Anyone else having a "DARK AGE" ?

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Ok, I know most of us have had a lego dark age period of time, where the outside wold has kept us so busy for weeks... Months... Maybe even half a year... And we couldn't get enough time to build or tear apart our creations! So, I decIded to post this topic, to let all of you share your stories and let off some steam from being busy...

Here is my current siduation:

I am currently in school. Its almost the end of the year, and we are starting to wrap up and do state testing, finals testing, huge group projects, all of that wonderful stuff:(

Also, my girlfriend is keeping my busy too, and also regular tues and thurs afterschool personal-trainer weightlifting sessions have also left me tired and busy...

I have been longboarding 3 times this week...but only for a hour or two at a time. Not long enough to be productive with Lego...

It also looks as if my weekend will be clogged up too, because I have work to do (chores and homework)

So, there is still a pile of random technic prices and half-built chunks lying on my floor, unsorted, and also my Lego technic Supercar is sitting like a abandoned car...

So, that is why I have been so very busy and delayed.

I feel a bit better knowing that some of you have experienced this too:)

Please let us all know what your up to if you on a "dark age"

Thanks! Wish me luck, hopefully I will be back to building in late-spring

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I'm having a slight dark age right now, but mostly due to "finance" (I still build with what I've got). I have prom coming up as well as a paid school trip to Stratford, ON. Still, I buy a CM from time to time to keep my hobby intact! :tongue:

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Raging about the onset of a dark age and moaning about having too much stuff to do? :hmpf_bad:

No. Just no.

Best of luck though. Hope that helps.

* Fin.

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