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I've long been divided between pirates and space as my favorite theme, and I tried to create The Lego Pirate Chronicles in the pirate forum, but I've realized I just don't have enough pirates to do a good job illustrating it (for instance, I can't do really nice ship battles--I can do a good-looking ship, but not another one after that), and I realize for a lot of people, it needs to be illustrated. I do have a LOT of Space and Space-related stuff, and I'm about to make a Bricklink order for some of the SPIII sets I missed out on, plus I consider myself much better at space vehicles than pirates. So, I was wondering if people would follow along with a space story, and possibly even help me out with MOC scenes I might not be able to make or just for the heck of it. :wink: I worked for quite a while on a space story with some friends, and have written/am writing several popular (online)sci-fi novels. I think I could pull it off. :sweet:

If so, what would you guys, the Uber Space Fans, like to see? I want to keep the cartoony film noir/Bogart feel of the Space Police III movies, and make it... ?mildly-darkly? funny, as I think a story revolving around yellow plastic figures should be. But aside from that, I'm open to anything. Should I include the Pre-Classic Space factions? (gotta love the Eastern Block) What would the universe be like? What would different types of aliens be called? Etc. How could I incorporate favorite sets? Does anyone know of any planet/city names LEGO has officially used?

Input is appreciated. :thumbup:

EDIT: As the Joker would say, "Here's my card." *hands you the following script*

Alexander Zywise flipped down the visor on his standard-issue Space Police helmet. Through the translucent red screen, he looked at his orders from the Chief-- all those who lay in the path of the armored hover truck were violating the curfew laid down on the truck's route to its destination and were to be terminated immediately. Private Zywise fingered his Selios Weapon Foundries 5-62 blaster shotgun. He checked to make sure the plasma ammunition canister was firmly in place above the barrel and then looked back to his visor-monitor. In the left corner was a cycling number of views from outside the truck, thanks to its armored cameras. Nothing appeared unusual. Not a soul was stirring on the hover highway. Floating signs usually lit up for traffic were shut down, giving an eerie shadowy appearance to the road leading to the capital of a system.

Figopolis City had good reason to be concerned about money and technology transport; twenty years prior, the Blacktron Crime Syndicate had begun here. Sure, Blacktron had been defeated in the Great Crackdown, when System-Marshal Andreck Bayzr had given the Space Police free-reign and marshal law, but that didn't mean holdouts didn't exist of the once-dreaded syndicate. Plus, you could never tell when low-life gutter-scum independent gangs would try something stupid. Alexander didn't think any of them would, but it paid to be alert, literally.

Suddenly, just as Alexander was thinking about where he'd spend his next paycheck, something blinked on the camera. He focused intently. "Hey, Sarge, think we might have something here," he said nervously to the truck's driver.

Sarge nodded and looked carefully at their surroundings through the laser-proof windshield. Again, something blinked. The sergeant clicked a button on his helmet to talk to the escort vehicles. "Squad Cars 1, 2, 3, and 4, stay alert. We think something might be tailing us."

A voice answered, "Roger that, Sergeant, we'll keep- Argh! Mayday, Squad Car 2 is down! Repeat: Squad Car 2 is down! Hostiles present! We are under attack."

Another static-garbled Space Police officer's voice came on, panic-stricken. "Gods help us, 4 is down! Repeat: Squad Car 4 has been blown to Hells and gone."

Sarge frowned a great big frown. "Roger that, 3, executing evasive maneuvers."

Just then, someone hacked into the Police Caravan's frequency. "Hello, copper boys, P-Squiddy here to let you know we are experiencing technical difficulties; expect a brief pitstop... while we loot your bodies and take your precious cargo! Hahaha!" laughed the voice of the infamous Squidman gangster.

Alexander readied his shotgun. He wasn't getting paid enough for this.

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