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MOC: LEGO X KAWS "Passing Through" Companion 8(xx)8

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This is my 2nd LEGO KAWS creation. It has been over a year after my previous LEGO KAWS MILO Dissected Companion Figure (2011).


These are the sketch!


Project started on 29-4-12 and completed on 9-5-12.



This is the statue that I deal with!

The photo was taken at the Harbour City of HK in 2010. The real one is 5m high!


You may know the size with reference of my hands!


This is the comparison from the real statue!

It may be the most complicated sculpture in this scale of me!


Here're my prototype and the final statue (without crosses on it).

Enjoy! :tongue:

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Another awesome sculpture(both, actually). I never saw the first one. Your little guys are always so accurate to their source material and this is no different. The thing I really like about your creations is all those wonderful studs. So many people are all SNOT, but I like seeing stuff with studs poking out, it's LEGO.

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