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Jason Cicchini

Crystal Quest Chapter 5: The Council of Leaders

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And so, Lord Kelperth of Darwynia sent out, by personal courier, a call to the Lords and Leaders of the surrounding provinces. They convene in the Royal Keep in Darwynia to discuss recent developments...


Kelperth: "Esteemed friends, colleagues, acquaintances, I welcome you to Darwynia. Thank you to all for coming. I have gathered you all here to discuss the latest edict from our Lord High King of Cedrica: the Search for the Crystal of Earth."


deGothia: "I concede that we are all peaceful neighbors, but this meeting might prove futile. Surely, we all want to be the one to find it, and bring glory to our homes."

Kelperth: "Indeed, but the very importance is finding it! If we all share our information-"


Zakon Goldblade: "Don't be a fool, Kelperth. What makes you think any of them would willingly share information? The very idea is ridiculously weak. Why, in my day-"


Arlindus: "When was that, the Forgotten Age?"


deGothia: "Men! Let us take a moment to consider this. Every kingdom is buzzing with rumors. Someone will find this crystal. Do you want it to be the wrong sort? Someone who will abuse its power?"

William Harkenshire: "You speak truth, good sir. Already, I have heard rumors that dark things move from the Enchanted Forest, moving closer to the Eastern Plains. It is said they are searching for something powerful."


Moriartus: "I've heard the opposite, that several nations have sent people to the Mystic Isles."

Arlindus: "But, with the Isles themselves changing constantly, it could be a lifetime before anyone even finds a clue."


WhiteTiger: "Lord Kelperth, our cartographers have mapped nearly every inch of Avalonia. Surely, if this crystal were anywhere obvious, one of our teams would have found its location by now."

Kelperth: "Then, are we to abandon all hope already? None of you can tell me that once this council is adjourned, your own searches will not continue, with efforts doubled?"

There is a slow murmor of assent.


Abruptly, an echoing crash rings through the meeting hall as the heavy wooden doors are thrown open. A lone soldier, huffing and near to exhaustion, runs into the room. He attempts to bow and keep moving at the same time, stops at the foot of the table, and commences to babble incoherently.

Kelperth: "Halt, halt good solder! Take a breath, and then speak your news."

Soldier: "My Lord Darwyn, and esteemed guests, my greatest apologies for the interruption! I bring news from Sir Shyre. It is of the utmost importance-"


Zakon: "Speak, man!"


Soldier: "He regrets his absence, but he has allied with the two legendary hunters Sharra Fowpaw and Dornir Threeleaves. They are on their way to find the Crystal of Earth!"

Soon after, the meeting ends. Kelperth sees Zakon Goldblade out to his chariot.


Kelperth: "Perhaps you'd think I shouldn't tell you this, but my man is headed into the mountains of Antyria."

Zakon: "Why am I not surprised? My lands are full of magic. I knew it was hidden somewhere in the mountains, hence why I claimed that land."

Kelperth: "Will you not assist my friend? If he believes in his quest, then so do I. The glory is not what I seek, you know that."

Zakon: "My forces will not move against yours, nor will they abandon their own quest to help yours. However...If there is trouble, you may count them as allies."


Kelperth: "Thank you, Lord GoldBlade. It has been an honor to meet you."


Zakon: "Nothing at all, m'boy! Should you ever wish to visit my lands yourself, you would always be welcome. And now, everything starts coming together..."

End Chapter 5

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Awesome MOC, great to see so many Avalonians in one creation. I particularly like the chairs, simple but effective. waiting for more of this story.


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I look forward to seeing the rest of the story. like Legonardo Davidy said, it's awesome seeing so many of the characters that our fellow Avalonians have created all in one place.

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Great story Jason! The dialogue is really good and as said by others it´s fun to see so many of us Avalonians!

Love the furniture and the table that is flooded by maps and letters!

I´m eager to see what´s next! :classic:

Edited by de Gothia

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Why Have I never thought of using those window frames for chair backs. They seem perfect good job.

It always great to see Arlindus in others MOC as well. Of course he couldn't stay long as he need to head back to Circardia to follow up on his own leads to find the Earth Crystal.


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Nice work jason! Great pics and a enjoyable story scene. :thumbup:

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Nice! I love how you did me!(i know how that sound's) What is that armor? Got's any extra?

If you are talking about the greyish armor piece, it is the troll armor. Bricklink link. I might have a few if you have a worthy trade...

The minifig parts underneath though... I think you borrowed the gold armor from someone else. :wink:

As for the MOC- quite lovely. It has a nice atmosphere and the photos are great.

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Very nicely done (and good chairs too)!

Looks like the Drow missed a real opportunity there to take out most of the Avalonian leadership at one time!

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Cool to see all the Avalonians together :thumbup: The wall behind them works nicely as well :classic:

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