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Hello from Galveston,Texas

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I started playing with lego in 1991, I worked as a manager of a Mc Donald's unit in the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico and I built a display for a happy meal that had Lego on it, some red and yellow bricks to build cars and helicopters, at the end of the promotion I keep for myself all the display :devil: and some unopened bags, that's when everything started,lately I have been attending some brick shows around here and finally I discover this site, and I love it. Now I have long sessions of building things with my five year old son, he is not into duplo anymore, and he loves to built things with the legs, or heads of the minifigs incorporated to the buildings. :cry_sad:

I am an elementary school teacher now and I use a lot some of my lego sets in my classes , things like pirate ships, pyramids, transports, boats , minifigs with different jobs even some wind turbines.

Aztec 59

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Hi Aztec,


I am also from Mexico, I also live in Texas (Houston).

Hope you can join our Lego group (Texlug)

You can also join our google group. That is more active that the forums in

Good timing also. We are hosting brickfiestathis year in houston. Hope you can join.



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