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Welcome to Heartlake Park

Here you will find links to all the content pertaining to Friends on Eurobricks, from across all the forums.

This first post will serve as a Master Index, with links to everything you could ever possibly wish to find about LEGO Friends.

In the second post, you will find all of the high-resolution pictures of the Friends sets so you can feast your eyes on the various sets.

If you're looking for a more in-depth view of these sets, then the third post has all the Friends Reviews from right here on Eurobricks.

The fourth post has a full index of MOCs created that relate to Friends from across all the different sub-forums on Eurobricks.

To find all the different discussion threads, check out the fifth post, where there's an index of all these threads from across EB, including some interesting miscellaneous threads.

The sixth post contains all the entries for the Summer of Friends Building Contest 2012, and contains information about all the winners and prizes they won!

As always, feel free to comment on this, or Friends sets in general in the Friends Discussion topic, or read the latest news about upcoming sets in the 2014 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion topic.

*** If there's a topic or MOC that you feel needs to be included that hasn't, please either mention it in the discussion topic or PM me (Pandora). ***

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High Resolution Set Pictures:

New Pictures - Friends 2013 Summer Wave!

41005 Heartlake High


41006 Downtown Bakery


41009 Andrea's Bedroom


41010 Olivia's Beach Buggy


41013 Emma's Sports Car


41015 Dolphin Cruiser


Friends 2012/13 Winter Wave

Thanks to GRogall (click pictures for higher resolution)

41000 Water Scooter Fun

a_41000_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_41000_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg f_41000_detail_4.jpg_thumb.jpg d_41000_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

41001 Mia's Magic Tricks

a_41001_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_41001_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_41001_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg n_41001_mia_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

41002 Emma's Karate Class

a_41002_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_41002_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_41002_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg f_41002_detail_4.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

41003 Olivia's Newborn Foal

a_41003_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_41003_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_41003_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg f_41003_detail_4.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

41004 Rehearsal Stage

a_41004_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_41004_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_41004_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg n_41004_stephanie_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

41007 Heartlake Pet Salon

a_41007_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_41007_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_41007_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg n_41007_emma_joanna_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

41008 Heartlake City Pool

a_41008_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_41008_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg e_41008_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg i_41008_detail_7.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

41011 Stephanie's Soccer Practice

a_41011_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_41011_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_41011_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg n_41011_stephanie_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures


Friends 2013 Collectibles

Thanks to GRogall (click pictures for higher resolution)

41017 Squirrel's Tree House

b_41017_bag_side_800.jpg_thumb.jpg c_41017_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg e_41017_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg f_41017_detail_4.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

41018 Cat's Playhouse

b_41018_bag_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_41018_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg e_41018_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg f_41018_detail_4.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

41019 Turtle's Little Oasis

b_41019_bag_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_41019_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg f_41019_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg g_41019_detail_4.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures


Friends 2012 Seasonal/ Promotional/ Other

3316 Friends Advent Calendar

Thanks to GRogall (click pictures for higher resolution)

b_3316_box_side_800.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3316_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3316_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg e_3316_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg

More Pictures

No high-resolution pictures available for the following sets:

30100 Beach

30101 Skateboard

30102 Desk

30103 Car

30105 Mailbox


Friends 2012 Summer Wave

Thanks to GRogall (click pictures for higher resolution)

3063 Flightschool with Seaplane

b_3063_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3063_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3063_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg e_3063_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3184 Adventure RV

b_3184_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3184_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3184_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg e_3184_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3185 Summer Riding Camp

b_3185_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3185_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3185_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg e_3185_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3186 SUV with Horse Trailer

b_3186_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3186_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3186_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg e_3186_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3189 Heartlake Stables

b_3189_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3189_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3189_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg e_3189_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3937 Olivia's Speedboat

b_3937_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3937_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3937_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg e_3937_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3938 Andrea's Rabbit Hutch

b_3938_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3938_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3938_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg e_3938_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3939 Mia's Bedroom

b_3939_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3939_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3939_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg e_3939_detail_3.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures


Friends 2012 Spring Wave

Thanks to GRogall (click pictures for higher resolution)

3061 City Park Café

a_3061_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3061_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3061_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3061_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3065 Olivia’s Tree House

a_3065_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3065_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3065_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3065_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3183 Stephanie’s Cool Convertible

a_3183_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3183_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3183_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3183_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3187 Butterfly Beauty Shop

a_3187_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3187_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3187_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3187_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3188 Heartlake Vet

a_3188_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3188_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3188_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3188_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3315 Olivia’s House

a_3315_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3315_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3315_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3315_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3930 Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery

a_3930_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3930_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3930_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3930_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3931 Emma’s Splash Pool

a_3931_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3931_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3931_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3931_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3932 Andrea’s Stage

a_3932_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3932_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3932_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3932_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3933 Olivia’s Invention Workshop

a_3933_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3933_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3933_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3933_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3934 Mia’s Puppy House

a_3934_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3934_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3934_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3934_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3935 Stephanie’s Pet Patrol

a_3935_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3935_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3935_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3935_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3936 Emma’s Fashion Design Studio

a_3936_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3936_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3936_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3936_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

3942 Heartlake Dog Show

a_3942_box_front.jpg_thumb.jpg b_3942_box_side.jpg_thumb.jpg c_3942_detail_1.jpg_thumb.jpg d_3942_detail_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

More pictures

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The Friends Review Index

As the Friends line grows, so does our review index. The waves of sets have been separated into their own posts for easy reference and the links for each are provided below.

2012 Spring Wave

2012 Summer Wave

2012 Seasonal / Promotional / Other

2012/13 Winter Wave

2013 Summer Wave

2013 Collectibles

2013 Seasonal / Promotional / Other

2013/14 Winter Wave

2014 Summer Wave

2014 Collectibles

2014 Seasonal / Promotional / Other

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From here in Town:

tn_gallery_15845_212_3686.jpg Friendly Helicopter by Pencil_42

tn_gallery_15845_212_21240.jpg Cats Next Door by LegoMyMamma

tn_gallery_15845_212_9728.jpg Friends with "Friends" by LegoMyMamma

tn_gallery_15845_212_6957.jpg Friends Light Gray SUV Jeep Type by Oran

tn_gallery_15845_212_9101.jpg Vintage Roadster "The Oldtimer" (Friends Version) by ER0L

tn_gallery_15845_212_11777.jpg Friends Caught Speeding by Oran

tn_gallery_15845_212_33676.jpg Heartlake Emergency! by EM4CZ

tn_gallery_15845_212_5499.jpg Friends Cool Cadillac by LegoMyMamma

tn_gallery_15845_212_28725.jpg Stephanie's Mom's not-so-Cool Coupe by Pencil_42

tn_gallery_15845_212_9969.jpg Stephanie's Hot Rat Rod by ER0L

tn_gallery_15845_212_11869.jpg Heartlake City Fire Station by LegoMyMamma

tn_gallery_15845_212_6477.jpg Heartlake City V-Dub Club by gotoAndLego

tn_gallery_15845_212_21989.jpg B a t m o b i l e by LegoMyMamma

tn_gallery_15845_212_20344.jpg Heartlake Police Station and PatrolCopter by LegoMyMamma

tn_gallery_15845_212_4869.jpg Heartlake County Highway Patrol by ER0L

tn_gallery_15845_212_8597.jpg Stephanie's Cool Corvette by ER0L

tn_gallery_15845_212_9975.jpg Friends Tree House in the Garden by Cale

tn_gallery_15845_212_17972.jpg Arts & Science Academy - Friends in the Music Cafe by LegoMyMamma

tn_gallery_15845_212_27603.jpg Olivia's Woodshop by LegoMyMamma

gallery_15845_212_16908.jpg Friends Modular Building by Mr Copperhead

gallery_15845_212_10250.jpg Riding Camp Chapel by Gyug

gallery_15845_212_11284.jpg Internet Hotspot by Veynom

gallery_15845_212_3867.jpg Coveted Clutch by Kristel

gallery_15845_212_11801.jpg Spring Riding Camp: circa 1901by LegoMyMamma

gallery_15845_212_10489.jpg Emma's Place by Kristel

gallery_15845_212_18363.jpg Danish Friends House by Anne Mette

gallery_15845_212_16381.jpg Friends Theme Park (1): Grand Carousel 10196 by skcheung

gallery_15845_212_1390.jpg Friends Theme Park (2): Ferris Wheel 4957 by skcheung

gallery_15845_212_18308.jpg Friends Theme Park (3): Gyro Drop by skcheung

gallery_15845_212_4863.jpg Heartlake City Layout by Xyver

gallery_15845_212_2259.jpg Heartlake Flower Shop (LDD) by Yooha

gallery_15845_212_6619.jpg Friends Theme Park (4): Bumper Cars by skcheung

gallery_15845_212_7094.jpg Sunshine Beach Hut by Yooha

From around the rest of Eurobricks:

tn_gallery_15845_212_16463.jpg Heartlake Adventure by Peppermint_M (Hosted in Action)

tn_gallery_15845_212_4121.jpg FRIENDship Express Train set by Brickstarruner (Hosted in TrainTech)

tn_gallery_15845_212_20514.jpg Friendly Fire by Polish Guy (Hosted in Sci_Fi)

tn_gallery_15845_212_32919.jpg Olivia's Basement by AndyC (Hosted in Special Themes)

tn_gallery_15845_212_3805.jpg Olivia's SteamPunkopter by LegoMyMamma (Hosted in Sci-Fi)

tn_gallery_15845_212_3753.jpg Friends Express Train by LegoMyMamma (Hosted in TrainTech)

gallery_15845_212_2284.jpg Friends GBC by Lasse (Hosted in Special Themes)

gallery_15845_212_9435.jpg Girls' Day Out by Kristel (Hosted in Action Figures)

gallery_15845_212_6075.jpg [sci-Friend] Olivia's New Summer Ship by Bob De Quatre (Hosted in Sci-Fi)

gallery_15845_212_21975.jpg [sci-Friend] Mia's Manta Shuttle by Bob De Quatre (Hosted in Sci-Fi)

gallery_15845_212_24440.jpg [sci-Friend] Stephanie's Hovercraft by Bob De Quatre (Hosted in Sci-Fi)

gallery_15845_212_9261.jpg Sonoshee Mclaren by Modulex Guy (Hosted in Minifig Customisation Workshop)

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Summer of Friends

There were many highlights to the Summer of Friends here on Eurobricks, and I've included the links to the various builds and topics here, but one of the biggest highlights was the

Eurobricks Interview with LEGO Friends Designers. Click the link to read all about it, including some exciting news about the Friends line.

The Summer of Friends Building Contest Entries

Category 1 - Vehicles

tn_gallery_15845_220_26937.jpg 1. Mia's Monster Truck - InsaneJames

tn_gallery_15845_220_40875.jpg 2. Stephanie's Motorized Monster Truck - TheKingOfBuilding

tn_gallery_15845_220_16527.jpg 3. The Friends Monorail - Kai NRG

tn_gallery_15845_220_66827.jpg 4. The Friends Funny Flowers Train - Trijntje

tn_gallery_15845_220_11915.jpg 5. Mia's Pet Grooming Van - ZetoVince

tn_gallery_15845_220_13111.jpg 6. Mia's Friendly Flick-Fire Missile Carrier - dr_spock

tn_gallery_15845_220_62947.jpg 7. Horse Trailer and Pickup - Pencil_42

tn_gallery_15845_220_13371.jpg 8. "The Misery Machine" Apocalypse Scooby Doo! - Hammerstein NWC

tn_gallery_15845_220_11306.jpg 9. The Friend Ship - Oky

Category 2 - Rooms

tn_gallery_15845_221_9140.jpg 1. Marie's Bricklink Office - mordatre

tn_gallery_15845_221_29413.jpg 2. Garden Room - slovakiasteph

tn_gallery_15845_221_65296.jpg 3. Emma's Bedroom - Kai NRG

tn_gallery_15845_221_57160.jpg 4. Emma's Garden Room - Kristel

tn_gallery_15845_221_4078.jpg 5. Andrea's Bedroom - gurusql

tn_gallery_15845_221_50444.jpg 6. Emma's Bath House - SilentMode

Category 3A - Cross Themes 16x16

tn_gallery_15845_222_27273.jpg 1. Day At The Restaurant (The Friends Visit Nya) - Kai NRG (Action)

tn_gallery_15845_222_18802.jpg 2. Baby Rock Monster Nursery - Ninja Nin (Action)

tn_gallery_15845_222_1485.jpg 3. The Stepford Friends - Praiter Yed (Sci-Fi)

tn_gallery_15845_222_7295.jpg 4. The Fortune Teller - JackJonespaw (Historic Themes)

tn_gallery_15845_222_29627.jpg 5. Stephanie's Atlantis Explorer - Mr.Brickman (Action)

tn_gallery_15845_222_36490.jpg 6. The Friends Assemble - Oky (Licensed)

tn_gallery_15845_222_73267.jpg 7. Lady of the Ring - Lisqr (Historic Themes)

Category 3B - Cross Themes 32x32

tn_gallery_15845_223_59567.jpg 1. Spinel Fox - The Pink Faerie Fox - Siercon & Coral (Guilds of Historica)

tn_gallery_15845_223_53657.jpg 2. Visit To The Amusement Park - Kai NRG (Special)

tn_gallery_15845_223_31901.jpg 3. Stephanie's Cool Submersible - TAFOL (Action)

tn_gallery_15845_223_43736.jpg 4. Olivia's Research Lab - cdaimers (Sci-Fi)

tn_gallery_15845_223_51746.jpg 5. Heartlake Tower - ZCerberus (Guilds of Historica)

tn_gallery_15845_223_37493.jpg 6. Friends to the Death - mrjensmeister (Sci-Fi)

tn_gallery_15845_223_17005.jpg 7. Olivia's Haunting House - Hammerstein NWC (Action)

Category 4

tn_gallery_15845_224_53618.jpg 1. Friends Riding Dinosaurs - mordatre

tn_gallery_15845_224_59764.jpg 2. Mia's Pet Shop - Oky

tn_gallery_15845_224_27580.jpg 3. Emma's Slaughterhouse - Yatkuu

tn_gallery_15845_224_58410.jpg 4. The Friends Go Scuba Diving! - Kai NRG

tn_gallery_15845_224_61352.jpg 5. Mia's Lupo Spa - dr_spock

tn_gallery_15845_224_28892.jpg 6. Heartlake Entomology Laboratory - Ninja Nin

tn_gallery_15845_224_62241.jpg 7. Pet Wash - Leela

tn_gallery_15845_224_21578.jpg 8. Jellyfish Tank - Trijntje

Staff Contest

tn_gallery_15845_225_22069.jpg 1. FriendSHIP One - Ricecracker and Si-MOCs (Sci-Fi)

tn_gallery_15845_225_9349.jpg 2. The Avengers Have Lunch - CorneliusMurdock (Licensed)

tn_gallery_15845_225_25542.jpg 3. Friends WASP Plane - Peppermint_M (Action)

tn_gallery_15845_225_33794.jpg 4. Metal Gear R-Ex Friends - Sinner (Sci-Fi)

tn_gallery_15845_225_18634.jpg 5. Code Monkey Music Video - DarkDragon (BrickFlicks and Comics) Winner!

Summer of Friends Avatar Contest Winners

The Summer of Friends Avatar Contest drew many fantastic and humourous entries.

The eventual winners, by public vote were:

First Place:


Oky/ Okivia

Joint Second Place:


Praiter Yed and The Penguin

Who have each won one of these, along with some other Friends bits and pieces. :wink:


(image from Brickset)

Raffle Winners:


Mr Meleca







Link to all of the fabulous raffle entries here.

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