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MOC: Vehicle Assembly Building (2)

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In my thoughts for designing an entry to the recent architecture comp, I had come up with doing the VAB at Kennedy Space Centre. However, when I finished it (in LDD) I thought it looked too big for the theme of the comp, so decided to scale it down and make a smaller one. So I finally got round to building the big version. :classic:



As you can see, at this scale I can do the NASA Meatball better and the doors look better too. It didn't look possible to do the stepped door look on the smaller version, so I just did the top part. This version is more realistic to the building in this sense.

I have done a comparison shot of the two models, as you can see the micro version's black base is just a little smaller than the roof of the big one...


All I need now is a better rocket... :classic:

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Looks nice! The two symbols are much better and clearer now. I love the slanted (sort of) walls. Great job!

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