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indexed.gif B-OV-32D

Our LUG made a Finnish record breaking LEGO city with total of 174 modular bases (32x32 studs, 2 bricks tall).

The LEGO city MOC was voted as BEST OF SHOW in Model Expo 2012! Hurrah for that!

I had the pleasure to produce 12 such bases for our city, including the Casino ROCK.


Entertainment for all LEGO minifigures.

Basement bank


First floor slotmachines


Top floor high stakes poker tables


On the roof evenings band the Skulls arrive with their helicopter


Large view


More in Flickr

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just wondering what the police are doing on the roof :laugh:

Sting has changed... The guy with the bandana reminds me of Keith Richards. :tongue:

Love the idea of the band flying in, neat touch!

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...of Keith Richards. :tongue:

My thought exactly, when I found the face and combined it with Jack Sparrow! :thumbup:

The copter was build in little hurry, and yes its a bit too militarish but got the job done. Maybe "the Skulls" are a military band? :blush:

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