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It was a long weekend in Brisbane and the Brisbane LEGO Train Group spent the time at Australia's largest model train show.

Once again, our display was crowded by visitors; mostly with children in arms. The excitement and smiles from thousands of viewers made it all worthwhile.

We started out at the end of last year to develop a theme of "A train trip through time'.

We were going to start off in the prehistoric era and end up in space but these things don't always happen. The result was a stream starting in the medieval times and flowing through Japan and Egypt and falling into a Viking fiord. The rest of the display became a city and farms and ending up at a snow covered ski slope.

It ended up as a great display as told by thousands of people.

The local newspaper put a small video of the show on their website for 24 hours and the majority of the 2 minutes were shots of the the Lego display.

One of our members has produced a video to show some highlights of this display.

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Worst part about being dyslexic is seeing your posting and thinking what the h*** does this have to do with LGBT? Then realizing the acronym was completely different. :blush:

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