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Truck 3

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indexed.gif V-LF-15C

I designed this truck virtually (on LDD) sometime late last summer or fall. I had been trying to order it as a Design by Me

creation. When I finally had the money to order it (almost $100), there was a run of DBM parts due to its closing and I

never got around to ordering it.


Anyways, so I finally decided I had waited enough, and was going to bring it to Brickfete 2012 as a companion to the moc I brought

last year (a DBM) engine 3, which is a American Lafrance Pumper. So I first ordered the parts I couldnt buy anymore from the

Online PickaBrick (there were about 10 or 12 elements) and then ordered the rest from Shop@home. I probably saved about $20 to $30

altogether because I wasn't paying the handling fee for the DBM. (ok, so I wouldn't get a nice box, box cover, and a nice set of


Without further ado, here are the photos:

Brickshelf Folder

LDD Version

view of Truck 3 from the side (Brickshelf)

view from the front (Brickshelf)

Engine 3 and Truck 3 together (Brickshelf)

Engine 3 and Truck 3 side by side (Brickshelf)

Come to Brickfete, if you can.

Thanks, Ben

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