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I've wanted to use the Barbara Gordon head for Claire Temple forever now and want to finally put it into real bricks but I have no good torso ideas. The one below is honestly the best one that isn't plain nurse scrubs but sadly I don't have it. I've been thinking of maybe using the olive green torso from the Big Bang Theory set but I'm not sure. Anyone have any alternatives that you think would work or ones that you yourseves have been using? Thanks :)



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3 hours ago, Koralunderthesea said:

Does anyone know a good head for Jonah Hex?

I've seen Shredders head used for him before.

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On 8/15/2017 at 0:54 PM, autorazr said:



Classic Uncanny X-Men versions of Wolverine and Rogue.  Anyone notice this new hood piece's hair appears as gray IRL but in official photos appears blonde?

That Wolverine mod looks great, especially with usage of the dual molded legs and arms! :thumbup:

By the way, you sourced those dual molded arms from the S12 Dino Tracker, right? Never thought of that if so, great idea!

On 8/15/2017 at 11:53 PM, Numbuh1Nerd said:

I know people have suggested the new hood from the CMF Ninjago series for Green Arrow already, but it's specifically PERFECT for GA's Justice League Action design. Not sure if any torsos match up too well, but the hood sure as heck does!

Dang, you're right! Perhaps Lego could potentially reuse the piece for him in possible future JLA sets.


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