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Drogo was leading a small patrol of the Hobbitan Militia of White Furrows. They were on the outer edge of there patrol area, near the Orcish swamps, when they heard a scream in the distance.7110018061_a53cf6b2a4.jpg

lego challenge 3 008 by glenpinpat, on Flickr Quickly and quietly they made their way to the disturbance.

The hobbits came upon a small farm where they found one hobbit dead. An archer spotted Orcs in the distance and carefully the archers made their way to attack positions. On Drogo's signal the archers sent their arrows flying killing 3 orcs instantly.7110031245_bd32d53755.jpg

lego challenge 3 016 by glenpinpat, on Flickr A fourth, though badly wounded was able to escape the arealego challenge 3 008 by glenpinpat, on Flickr

Drogo and his squad investigated the scene and discovered a wounded hobbit.6963984426_748b962846.jpg

lego challenge 3 031 by glenpinpat, on Flickr The hobbit said his name was Ferdirand Hamwich and that his brother, Reginand, and himself worked the small farm. Ferdirand weeped after finding out his brother had succumbed to his wounds. They buried the dead brother and marked his grave with a stone.6963989592_1196b4c779.jpg

lego challenge 3 034 by glenpinpat, on Flickr Drogo decided to split his squad in two, with one group escorting Ferdirand back to White Furrows and his group would go after the wounded Orc. With few words the two groups parted.6963987916_da60241caa.jpg

lego challenge 3 033 by glenpinpat, on Flickr

The wounded Orc was easy to track as a trail of black blood lead to where he lay. He was barely alive and after unsuccessfully trying to get information from the Orc, Drogo dispatched him. Drogo knew it was getting late and they needed shelter for the night as Orcs would soon be patroling the area. Grigory, one of Drogo's archers, noticed a cave. After a quick discussion it was decided that they would spend the night in the cave.7110071133_f02884454b.jpg

lego challenge 3 040 by glenpinpat, on Flickrcom/photos/77351191@N03/6963995128/]6963995128_f1430e6d84.jpg[/url]

lego challenge 3 038 by glenpinpat, on Flickr7110072625_df38a24c65.jpg

The cave was pitch black and even with a small lantern visibility was almost non existant.Orgulus Chubb took the lead and found the back of the cave. No sooner had he reached the back when he slide down a slope. The others rushed to his aid but were unable to pull him up. Now everyone knows that hobbits are loyal to their friends and the three other hobbits decided to join Orgulus. The hobbits found themselves in a large dark chamber with smooth black walls. There were bones scattered on the floor. The hobbits had little time to take in their surroundings, for to their horror, a caveclaw came out of a crevice in the wall. In fact four creatures appeared in front of the hobbits.7110185919_ba3278e645.jpg

2challenge3 008 by glenpinpat, on Flickr

Instantly the archers fired but their arrows had no affect, just bouncing of the creatures hard shells. One of the creatures lunged at Orgulus but he was able to repel it using the lantern and his sabre. During the battle the hobbits slowly moved around the cavern looking for an escape route. Fosco was the first to find the stairs. He quickly ran up them and found an unlocked door. He called for the others to join him and rest of the squad made a mad dash up the stairs, slamming the door behind them.


lego challenge 3 049 by glenpinpat, on Flickr

As they caught their breath, the hobbits gazed around them. They were in a small hallway, lite by some kind of glowing stones. At the end stood two golden gates. Drogo slowly walked towards the golden gates when suddenly a figure appeared. The figure wore a crown and plated armour. He branded a large sword and sheild. Drogo realised that the figure was of the undead.


lego challenge 3 051 by glenpinpat, on Flickr

ZOMBIE KING:"I am cursed to guard these gates non-shall pass."

An archer fired an arrow but the arrow passed right through the Zombie King.

ZOMBIE KING:"Fools, no elvish,orc or man made weapon can harm me."

The hobbits did not know and still to this day do not know that the Zombie King was actuallu a king of old. While he reigned, he had many druids killed as he feared their power. One day he captured a druid lord but before dieing the druid lord cursed the king. Whenever the king would die, the king would become an undead to guard the tomb of the druid lord. As part of the curse the druid lord stated that no elvish, orc or man made weapon could harm the king, therfore making king an undead slave forever. None of this, however, mattered to the hobbits as they could not go back. Drogo had an idea and he instructed Orgulus to attack with his sabre while the archers fired their arrows at the Zombie King. The squad had great faith in Drogo and though hesitant followed his orders. Orgulus swung at the zombie King and the force of their weapons clashing threw Orgulus to the ground. The archers had already opened fire but as before their arrows were having no affect. It was just as Orgulus was being thrown to the ground that Drogo put his plan into action. He grabbed a small knife from his pocket and hurled it at the Zombie King. The knife hit the creature right in the forehead. There was a flash of light and the Zombie KIng was gone.


lego challenge 3 057 by glenpinpat, on Flickr

The three hobbits looked with surprise at Drogo. Drogo responded with only two words"Dwarven knife"The others understtod and gave a small chuckle. The Zombie King had guarded a large set of golden gates. To their surprise the hobbits found the gates unlocked. The entered a small chamber that was lite by a glowing alter. Ontop of the alter was a clear chrystal. Drogo knew that some ancient druids had used chrystals as the base of their powers. He also clearly new that the High King whats his face was seeking these chrytrals. Drogo thought the King was getting much too powerful. Drogo decided to take the chrystal.


2challenge3 012 by glenpinpat, on Flickr

Drogo was releaved that nothing happened after grabbing the chrystal. Unfortunatly the others informed him there was no way out. Drogo told the others to have something to eat and have a rest. Drogo believed that there was only a quarter of moon left in the sky. The others were to tired and hungry to argue and soon all had fallen asleep.

Ponto Foxburr was awoken by a light shining in his eye.He quietly moved towards where the light was coming from. It seems that the wall had been filled in at an earlier time but had now eroded enough to leave a small hole in the wall. He yelled at the others and they frantically chipped away at the hole until there was room enough to get out. After removing some vines that in their way the hobbits were able to escape to the outside.


lego challenge 3 067 by glenpinpat, on Flickr

They hobbits were relieved to be back outside and in daylight. They started their long trek back to White Furrows. None of the hobbits mentioned the chrystal. Drogo was having trouble deciding what to do with it. He concluded that he would hide it and keep it safe. He would let the High King send out futile search parties. A little frustration and humility would do the King some good!


2challenge3 017 by glenpinpat, on Flickr


2challenge3 019 by glenpinpat, on Flickr


2challenge3 018 by glenpinpat, on Flickr

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Go Mitgardia!! Great story and the builds accompany it nicely :thumbup: My favorite parts are the hobbit house, and the hole they climb out of.

Hope to see more builds from you soon :classic:

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Nice story and MOCs. I also really like the guy climbing out of the hole. Good job with the landscaping and those mushrooms. If you have some smaller green, brown, and tan plates (1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x2), you might want to put them on the ground/grass to give it more texture.

You might want to put some returns in after your story paragraphs and after the image links -- the story and photos kinda all run together when displaying on my computer, and it makes it hard to read.

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Great job. I love that you've made a moc with all the variety needed to create such an adventure :thumbup:

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I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the story! Great job!

Edited by Mikel Kalores

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I lol'ed at "High king whatisface"... :laugh: Great story glenpinpat, and nicely illustrated, with a good variation of perspectives. You might want to consider doing a small amount of presentation work to make your pics even better, things like orienting your pics so the figs in them appear to be upright etc make a big difference. :classic: Best of luck!

Edited by gabe

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Thank-you for the comments. It is my 1st posted moc and my 1st time posting pictures. Hopefully it will inprove down the road. I did not realize how to orient the pictures until halfway through my postLOL.

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A great story, I really liked the typically hobbit republicanism and the dwarven knife. Some very nice touches in the build too, like the stepping stones/pathway and exiting the cave. Look forward to more from you in future, glenpinpat, great entry


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