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Dutch WIC ship 'De Vrijheid'

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Let me first introduce myself. I'm new at this forum and I love the pirate/sailor theme.

I made this ship when I was 16 years old, but now I'm going to finish it (Add some rope, flags, etc). :jollyroger:

The WIC (Dutch Trade Company for the West Indies) ship 'De Vrijheid', is a multifunctional ship. It can be used for trade as for piracy against the Spanish empire. She has five big cannons on each side, one smaller at the back, and four little cannons used for hijacking and defence at short rate (in Dutch we call them 'draaibassen').

Please be my judge and jury! Welcome on board! :pir-classic:







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Nicely done, pictures a bit fuzzy though :pir-sceptic:

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Welcome to the forum Commandeur !

I hope you will have a great time here around :pir_laugh2:

About your MOC:

Your ship looks great, I really liked the rear cannon.

I never have enough space to place one TBH :pir-blush:

I hope you'll enjoy the forums!



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