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MOC: Santa Fe Super Chief + 4 Cars

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I've always wanted the Lego Santa Fe set ever since I saw it. Trouble was, I saw it last year when obviously it cost well over £100 on Bricklink which was way too expensive for one engine. Recently I remembered about the Chief and decided to just go and build it along with some of the cars all of which 8 studs wide. So, heres my first Lego train MOC, the Santa Fe Super Chief!


I'll show you the train starting with the engine. This was the first part of the train I built which i think turned out pretty well.


The first car is the resturant/dining car, having the same exterior design as the sleeping car.


Next is the famous Pleasure Dome car, including the pleasure dome, some seating and a bar.


After the pleasure dome, you find a rather important carrige; the sleeping car. I'll tell you what, fitting a private compartment AND a walkway wide enough for a minifigure in a 6-wide space is a pain, although that being said I did manage to fit a nice little fold-up bed in the room.


The last car is the sleek observation car, with the rounded end which came out quite smoothly.


Click here to watch a video of the Super Chief driving on a layout!

I hope you liked my 8-wide Santa Fe and all comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome!

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A great use of pieces; although for the scale I think the nose of the locomotive is slightly too short. Certainly the 8 wide looks good.

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I love the sleeping car... I had tried a few times to accomplish something similar and make some sort of hallway inside the carriage. If I had done it like you, I would have felt completely satisfied.

Kudos for the good design, and thanks for sharing. :thumbup:

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