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WIP: building corinthian columns

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For me the best LEGO-related challenge is trying to build some elaborate architrectural elements. This is the main part of my recent MOCs (check the examples: modular baroque, palace and others). Yesterday I tried to build a capitel for a corinthian column. Many slave minifigs were damaged at construstion site... :classic:









Unfortunatly I haven't got pieces in appropriate colour... That's why the column is yellow now, and these connectors are reddish brown. :sceptic:

Hope to buy dark bluish gray pieces for 4 capitels and special pieces for columns (they are not supposed to be square!!).

Want to see something like this:


I'm waititng for you comments!

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Hello GZ,

Interesting idea; I like that you approach building in a unique way and try out parts in ways most people never even think to try. :thumbup:

The column is good, although the hollow inside really takes away from the realism of the design. It's hard to imagine it bearing any real weight with such a small diameter. Perhaps if you could somehow work the hands and arms pieces in around that 2X2 cylindrical part and have the column pieces extend from top to bottom, it could achieve the effect and continuity you're looking for.

Cheers and I hope to see more from you! :wink:

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I'm sure there will be the proper effect if I make a fully grey column. The worst part of the build is certainly a grey connector! :angry: I don't like LDRAW tool, and it's impossible to build such a column using LDD; so I'll order some grey hands and connectors and try to make some new columns... Maybe I'll change something when I'll look at the result.

And, of course, this is the problem of photos! In real life there aren't white background, and the capital looks quite solid (except the brown part)

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