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Adventure time! The search for the Water Crystal

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Banner by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

Our adventurers were enjoying a nice walk through the local market when they came across a notice from their very own Leader, Dextrus Flagg, asking his citizens to find the fabled Elemental Crystal of the land. Never the ones to turn down such an assignment, they quickly began brainstorming ideas on where to seek the crystal.

“I know the crystal must be in the deepest part of the desert, for that is where one would hide something so valuable.” Said Belfurth

“No No!” exclaimed Ruaidhri, “The best place to hide something is in plain sight, I know it has to be hidden somewhere within the capitol, for that is where I would hide it.”

“That’s ridiculous, if something was in the capitol, then it would have been found already.” Argued Elwin. “The best place to put it would be in the forest, most of it hasn’t even had a human visitor for ages.”

“Since it is a water crystal, shouldn’t it be near water?” Asked Amelia. “Maybe we should try the coast; there are many caves and islands that it could easily be hidden on.”

The debate went on long into the evening with every conceivable place thought of, from the highest peaks of the mountains, the salt lakes, the underground Dwarven mines, the gnome village in the east, the southern jungles, and even the fabled city of Lost Vegga.

“Humpf!” Ruaidhri said with a sigh, “There are too many places to look; no one can be expected to search the whole country to find this crystal. We need more information to go by or we will certainly be wasting time wandering around.”

Silent for the whole time, Nell finally chirped in and said something. “I know someone who could tell us where to look.”

Startled by her sudden statement, they all looked at her suspiciously.

“Please tell me you are not talking about him?” replied Elwin, “Please let it be anyone but him.”

“Who is him? That isn’t a proper name. If she knows someone who can help us find the crystal, then we should listen to her.” Said Ruaidhri

“You don’t understand she is talking about her uncle, Professor Tobias Felix Moniker the third.” Said Amelia

“What!?! He is your uncle Nell? I don’t know him personally, but from what I heard he is… well how do I put this nicely?” Said Ruaidhri “One goat short of a herd.”

“Well, he is very eclectic you could say. But I distinctly remember him telling me a story about an old king, and a magical crystal when I was a girl.” Said Nell

“Oh, I bet he knows all about magical crystals, and their various uses.” Elwin said sarcastically.

“Is he really our only choice? Is there no one else?” Belfurth moaned.

In fact, there was no one else. The Professor was the head of the Kirin Academy of Higher Learning and Historic Preservation. If anyone in Historica knew about the legend and where to go, it unfortunately was him. With heavy hearts, they all agreed: Come morning they would set out for Kirin and see what the professor could tell them.

The sun was just rising as everyone woke up for a hearty breakfast and copious amounts of tea. Now the question was, where did they find the Professor at? Kirin had many outposts throughout the land and they had no way of knowing which one he would be at.

“The Professor prefers the cooler air this time of year, so I think a good place to find him would be the Kirin Archives. It is built into the side of a cliff, so the inside stays incredibly cool all the time.” Said Nell

With nothing else to go by, they all agreed that is where they would start. The journey was neither exciting nor noteworthy, unless you consider another sand dune to be something special.


Photo One by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

The Archives were a site to behold, the attractive orange and green stone building paired spectacularly with the cool sandstone that surrounded it. As they approached the door Belfurth spoke up.

“Can I wait outside?” Belfurth grumpily said. “What could possibly be worse than this?”


Photo Two by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

“You really you can’t think of anything worse? What about that time you ate that rancid camel meat and hallucinated that you were the king of the market and then stripped off all your clothes and fell asleep in the fountain in the middle of the square.” Remarked Elwin

“Or that time you got lost going to Petraea and had to drink your own pee for two whole days.” Added Amelia

“What about that one time you got cursed by Jenitra, the one legged gypsy fortune teller, for smashing that huge scorpion with her wooden leg.” Said Nell

“Or that one time at weapons camp…” Ruaidhri didn’t get to finish his sentence before Belfurth cut him off.

“All right, all right, I guess there are worst things in life than talking to this old man. Can we just go in and get this over with?”

As the front doors opened, and a cool breeze swept over the party, a voice echoed through the hallway around them.

“HELLLLLLLLLLLLLO! TOP OF THE MORNING to all of you… wait no that’s not right, it is nearly lunch time. It can’t be morning if I already had breakfast correct? You are correct, yes you are. What kind of greeting do proper people give each other at this time of day? I can’t very well say good afternoon since it is not nearly afternoon yet. Well then: TOP OF THE MID MORNING, BUT NOT QUITE AFTERNOON BECAUSE IT ISN”T LUNCH TIME TO YOU!”

“Uncle Tobias, it is so good to see you.” Said Nell

“Well if it isn’t my favorite niece Nell, of course you have to be my favorite niece since you are the only one I have.” Said the Professor.

Looking over their small group he exclaimed “My my, why would you bring two little children all the way out here in the heat? It is much too hard a journey for ones so young.”

“We are not children!” Snarled Belfurth “Haven’t you ever seen a dwarf before, old man?”

“My pardons, little one, without my glasses you sure look like a child. Then again you are awful hairy for a child, but I have heard of a tribe of natives that live in the far west who are incredibly hairy, you could very well be a child from that tribe.”

“It is very nice to meet you, Professor” Interrupted Amelia “ But I can assure you my friends are dwarves. We hate to bother you, but we have come to ask you about-“

“My goodness, who is this pretty lady you have with you?” Asked the Professor

“Uncle, that is Amelia.” Said Nell “And over there is Elwin.”

“Elwin say you, that is a very peculiar name for a girl, but those elves do have a way with funny names.”

“I am not a girl.” Exclaimed Elwin “I don’t look like a girl, I have short hair and swords, I look nothing like a girl. I am the pinnacle of everything manly.”

The whole group was rather worked up at this point when Nell stepped back in.

“Uncle, could you tell us everything you know about the fabled Water Crystal?” Asked Nell

“Water Crystal you say? I can do you one better, I can show it to you, yes I can.” Said the Professor

He then sped off to the hallway down the right, and left everyone standing in a daze.

“Should we follow him?” Ruaidhri asked “The sooner we find out about this crystal the faster we can leave.“


Photo Three by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

They took off down the same hallway as the Professor and soon found him standing in front a regal pharaoh, flanked by two dog-like guards. Bursting from the pharaoh's spear was a twinkling blue crystal.

“Is that the real Water crystal?” Ruaidhri couldn’t take his eyes off of it.

“ Oh yes, it is real alright, as real as you and me. I found it on one of my journey’s North, bought it off of a nice mummy in the local market place. Very friendly you know, I think his name was Alaikazeem, very peculiar stone that is. I do believe the back says property of Vegga Gaming Committee. Alaikazeem was one the most polite mummies I have ever met, why he even invited me back to his house for tea... “ The Professor kept going even has Belfurth interrupted.

“ Wait, you mean to tell me that Crystal isn’t the real Water Crystal, it is just a fake gambling token.” Belfurth’s face got redder as he spoke. “ We came all this way and all you can give us is a fake crystal?”

“Well, yes this crystal is not the one you are looking for, but it sure is pretty right?” Said the Professor “ Besides it looks just like the one you are looking for, only a different shade of color. The Fabled Blue Water Elemental Crystal of Kaliphlin is a beautiful deep sapphire blue.”

“ Do you know anything about where it could be in Kaliphlin, we would be grateful for any help you can give us.” Said Amelia.

“ Well, yes I have an idea. Let me tell you, this information wasn’t easy to come by. It started in my youth, ah back when I was young, I had the world at my fingertips.” The Professor stated.

“ I have a feeling this isn’t going to be an easy answer.” Elwin whispered to Amelia

“ Back then, all you needed was some water and a good camel. I bought a camel once from a gypsy lady. I wonder what happened to her? Did you know back then you could buy a camel for just a few bags of spice, yes sir you sure could. One of the best camels I ever had was names Fiachra, lovely camel… much sturdier than a horse out here in the desert…” The Professor rambled.

…..Four hours, 27 minutes and 12 seconds later….

“… and then she said “ Oh no, you are not doing that to my llama.” One of the nicest ladies you could meet that woman, but she wasn’t going to give me that dagger for anything.” The Professor laughed to himself. He turned back to the group, realizing they had been quiet for a while.


Photo Four by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

“ Why are you all on the floor? Taking a nap before the big journey, haha, yes that is what you should do now that you have all the information you need.”

“ All the information? I don’t think you gave us any useful information’ Belfurth said under his breath.

“ Uncle, could you tell us once again where you think the crystal is at?” Asked Nell

“ Were you not paying attention? I clearly said you wanted to head to the delta area down south. There is a small jungle area, I believe you will find what you are seeking there. But wait here, I have something very important you need for the journey.” The Professor disappeared down a nearby hallway, and as he went you could still hear him chuckling to himself.

“ Its about time, why couldn’t he have just said that to being with?” Ruaidhri said to Belfurth. “ I knew he was off his rocker.”

“I’m BACK!” Screamed the professor so loudly that everyone gave a little jump. “ I have exactly what you need.”


Photo Five by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

He held out an old mangy bone and light colored ball. Everyone stared at him in disbelief.

“ This is supposed to help us how?” Said Elwin

“Is it a magical ball?” Asked Belfurth


“ Does is cover itself with spikes when you throw it at enemies?”


“ Does it talk? Hold magical secrets? Shoot slime when its scared? Belfurth asked clearly agitated.

“ No, its just a ball and a bone.” The Professor replied.

“ Does it at least bounce?” Asked Amelia.

“ No, I don’t believe it does anymore.” Replied the Professor.

“ Well what do we do with them then?” Asked Elwin clearly confused.

“ When the time comes, you will know what to do with them. I am sure of that.” The Professor looked serious for a moment, and then said “ Well, I must be off, I have a dinner to get to, one of the Nobles from Petraea has come and I really must be gone now. Take these and have a safe journey.”

With that the Professor turned around and disappeared down the hallway.

“ What a peculiar man he is. “ Amelia said to no one in particular. “ I guess we should get going then. We are going to need to head South and find some boats if we want to find this crystal.”

She picked up the bone and Elwin took control of the very light ball. As the group headed for the exit, Ruaidhri hung back every so slightly.


Photo Six by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

“ I think we may find more of a need for this.” He said as he gently took the map off of the display.

Days flew by as they floated around the various streams and rivers of the South. After a particularly harsh day, in which one of their boats was sunk by a very angry creature in the muck, they were about to give up. You would give up too if you were stuck in a very small boat with two dwarves who hadn’t bathed in days.

“ This is hopeless.” Belfurth said “We should cut our losses now before we all starve to death out here.”

“ We can’t give up now.” Amelia said. “ We just can’t. We know the crystal is out here somewhere.”

“ We have been saying that for days now. We are no closer now then we were before.” Said Nell “ If only we had some clue as to where to look. We should have asked the Professor to be more specific, drawn us a map or something.

Now Ruaidhri wasn’t known to have the best memory, but then Nell mentioned a map, a light went off in his head.

“ Wait, before we left Kirin, I took this off the display.” Said Ruaidhri “ Do you think it could be any


He handed the map over the Elwin who looked at it, and then looked back at Ruaidhri, then back at the map, then back at Ruaidhri.

“ Do you mean to tell me you had this the whole time and didn’t remember it until now?” Elves were always known to have a even temperament, but the whole boat could feel the tension in his voice. “ We have been out here for days roaming around and you had this the whole time? We could have already been on our way home!”

“ Well, no one asked about it before now.” Ruaidhri briskly replied. “ Besides we have it now, will it help?”

Elwin took a deep breath and steadied his voice “ Yes, it will. In fact I don’t think we are too far off from where the map is pointing. That is if this map is the real thing.”

A few hours later, and a few more turns they came across a massive wall of rock. On the right side was a small opening, just big enough to pass in the boat if they were careful.

“ I think we have to go through there.” Elwin said.

The tunnel was dark and damp, and the group had a very difficult time seeing where they were going. After floating aimlessly it seemed Nell spoke.

“ I don’t know if it is my eyes but does anyone see a faint light ahead?”

In fact they had all seen it, straight ahead the murky darkness was receding and a golden glow was becoming prevalent. As they approached they knew that the tunnel was ending and they would soon be free of the darkness.

As their boat passed the narrow opening, the small stream opened into a beautiful clear blue pool. The light was cascading off of the temple walls, and reflecting off the water giving the area a golden hue.


Temple 1 by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

“ Its really beautiful.” Amelia barely whispered.

For once even Belfurth didn’t have a word to say as they took in the magnificence of the temple. It was Nell who finally broke the silence.

“ Look up there, what is the statue holding?

They all looked that direction to see the statue holding the most glowing blue crystal they had ever seen.

“ That has to be it.” Said Elwin “ I think I can get up there, do we still have the rope or did we lose it?”


Photo Seven by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

The climb to the summit was easy for an elf who spent his childhood climbing every tree in sight. For Ruaidhri, it wasn’t the same story. However, not to be bested by an elf, made it to the top of the temple as well.

“ Should we just take it?” Asked Ruaidhri.

“ I don’t see why not, although something doesn’t feel right.” Replied Elwin

“ I don’t have any weird feeling, fine let me take it, let the history books say the dwarf found the Water Crystal.” Jested Ruaidhri

“Wait what is that!” Exclaimed Elwin as he pointed in the distance. As Ruaidhri turned Elwin snuck the crystal from the statues hand. Slowly the statues head began to turn an awful black color.

“ Um, Ruaidhri, I think we should probably leave now!” Elwin voiced cracked ever so slightly as he talked.


Photo Eight by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

It was too late as they heard a most ferocious sound come from the surrounding jungle. Something large was tearing through the brush straight towards them. Before they could even think, a dark red creature broke crashed through the far end of the pool and stared down the thieves. For the second time that trip, Elwin actually showed some emotion.

“ I told you we should have left! This is all your fault.” Yelled Elwin

“ My fault, how is it my fault? You are the one who took it!” Ruaidhri yelled back

“ I don’t think my knives are going to make any difference in this fight.” Said Elwin “ We have to think of something else. Why didn’t that stupid professor mention him? Elwin said while pointing at the creature that was slowing and steadily climbing towards them.

Standing on the far bank, Nell, Amelia and Belfurth could only stand in horror.

“ What are we supposed to do now!?! That thing is going to eat them!” Nell said.

“ I don’t know, but I know what little weapons we have will be useless against him. We need to distract it so they can get away.” Said Belfurth

“ Distract? We don’t have anything helpful at all with us!” As Amelia said those words she thought of the two most useless things they had brought with them. “ You don’t think he meant for us to use those right? I don’t think it would ever work.”

Left with no other choice or ideas Amelia yelled at Belfurth “ Here throw the ball up to Elwin once I get the creature away.”

“ Are you crazy woman? This is no time to be playing with silly nonsense!” Snarled Belfurth.

“ Just do it, so far that crazy old man has been mostly correct. Just trust me, he said we would know when to use them.” Amelia pleaded.

She grabbed the bone from the boat and moved over to get the creatures attention. “ Hey you, yeah you big guy! Come here big guy over here! Look what I have for you!” Amelia felt extremely silly for talking to such a ferocious creature like that, but at the time it was all she could do.

Like a moth to a flame the creature turned his sights to Amelia and what was in her hand. Slowly it turned and started towards her with a light spring in its step. Amelia started backing away back towards the boat as Belfurth snuck behind her.

“ Here big guy! What a good boy… I think you are a boy… anyway, here big guy come over here!” Amelia said to the creature.

It was at this point Amelia realized she had backed herself into a corner with no where to go. The creature advanced on her to the point she could feel its hot breath on her body and see the saliva sparkling on the creatures razor sharp teeth.


Photo Nine by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

“ Um, anytime, YOU GUYS CAN DO SOMETHING AT ANYTIME NOW!” She screamed.

“ HEY YOU! BIG GUY! Over here big guy! Look what we have!” Elwin yelled. “Do you want the ball? Huh, huh do you want it!”

At any other time, you would have laughed at such a sight. A grown elf, jumping up and down with a ball in his hand, beckoning a monstrous creature to him.

A sound came from the creature that startled everyone, instead of a ghastly roar, a tiny little happy yelp came out. It sprang away from the boat, completely forgetting about Amelia.

Elwin sat the ball on the ground and instructed Ruaidhri to kick it as far as his little legs would. This was an easy feat for the small dwarf as he was the undefeated champion at a local game called kick the ye olde can. He brought his leg back and with a mighty kick he sent the ball flying far into the jungle until it disappeared out of sight. The creatures eyes lit up, and forgetting all about the thieves invading his temple, ran blinding back into the jungle yelping all the way.


Photo Ten by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

“ I can’t believe that actually worked. That old man is absolutely crazy!” Amelia exclaimed.

“ He may be crazy, but he saved all of us. How did he know that would work?” Said Nell.

“ Who cares? We should get out of here before that thing remembers we are here. Besides we have exactly what we came for.” Belfurth said as he handed the crystal over to Amelia.

“ Belfurth is right, we should leave now.” Amelia said while staring at the clear blue crystal. “ We do have what we came for.”

“ HAHA, that was just what the doctor ordered! My spirit is so energized from the fight, I could take that creature on and win with my bear hands if he came back!” Ruaidhri excitedly said.

“ Well, if you have so much energy, why don’t you paddle us back home then?” Elwin said as he held out the oar.


Photo Eleven by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

The party laughed as they all climbed into the very small boat to start their journey home. The voyage home was not nearly as exciting as their near death experience in the temple, but the slow pace gave everyone plenty of time to wonder about the real reason they risked their life for this seemly small blue crystal.

BONUS Pictures:

Here is an overview of the main temple and creature since only parts of them are seen through the story. There are a ton more unaltered pictures of the temple, creature, and Kirin over on the Flickr links for you to explore. Hope you enjoyed the story!


Temple by erynlasgalen, on Flickr


Creature by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

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Wow! That's just awesome! Really good story; very funny. I get the feeling they bickered all the way home. Your temple is epic; it turned out really nicely. And that's a great job on the guardian creature.

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I love this build! Very well done. :thumbup:

I had a very similar idea to build water, good to see this in reality!

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Those characters makes up half this story! So nice and great presentation of them with that first image! :classic:

The moc with the splashing water effect is to die for! So good! The fact that you build the moc high is also very nice and the whole moc feels old and overwhelmed by plants!

Edit: Oh! Almost forgot in all my praise to praise you more! :wink: That guardian is truly magnificent! Very well done!!

Great job on this and good luck in the contest! :classic:

Edited by de Gothia

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Great job! The banter is really funny and the builds are all fantastic. The way you did the close-up shot of the elf's face made me laugh out loud. Fantastic work!

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Excellent work! I like the different personalities you gave your characters, and the giant guardian "dog"

The temple itself is magnificent :thumbup:

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This is one epic story ;) Reminded mi a little to the Iliad :) Bravo :) good luck

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Epic indeed. Great job on the story and mocs. I really like how you've made the characters.

I like photo one the most, it has a nice ancient feeling! :thumbup:

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The story is long, but quite funny and cute. I sort of want to play a game of kick the 'ye olde' can now. I loved the game growing up! We used to have "night" games every now and again when we would play a game of some sort in the dark once a week. Kick the can was a fav. thanks for the memories!

I great job on the main build. It doesn't quite feel "ancient" but it is pretty darn close! It is very detailed and ornate :thumbup::thumbup:

I like your guardian too. He is so mean and cute at the same time.

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Great job! I loved the story and the gaurdian! Also liked the dwarven beard/ cavewoman hair combo. I have never seen that done before but it looks like it works out well. I had tried different hair pieces with the beard but there always ends up being a gap which looks weird. This hairpiece looks like it might solve that problem...

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Awesome job here! I don't know, what's best: The moc, the photography, the story or the whole presentation? I think, this might be the top entry as of today.. (Nooo, i would love to have the joust :wink: )

Best regards, keep up the great work!

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Thanks for all the comments everyone! This was a tough challenge, so I can't wait to see what the leaders come up with for number four. All the entries so far are looking incredible, and its been nice seeing how everyone's story and presentation are so vastly different from each other. It is definitely going to be hard when it comes to vote, I have so many favorites so far!

I like your guardian too. He is so mean and cute at the same time.

That actually turned out to be my favorite part about him, he was supposed to be a great fearsome, bloodthirsty beast but after I sat looking at him he became too cute to be so incredibly mean, lol.

Also liked the dwarven beard/ cavewoman hair combo. I have never seen that done before but it looks like it works out well. I had tried different hair pieces with the beard but there always ends up being a gap which looks weird. This hairpiece looks like it might solve that problem...

You are right, I went through all my hair pieces and they all either did not fit with the beard or left a weird gap which I didn't like. I actually was just playing around when I stuck that one on, and was surprised it worked so well. It can pop off every once in a while, but I think because it is one of the soft hair pieces makes it work better with the beards.

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Great entry, the scenes in the pictures look stunning and help to create a great atmosphere. The moc has many eye catching details and the story was good fun. I agree the guardian looks kind of cute but I love it, he would make a gret pet/mascot for a guild.

A beautiful entry

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Ah, Professor Tobias Felix Moniker the third... a good and very respected colleague of mine...

I am glad he helped you to find the crystal. Maybe you should visit him and thank him? Or did our youth not learn any manners?

Your entry is very nice, I especially like that you presented your story like a movie (the first picture of the characters, all text as dialogues, action pictures...) but also the build is excellent :thumbup: . Well done for Kaliphlin!

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Fantastic entry all round.

Firstly, the photography is impeccable, and your photo editing really adds value to the MOC (the banner particularly).

The temple is pretty cool, very good sense of scale.

My favourite part is the guardian though...very well done!

Good luck in the contest. It's good to have you in our guild! :thumbup:

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Great entry! Lovely colours all those blues with the tan, very Kaliphlin.

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Ah, Professor Tobias Felix Moniker the third... a good and very respected colleague of mine...

I am glad he helped you to find the crystal. Maybe you should visit him and thank him? Or did our youth not learn any manners?

Oh yes, we did go back to thank him, and um.. return some property back to the Archives that mysteriously disappeared.. however once we go there all we found was a note stating he had urgent business in the Wither Woods all of a sudden...

I'm sure we will run into him again in our journeys to give him a proper thank you.

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I give up trying to find new detailed descriptions of all these amazing entries. Its just great :blush: Good luck. :thumbup:

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Wonderful entry Erynlasgalen, the builds are stunning and the presentation is super-professional! :thumbup: I particularly like your use of colour - the dark blue and gold accents on the temple look so rich next to trans-blue of the water, and i do like that sand green/burnt orange/white combo too. :wub: I love your dialougue as well, it really brought the characters to life. Best of luck, fellow guildie! :classic:

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Awesome entry! The story and build are great, but your presentation just put this one at the top for me. The characters are very easy to connect with, and that made the story fantastic.

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This is, without a doubt, the best story I have read so far in Challenge 3. It really sounds like a professional short story, and the humor is artfully done without being too over the top, or taking away from the rest of the story. Great job!

The build are well done too. I really like the temple, the fountain/river through the temple and the guardian.

Excellent entry!

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I give up trying to find new detailed descriptions of all these amazing entries. Its just great :blush: Good luck. :thumbup:

It's awesome! I love your photo quality. The flower stems in the water is an awesome detail. :thumbup:

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Beautifully written, and amazing photography and presentation, Erynlasgalen! Very nice use of colour throughout, especially the orange, I have been wondering if the Town Hall is a gift to Kaliphlin, and now I am sure. My favourite part of the build is the water, you kept that lovely dappled lighting look from the WIP and it's great. Fantastic entry


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