Star Wars Lego Collection Question.

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I have a large collection of Star Wars Lego and just wondering how much I could sell it for. About 95% of the sets I have boxes for and 98% instructions for with each set entirely complete or 1 or 2 pieces missing.

Opinions would be great.

Thank You

Here's the list of sets:

Episode 1

7101-Lightsaber Duel

7111-Droid Fighter

7121-Naboo Swamp

7141-Naboo Fighter

7151-Sith Infiltrator

7171-Mos Espa Podrace

7115-Gungan Patrol

7124-Flash Speeder

7186-Watto’s Junkyard

7203-Jedi Defense 1

7204-Jedi Defense 2

7662-Trade Federation MTT

7665-Republic Cruiser

Episode 2

7103-Jedi Duel

7113-Tusken Raider Encounter

7133-Bounty Hunter Pursuit

7143-Jedi Starfighter

7153-Jango Fett’s Slave 1

7163-Republic Gunship

4478-Geonosian Fighter


Episode 3

6966-Mini Jedi Starfighter

7250-Clone Scout Walker

7252-Droid Tri-Fighter

7255-General Grievous Chase

7258-Wookiee Attack

7259-ARC-170 Starfighter

7261-Clone Turbo Tank (Non-light up Mace Windu Version)

7283-Ultimate Space Battle

6205-V-Wing Fighter (x3)

7661-Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring

Episode 4

7150-TIE Fighter and Y-Wing


7140-X-Wing Fighter

7190-Millennium Falcon

7106-Droid Escape

7146-TIE Fighter

3219-Mini Tie Fighter

4477-T-16 Skyhopper

4484-Mini X-Wing Fighter & TIE Advanced

Episode 5


7144-Slave 1

7127-Imperial AT-ST

7166-Imperial Shuttle

7119-Twin-Pod Cloud Car

4479-TIE Bomber


4489-Mini AT-AT

Episode 6

7180-B-Wing at Rebel Control Center

7128-Speeder Bikes

7104-Desert Skiff

7134-A-Wing Fighter

7200-Final Duel 1

7201-Final Duel 2

7139-Ewok Attack

4475-Jabba’s Message

4476-Jabba’s Prize

6206-TIE Interceptor

6208-B-Wing Fighter


Expanded Universe

7654-Droids Battle Pack

7655-Clone Troopers Battle Pack

Clone Wars

7674-V-19 Torrent

7675-AT-TE Walker

7681-Separatist Spider Droid

8014-Clone Walker Battle Pack (x2)

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Use the Bricklink Priceguide. It will give you the basic value for each set, but if you intend on selling your whole collection as one, the value will be significantly less than the average used price of the collection. If you are willing to spend the time to sell each set individually, the price guide is more appropriate.

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I agree with what fyrmedhatt has posted. You have a lot of good sets in your collection. If you need the money quickly, you won't get the prices that will show up on Bricklink. If you have the time, you could definitely get prices close to what's on Bricklink. It really dpends on what your situation is.

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Yeah that is a good point.

I would prefer to sell it as one whole collection because I'd rather see it go to one person than all split up. It's a collection that I've added to for over 10 years. Just unsure what price I could get for it.

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I think the problem is trying to unload such a collection like that is tough. Not many people can buy such a large collection. Unless you take a steep discount off the price. The romanticized idea that someone will come in and pick up your collection and love it like you is a fantasy unfortunately. Anyone who collects has already started. And someone who is starting doesnt know the values that well and wouldn't understand the prices some of those items fetch.

Best thing is to sell the sets piece meal for an average going rate equal or lower than current value if you need to move them.

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I'm not sure anyone person would buy all of that, but I'll take Jango Fett's Slave I, Mos Espa Podrace, and General Grievous Chase for around $10. :tongue: I'm kidding. But I could see you selling the whole lot for around $2000, maybe $2500. It's worth it!

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The problem I see with the collection is that the person who has inoff money to buy it as a whole sounds like a person who already would have them. I suggest to sell them individually. I would offer you $2000 but unfortunately I don't have all that money.

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