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Prelude to Darkness

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"Two months ago news of the search for the crystal came to Albion, the Explorers were deployed in the hunt, in parallel with this mission, smaller groups were sent to the edges of Kaliphlin and the Enchanted Forest, for the cause of inconclusive reports and veteran men lost without a trace."

A small group on the border of Kaliphlin...


Daranion-Aren`t you excited about this quest Eldris?

Eldris-Yes my Lord, if Avalonia founds their crystal and the rest of Historica does its part as well it will signify the birth of a new era in wich all doubts, war rumors and darkness will be gone from these lands, and also honored to have the chance to serve such a notorious personality as yours.

Daranion-Yes of course, you should, I will be on the next days, after this "mission" is over promoted to the Flight of Dragons, given my nobility title that was the least expected but even more as a head on the new house I will construct a prestigious group of elite fighters as my father always dreamed about, I will inform Lord Arfelan of your transfer to my unit also, he will surely accept, as my right birth is higher than any title he has at the moment or could have in the future.

Eldris-I thank the opportunity but have to let it pass my Lord, I already serve under the Dragon Banner on Albion and that duty is something you can´t abandon. Right Newren?


Daranion-Well as a common soldier as you are Newren it is the honor of a lifetime, indeed.

But you as a noble Eldris, are meant for higher purposes, at my side.

In any case is such a waste of damned resources sending a man so prominent as myself to this arid land, meanwhile Arfelan goes to the Enchanted Forest, if I were at his side, or at command everything would be solved efficiently and quicker.

Newren-Well you know what the saying is: don´t put all your eggs in one basket, if you drops the basket you will be left with nothing.

I am sure we can handle this situation.

Daranion-You will direct to me as my Lord, or I shall see if those elvish blades you have will serve as an ornament on my house once I deal with you, understood?

Newren-Yes, my Lord. ¬¬

Eldris-Building on sight.


Daranion-What is that?

Newren-Could not tell.

One thing is certain, is not in the maps.

Eldris-Men, prepare to explore it.

Explorers-As you command my Lady.

Newren-Form a single column on both sides of the door, we shall enter with the a phoenix formation.


Daranion-A moment I am the head of this group, I give the orders.

Half of the men will remain on the entrance to guard our back and the horses, the rest with us.

Eldris-Is it wise to divide forces?

We dont know what is on the inside.

Daranion-Well you know what the saying is dear: don´t put all your eggs in one basket. ;)

Newren- :hmpf:

Ok, my Lord you are the head of this group, lead the way.


Newren-Nice interiors.

Is just these statues give me a bad feeling. Be on your guard men.

Explorer-Nice way to guard a place, with statues, this mission is a piece of cake... :laugh:

Eldris-These are not statues, seem more like some sort of golem, but I could not tell for sure, this place has no real connection to the region we are, I mean there are some Avalonian elements, besides the general Kaliphlin design, but there is something more...

Daranion-Maybe some kind of elvish building...

Eldris-Seems too old for been elvish...

Newren-And evil...


Daranion-I have found the crystal. there are markings. It's some form of Elvish, I can't read it...

Eldris-There are few who can.

Daranion-It doesn´t really matter I will take it all the same. And that golden statue too.


Newren-Oh oh, we have troubles people.

To arms men, to arms¡

Eldris-Daranion, Watch out¡


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I love arhitecture and playing with arches ;)

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Interesting use of arches :thumbup:

Is there more to the story? Seems like a strange place to end it...

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Indeed, the things you did with the arches look very interesting. Also the roman helmets are a good combination with your soldiers!

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Most of this MOC is pretty simple but what you’ve done with the arch pieces is awesome! :thumbup:

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Thanks for the comments guys :sweet: , really appreciate them and taking notice for the constructive critic and advice, I always have wanted to tried some things I had in mind with arches and this contest was on the right moment to start experiment their usage.

I hope in the future to find new forms to build with them and watching other entries have already given me some ideas.

Greetings. :classic:

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Those arches are really great Niku! Must be a pain to keep them in place and set them up! :laugh: You are improving with your building skills and this moc has a very "Niku" feeling to it! :classic:

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I agree, the arch work is pretty cool. You also always do a good job with your color scheme, and the story was interesting as well.

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Very unusual looking constructions with the arches Niku, it really makes the building stand out. The black and white stripes around the exterior at the front also look quite romanesque, which seems appropriate for the border of Avalonia and Kaliphlin! I like your avenue of statues as well. Nice entry, best of luck! :classic:

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