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Rules for LEGO Digital Designer and other digital tools section.

  • Create a New Topic
    Before creating a new topic, look if there is another general topic dealing with the same thing.
    All main topics are indexed in the Section Index topic.
  • Post a MOC in this section
    As general rule, a MOC should be posted in the respective Theme section (e.g: a MOC representing a little castle should be in "LEGO Historic Themes" section).
    A MOC can be posted in the Digital Design forum if shows some interesting digital building techniques or similar. If so, please share the digital file(s) (.lxf, .mpd, .ldr, .l3b, ...)
  • Images posted in this section
    The general rules for Eurobricks forum is that the maximum size for images included in a post is 1024x768 pixel, but you are encouraged to use smaller images if possible, and to crop empty borders. Bigger images can be posted as text link or using clickable thumbnails.
    NOTE: Some topics could have special rules about images. For example the "[KEY TOPIC] Official LEGO Sets made in LDD" thread allows images up to 512x512 pixel. Read topic's rules in the first post for further informations.
  • Modify or hack LDD software (including adding homemade bricks or decorations)
    We don't encourage or provide support for this, as this kind of things violates LDD EULA. So please don't ask how to hack or modify LDD software and don't open new topics about that.
    Anyway you can discuss that subject or ask for new features for LDD in the proper topics listed in the Section Index thread.
  • Section's Staff
    For problems or questions, please refer to the section's staff:
    - Superkalle: LDD Moderator (until June 30th, 2018)
    - legolijntje: LDD Moderator
    - Holodoc: LDD Moderator (the new entry)
    - Calabar: LDD Official Sets Topic Indexer

Last but not least, don't forget to read the Site Guidelines.


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