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INTERVIEW: mutley777


Today, we're going to interview the one and only Star Wars hoarder: someone who has inspired wonder, awe, and envy in the minds of Clone kiddies LEGO Star Wars fans everywhere. He has more Kashyyyk Troopers than some people have clones of all types, and he is not without skill in building. It's our pleasure to bring you this interview of mutley777.




EBSWB: Firstly, mutley, thanks again for doing this interview with us!

Thank you for asking me. :classic:

EBSWB: So, how did you become a fan of LEGO, and why is the Star Wars theme your primary interest?

Well like a lot of older fans of LEGO, I was a big fan as a kid. My first set I remember buying myself was the Classic space 924 Space Cruiser. I loved that set and bought many more Classic space sets as a child. As a eight year old I moved into the start of my LEGO Dark age and moved on to my next passion, Kenner Star Wars figures and ships! This was of course fuelled by the movies which I was always a fan.

The love of Star Wars never died and when TLC decided to release a Star Wars line back 1999 it was probably inevitable. It's funny but I was not the person who bought me my first Star Wars set, it was my wife (girlfriend at the time) and boy does she regret that one! :laugh:


EBSWB: How much time do you usually spend on LEGO? What do the (non-FOL) people you know think of your being an AFOL?

Not as much as I would like but still probably to much! :wink:

Most of my family are pretty good about my LEGO addiction (yes it is and most addicts are in denial ). They all either buy me sets for my birthday or give me LEGO vouchers if I have asked for them. Friends all like to talk about it but that is normaly as far as it goes.


EBSWB: How did you discover EB, and what made you decide to join?

I found EB back in the very early days when they broke the story of the 10131 TIE Collection. I lurked around the site for a few months and liked alot of what I saw before joining in early 2005 (Wow has it really been 7 years! *oh2* )

EBSWB: You're well-known for your massive clone armies. What made you decide to be an army builder? (other than the sheer awesomeness of so many massed minifigs :laugh: )

Well I started collecting Stormies when the Final Duel sets came out and I had discovered BrickLink too. That was probably the start of my army building. The arrival of the Battle Packs was when things really started to get out of hand! I bought 13 of each of the first BP and the numbers went up with each year!

The final scenes of Attack of the Clones was one of the main reasons I wanted a large clone army.


EBSWB: Is there a particular minifig among your legions that you like having a large amount of, or do you just build armies of whatever's easiest to obtain?

The plain Clone Wars Clone. They are such a great looking figure and Look amazing in large numbers!


EBSWB: You hoard sets that don't necessarily become a part of your armies. How do you decide to buy multiples of a set, and how do you store them? And, most importantly, where do you find the willpower to leave that much LEGO sitting around unopened? :laugh:

I only buy multiples of generic ships / vehicles. Gunships, AT-TE and TIE Fighters and the like. The one of stand alone type sets, Falcon and Slave 1 that kind of thing.

Most sets end up in my loft/attic. I do open quite a lot of them contary to what alot of member think. Only last weekend I spent a afternoon in the loft opening sets and emptying them into Zip lock bags. :laugh:


EBSWB: You've also built a few MOCs. When do you decide to work on one of those instead of on the next addition to your armies?

MOCing is one thing I really wish I made more time for. I have a Hoth MOC that has been a WIP since December 2007. I am even still buying parts for it from time to time. I have also been working on a Endor Ewok village MOC that is still very much unfinished. I will give you guys a sneak peak at that one.


EBSWB: How has the LEGO hobby changed or impacted your life? Do you have any practical uses for LEGO?

When I was a kid everyone said I would be a Bricklayer/Builder because of my love of lego and that is what I ended up doing with my professional life.


EBSWB: Other than LEGO, do you have any other hobbies?

I have been a Gamer since I was 12. I started with the Sega Master System and have had many consoles and many PCs since. I am currently playing Assassins Creed Revelations PS3 and Crysis 2 PC (I'm a little behind, I know)

I also like to go mountain biking (it is good to get out side sometimes :laugh: ).

EBSWB: What inspired the name, 'mutley'? And why did you add the '777' at the end?

Mutley was a bit of a nickname at school and so I have always used it for my online presence. The 777 part is just that 7 has always been lucky for me.

EBSWB: What additions to your army can we expect in the future? Is there any minifig coming out in 2012 that you have your eye on?

Geonosians :wub: ! I am up to 50 so far 10 of them zombies :grin: . I have wanted a Geonosian Battle Pack for a long time so I hope we might get one next year for Attack of the Clones 3D release.


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Nice interview! That is a huge number of Clone troopers that I see! I can't wait to see your finished Endor MOC! Best of luck!

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I knew some of this stuff about Mutley, but not all of it, I love learning about the SW mega-fans.

Great interview, and as always, Mutley your clone army is ridiculous!!!

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I really enjoy reading these interviews. Gives a glimpse into the life of our members. The pictures are also a nice addition, along with some good captions. :laugh:

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Fscinating interview of a mega collector. Really interesting to read about someone who has a far more severe adiction than myself! The size of the armies is pure awesome and really impressive work on the Ewok tree village - looking forward to seeing it completed.

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A great interview, for an admirable forumer, indeed! :thumbup:

I LOVE YOUR CLONE ARMY! *tries to contain emotions* :cry_happy:

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