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Water Slide Decal Problem - Acrylic vs Enamel?

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So I printed out and attempted to apply my first waterslides tonight, it did not go well. I have a few questions for the more experiences customizers here to see if they can pinpoint my problem. I'm using inkjet waterslides for reference.

The problem was after I dipped the waterslide in water and was about to slide it off I noticed spots appearing on the print, I aborted the attempt right there before wasting torsos and time, I want to do it right.

Firstly I could not find "acrylic" clear sealant and instead got enamel, the person at the craft store told me it wouldn't make a difference but now I'm not so sure.

Now I wasn't sure of the drying time of this enamel coat, it says leave 1 hour between coats (which I did 2 coats) but if you leave it longer than 2 hours wait 4-5 days between coats.

I'm thinking it's either the enamel that is the problem, in that I should find acrylic. Or the enamel needs 4-5 days before drying completely and using in water?

Anyone got any experience with enamel instead of acrylic?

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