add and use personal files with LDraw related softwares.

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